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Metalweb has been providing a comprehensive metals service directly to hi-tech industries for 10 years. At Metalweb, we occupy four key roles in the supply chain so that our customers can perform more cost-effectively: we hold stock, carry out first stage processing, have no minimum quantity, and maintain traceability. Whether it's a 'one-off' job or a repeat order for thousands of pieces over weeks, months and years, we can supply your metal needs.

We concentrate on selected markets so that our service is tailored to meet your specific requirements, and we work hard to ensure all our products are of the highest quality and are delivered on-time, every-time. With one of the most extensive ranges of aluminium products in the industry (over 2500 tonnes), we have fast become the first choice for many types of companies that operate in all spectrums of the supply chain. We have served range of industries, from automotive, aerospace, marine and defence, to medical, energy, cryogenics, telecoms and vacuum manufacturing.

Our aluminium comes in all alloys, shapes, sizes and forms, including plate, sheet, bar, tube and extruded shapes. We also supply other metals for customers who need a single source for their metal requirements. We use only the best processing equipment, including specialist plate saws, bar saws and a large bed waterjet cutter, all of which are operated by experienced technicians. This means Metalweb can provide a complete first-stage processing service.

Thanks to our inexhaustible supply of aluminium products and our own fleet of vehicles, we can provide a 24hour nationwide delivery service with fully certified material. Metalweb is a byword for quality-achieving high levels of quality is something we strongly believe in, both in terms of the products we offer and the service we provide. Our management team meets regularly to consider quality issues as part of its continual improvement process.

Our dedicated staff have extensive experience working in the industry and are on hand to advise you in making the right choice of product according to your specifications. We take your ratings and feedback very seriously, and continually strive to adapt ourselves so that you are always happy with the service we offer.

Steels - Visit our website

We hold a wide range of steels in stock in the UK.  These are predominantly used in aerospace applications.  We can also supply stainless steel, maraging steel, mild steel and tool steels.  Additionally, we work with Reliance in the United States, who are the largest stockholding group in the world for steel materials.  Reliance also has access to all the major steel producers worldwide, which in turn gives us the capability to supply a huge range of steels.  The massive selection available means we can supply you with exactly the high quality steels you require.  We also offer in-house processing so we can provide you with the sizes  and shapes you need. There is more information about our stock range on the website, so do have a look.

Nickel Alloys - Visit our website

Nickel alloys are used extensively in the ‘high performance’ sectors, which include aerospace, motorsport and oil and gas.  Nickel alloys combine strength with heat and corrosion resistance.  We provide an extensive range of nickel alloys including round, flat and square bars, as well as nickel plate.  Also in our range are nickel 625 and nickel 718, both of which are very strong and possess good cryogenic properties.  Nickel 625 provides a superior resistance to oxidisation and corrosion, making it ideal for use in marine applications, as well as others.  Nickel 718 is also of high strength and well suited to use in high temperatures, with excellent ductility and oxidisation resistance.  These properties, as well as superb cryogenic properties, making it an excellent material for use in aerospace applications.  Visit our website for details of our stock range.

Titanium - Visit our website

We provide titanium materials for use in commercial applications, as well as the aerospace industry.  Titanium possesses advantages in both strength and weight, outperforming steel.   This is a key factor in a variety of high-tech sectors.  Metalweb supply a wide range of titanium products in various forms, such as sheet, plate and round bar and a selection of grades, including 6AL 4V.  You can see some of the stock range available on our website.

Copper Alloys - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer an ever-expanding selection of copper alloys, which are ideal across a range of applications, including use in the aerospace industry.  Our range includes primary copper forms and brass, aluminium bronze and phosphor bronzes.  We provide a selection of grades for copper, brass and aluminium bronze and phosphor bronzes.  As with all Metalweb products, our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.  We operate an in-house transport service, ensuring that your materials are delivered on time and in peak condition.

Aluminium Plate - Visit our website

We stock a huge range of aluminium plate in all specifications suitable for high-tech applications where integrity is vital. From 50mm x 30mm to 6m x 2m and 6mm thick to 380mm thick, all of our stock is stretched to minimise built-in stresses and to be as flat as possible. 
Though our website shows standard sizes only, we also stock many non-standard pieces. For non-stock sizes, lead times can be scheduled to meet your requirements. We'll even cut aluminium plate to your specifications so you don’t have to pay out for full plate.

Aluminium Bar - Visit our website

Metalweb offers aluminium bar from stock in a range of sizes, alloys and tempers, including round bar, square bar and flat bar with square or radiused corners. From 15mm to 4000mm in length and 10mm to 500mm in diameter (up to 200mm for square bar), we'll always attempt to cut your aluminium bar to your specifications.

Aluminium Sheet - Visit our website

For aluminium less than 6mm in thickness, Metalweb stocks hundreds of types and shapes of aluminium sheet metal. From 50mm x 30mm to 6m x 2m and less than 0.5mm thick to 6mm thick, all our stock is control stretched to minimise built in stresses and to achieve an extremely flat finish.      
We'll also cut your aluminium sheet to your requirements so that you don't need to buy full sheets. Our waterjet cutting service is ideal for dealing with profiled and complex shapes. Patterned and tread plated aluminium sheet is also available.

Other Extruded Products - Visit our website

We can offer a variety of other aluminium extruded products from stock in a range of sizes, tempers and alloys. Round tube, square tube, circles and rings can be supplied to your specifications. Our sister company, Metalweb shapes, has an extensive range of specialist extruded products, including I beams, channel, equal angle, unequal angle and other customer-specific shapes. 
This range is ideal for the architectural/building industry, specialist transport applications and any specialist medical/hygiene products.

Processing and Cutting - Visit our website

Significant machine capabilities mean we’re able to offer a range of cutting and processing services. We have access to plate saws, bar saws and other specialist machinery, including a waterjet cutter. Our facilities enable us to perform the following:


  • Plate cutting – from 6mm to 350mm thick.
  • Round bar cutting – up to 500mm diameter.
  • Sheet guillotining
  • Flat bar cutting
  • Square bar cutting
  • Circle, disc and ring cutting


The equipment we use enables us to achieve very close tolerances. To discuss your requirements with a Metalweb expert, just give us a call. 


Waterjet Cutting - Visit our website

Waterjet cutting is the ideal solution for any job requiring either very close tolerances or very complex shapes. The accuracy of this process means you get a precise finish which reduces the need for secondary operations. It also helps to reduce waste. 


Having access to some of the very best waterjet cutting equipment and a range of metals means we can offer a complete service for anyone requiring high-tech parts and components with a close tolerance finish. 


You can download a brochure on our waterjet cutting service from the Metalweb website. 


Other Services - Visit our website

Many of our customers come to us requiring more than just materials. Often they want precision cut components that are near completion – milled, mitred, drilled, rolled, welded, anodised, painted or powder coated, for example. Partnerships with several approved subcontractors mean we can fulfil such requirements. If you need cut and finished parts for your manufacturing project, just give our sales team a call. They can take you through all the options available.

Packaging and Handling - Visit our website

We’re pleased to offer our customers a range of packaging and handling options, including:


  • Polycoating – In order to protect your material’s surface finish.
  • Palletizing – To ensure your products are ready for distribution.
  • Shrink Wrapping – To protect and bundle items together.
  • Kanban – To ensure stocks are continuously replenished. 


For those who are purchasing aluminium sheet we can offer a number of special packaging solutions designed to protect materials during transit. Those requiring sea or air freight deliveries can have their products packaged in custom-designed boxes. 


Delivery - Visit our website

Having our own fleet of delivery vehicles means we can ensure your products reach you on time and in perfect condition. We can deliver nationwide and offer several delivery options to suit your requirements. 


The implementation of an integrated sales and production I.T system - which includes a computerised transport function - means our sales teams can advise customers as to the date of delivery at the time of sale. 


Find out more about our delivery services by visiting Metalweb online. 




Registration Number: 04130945
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Registered at Companies House:27 December, 2000 (23 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
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UK Branches: Birmingham, London, Manchester, Oxford

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