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Bingham Precision Engineers Ltd, based in Basildon, Essex, offers CNC milling and turning precision, gears/ gear cutting capabilities, as well as prototype engineering work, small batch engineering and high tech components. We supply high end products to engineering, manufacturing industries amongst others. Our highly skilled team of engineers and staff work with various materials including plastics, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel, and more. We manufacture and deliver exceptional work and are pleased to be able to take on orders of the smallest to the largest quantity.

Bevel Gears - Visit our website

Here at Bingham Precision Engineers Ltd, we manufacture and supply all types of bevel gears. Bevel gears are characterised by the axis of the two shafts intersecting. The tooth-bearing faces of the gears are also conically shaped. The pitch surface and pitch angles are important concepts of the bevel gear. Pitch angles of less than 90 degrees create a cone-shape and are known as external because the gear teeth point outward. Pitch angles of more than 90 degrees are known as internal because the teeth point inwards. Pitch angles of exactly 90 degrees are known as crown gears.

CNC Turning - Visit our website

Our team of highly skilled engineers operate some of the most modern CNC equipment available to manufacture products of the highest quality. We have years of experience in the manufacture of precision machined components which we manufacture and supply to various industries such as automotive, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food production and more.

CNC machinery: capacity for high production of a wide range of components that is supported by a range of Vertical Milling machines and conventional machining and grinding facilities. A diverse range of CNC lathes provides capacity for small, medium or long runs.

CNC Milling - Visit our website

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling uses commands to program machinery. Each code has a designated function to be performed by the machine. Standard CNC milling machines generally have four axes while others machines are built with three or five axis. The milling machines drill and turn along axes to cut and shape both metal and wood of different types. Our range of CNC machinery has the capacity to produce a high production of a wide range of components. We have the capacity to work on small, medium or long runs.

Classic Cars - Visit our website

We are able to manufacture classic car parts from unique requests to large scale productions. Our experienced engineers have great workmanship skills when it comes to repairing, restoring or manufacturing classic car parts and spare parts. We also work on gearboxes, providing upgrades or restoration. Ultimately, we are flexible in our capabilities and strive to meet each customer's individual requests.

Gear Shaping - Visit our website

We use fast and accurate machines in our gear shaping department to manufacture quantities of quality products. Our experienced and qualified engineers are competent in all areas of generating gears and splines and work accurately to tight deadlines. We are specially suited to handle all quantities of production runs.

Gear Hobbing - Visit our website

Our CNC-grinding and gear hobbing technology works at high speeds for large production outputs. Our state of the art precision machines maximise productivity, improve quality and reducing production costs for a range of applications.

Rack Pinion - Visit our website

Rack and pinion steering is becoming the most common type of steering used on cars, small trucks and SUVs. We offer rack and pinion combinations for various applications at affordable prices. Contact us at Bingham Precision Engineering Ltd for a quote.

Worm and Wheel Gear - Visit our website

Worm drives are used to reduce speed and increase torque. The drive uses a worm to mesh with a worm gear or worm wheel. Where the direction of transmission can be reversed in other gear systems, the worm can be used to turn the gear but the gear cannot be used to turn the worm. This unique feature is ideal for use in many applications as a braking system. We offer a range of worms and wheels in many sizes and ratios.



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