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Quest Times Ltd
- Hertford, Hertfordshire - enses Germanium optics (we dismantle) We Buy Scrap From North America Europe Asia Africa South America Where Germanium Is Found Fiber-Optic systems Ge

Bbar Ltd
- Winchester, Hampshire - , Ge (Germanium) , Optical Glass , Fused Silica UV , Fused Silica Vis , Fused Silica IR , Blanks, Windows, Plano-Convex Lenses, Meniscus, Cylinder Len...s Ge (Germanium) Optical blanks , Windows , Wedges , Plano-Convex Lenses , Biconvex Lenses , Biconcave Lenses , Meniscus , Cylinder Lenses Right Angle

Global Optics (UK) Ltd
- Poole, Dorset - tics. Germanium Optics Both monocrystalline Germanium and polycrystalline Germanium can be used for the manufacturing of optical components; at Global...s and germanium optics. If youre looking for Germanium glass , you can rest assured that our products will provide you with the best value for money.

Galvoptics Ltd
- Basildon, Essex - urce, germanium optics, filters, lenses, prisms, slides and coverslips, telescope kits and services, and Fuji IS Pro and accessories. If you cannot fi.... Our Germanium Optics are available as standard with an Anti reflection / DLChard carbon coating for 8-12m Specific coatings applied to stock Germani

Knight Optical UK Ltd
- Maidstone, Kent - ty of Germanium optics , including: Windows Prisms Meniscus Lenses Aspheric Lenses Ground Blanks. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Naval Technologi

Crystran Ltd
- Poole, Dorset - risms Germanium Optics Optical Plastics Optical Consultants Optics Optical Crystals Optical Right Angle Prisms Glass Lenses Optical Mirrors Calcium Fl...63378 Germanium Optical Material Accept We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing