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Based in Worcester, WM Compressors Ltd was founded by Mikolaj Wrobel- an expert with many years of experience within the engineering industry. WM Compressors specialise in the supply, installation and repair of high-pressure compressors and pressurised systems. Often known as the “fourth utility”, compressed air is paramount to many different applications and within many industries. We provide high quality, reliable products, including air dryers, oxygen and nitrogen generators and air treatment systems. As well as installation and repairs, we also offer other specialist services, including consultancy and design. If you’d like to know more about WM Compressors, you can visit our website or alternatively you can contact us directly.


Air Compressor Supply - Visit our website

Working with suppliers across the whole of the UK and Europe, we can source, supply and install, a wide range of air compressors. Our services include both the installation of completely new air compressors, as well as the replacement of existing models, with options to suit everyone. We have experience with a variety of manufacturers, including Abac Compressors, CompAir, Hamworthy and Reavell, just to name a few. If there's a particular manufacturer you'd like to work with that’s not listed on our website, just get in touch with us and we can help to make this happen. 


Air Compressor Installation - Visit our website

When it comes to air compressor installation, we offer a comprehensive service with safety, quality and reliability at the forefront. We will visit the site, prior to installation in order to ascertain what specific requirements are needed in order to complete the task. It's also worth noting that every installation we do is in accordance with the BCAS guide. For clients who may have more complex requirements, we recommend getting in touch with us directly for further help. 


Air Dryer Products - Visit our website

Compressed air systems can suffer when water vapour which condenses within the system. It's for this reason why we offer a range of air dryers, reducing the water vapour within the system and protecting against potential performance problems. Customers can choose from a variety of different compressed air dryers, including heatless desiccant regenerated adsorption dryers, membrane compressed air dryers, refrigerant compressed air dryers and heat regenerated adsorption dryers. Feel free to visit the website for further information on this range.


Air Treatment Products - Visit our website

Air contamination is an issue that affects many indoor and outdoor spaces, however due to concentration levels, air compressors can be particularly susceptible. Therefor air treatment products offer a vital solution, allowing you to filter contaminants such as bacteria, allergens and chemicals. We offer a wide range of filtration systems, including both high-pressure and low-pressure products. Whether its vacuum pumps, stainless steel filters or medical-grade filters, we have something for everyone. 


Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators - Visit our website

We offer both nitrogen and oxygen generators which allow you to extract these pure gases from the ambient air. The generators utilise a comprehensive filtration system which isolates the gas in question and separates it from other impurities. There are many advantages to generating oxygen and nitrogen yourself, including a reduction in costs, the ability to have gas on demand, improved efficiency and of course, a greener footprint. To find out more about these products, feel free to visit our website. 




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