Contract Summary

  • Published Date: 7 July 2022

  • Tender Status: active

  • Tender Opening Date: 7 July 2022

  • Tender Closing Date: 8 August 2022

  • Award Date: n/a

  • Contract Start Date: n/a

  • Contract End Date: n/a

  • Contract is suitable for SMEs: Yes

  • Contract is suitable for VCSEs: Yes

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Contract Type: Services



Newham Council would like local voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) organisations to help us deliver against the priorities set out in the '50 Steps to a Healthier Newham' Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

To enable more organisations to participate in commissioning opportunities related to health and wellbeing - especially smaller organisations - the Council has developed a light touch Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV). The DPV is a procurement 'vehicle' that should allow Newham Council to commission a whole range of services over the next ten years.

The Healthier Lives DPV is open to all members of the north east London Integrated Care System (ICS).

All providers registered on the DPV will also need to meet the service quality standards set out in the Contract General Terms and Conditions.

The Healthy Lives Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV) has four separate Categories:

1. Specialist smoking cessation

2. All-age specialist weight management and movement service

3. Community projects for health and wellbeing

4. Addressing resource inequality

It is hoped that local VCFS organisations will register for Categories 3 and 4 - and these are the categories for which the following guidance applies.

How it works

There are two stages to providing services on the DPV:

1. Registration (or 'on-boarding') - This is the first step taking place in July 2022

2. Mini competition (i.e. bidding for a specific service within the DPV)

For each Category, there will be a 'registration' phase followed by one or more 'mini competition' phases.

Registering onto the Healthy Lives DPV

Time to complete registration stage: Approximately one hour

Registration is the process by which the Council collects the data needed to undertake due diligence on potential providers, i.e. checks to ensure that providers are financially secure and able to safely deliver services to a high standard. Registration is also an opportunity to discover whether the provider has the right accreditation and experience to deliver the service.

Successful registration is based primarily on whether or not the required information has or has not been provided. For the Healthy Lives DPV, there are short questions related to relevant experience that will be 'scored' (e.g. with Yes/No or Pass/Fail). Call-off contract and Agreement will be shared at this stage for provider's information only, providers DO NOT need to complete them at this stage.

About the Buyer

Contact name: n/a

Address: Building 1000,Dockside Road

Telephone: n/a

Fax: n/a


Value of Contract

Price Range: £541,000