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Based in Warrington, Uniqwin Security and Cleaning Services have a wealth of experience within security based products and services as well as contract cleaning services. Our main goal is to protect our customers, this includes the safeguarding of assets as well as individuals. We also support our clients in many different ways including promoting their company and showcasing their strengths, for example efficiency and development. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of services, all of which are tailored towards combating a particular security based issue. Just some examples of the services we have to offer include security guard services, safety barriers, trespass eviction management, CCTV, investigation and surveillance, as well as much more. We can also provide a full contract cleaning service, available to both public and private sector based environments. 

Security Guard Services

Each and every establishment will have their own specific security requirements and therefore it can be incredibly important to avoid over generalisation of services. It is for this reason that we offer bespoke security packages which can be completely customised. Security guarding can play an integral role and we only employ highly trained, professional personnel to complete this task. One of our major aims is to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of our clients and this can be achieved with our security guard services.

Lone Worker Protection

Due to a British Standard for the protection of lone workers, employees who work alone throughout the day have the right to be protected. We can offer a complete protection service for your lone workers which can include access to a 24/7 emergency control centre as well as a response team. We can also carry out certain risk control measures which include risk assessments, responding to panic alarms, tracking and receiving hourly safety check calls for peace of mind as well as many more. For further details, please visit the website.

Retail Security Guard Services

Retail based environments are always busy and are often targeted for criminal activity. We can provide a service which protects our clients, their customers and their assets. We achieve this through a wide variety of methods including the use of a smart dress code, CCTV, customer focussed security and undercover workers, just to name a few. It is also worth noting that we deal with offenders both effectively and sensitively to ensure as little disruption to your day as possible. For any further information, please visit the website.

Keyholding & Alarm Response Service

We can provide a professional and reliable keyholding and alarm response service which is also extremely cost effective. This service includes many different aspects, including a prompt turn out and checking of your premises, meticulous record keeping, providing you with full reports on call outs and the resetting of your alarms and cameras as well as much more. The position of keyholder is one that requires complete trust and this is why we recommend you choose a fully qualified and certified provider such as us.

CCTV Off Site Monitoring Services

Many companies will often spend lots of money on the installation of CCTV systems and will then fail to properly monitor them. We can provide both national and international offsite CCTV monitoring which can be undertaken 24/7, if required. This type of service can be incredibly effective in reducing loss due to criminal activity as offenders can be identified and dealt with in real time, decreasing their chance of success. Customers can contact us for a free, for a no-obligation quote for our off site monitoring services.

Traveller Evictions (Complete Services)

Traveller evictions can be extremely complex and are often littered with obstacles but we have the experience and resources to provide you with a fast and efficient eviction process. We have been conducting these types of evictions for over 15 years and we are proud to boast a 100% success rate. This success is due to our highly professional team and our full understanding of the facts of common law evictions. If you require any more information, don't hesitate to visit the website or alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email.

Security & Safety Barriers

We can provide a wide range of concrete products which can be used in many different applications. Just some of the uses for these products include, safety barriers, securing road works, blocking entrances, foundations for temporary constructions, landscaping and many more. Our concrete products are also available in different sizes and weights, meaning customers can choose the most appropriate configuration for their purpose. For further information, don't hesitate to visit the website.

Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Office Care, Contract Professional Cleaning & Maintenance

Our contract cleaning services are available for any type of premises, whether commercial or industrial. Also, as with many of our other services, we can provide bespoke cleaning solutions which have been tailored to your specific requirements. We take a flexible approach to our cleaning contracts and are willing to compromise with our clients on the exact terms. It is also worth noting that all of our cleaning practices are ethically and environmentally friendly.



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