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Advantech GPEG specialise in the creation and supply of intelligent display solutions. We provide these solutions for various markets across Europe including transport, gaming, signage, and consumer.

As one of the UK’s most rapidly expanding display developers, we have achieved recognition from top league tables and are continually embarking upon new opportunities on an international level.

GPEG has offices across the globe in London, Germany, Italy, China, and Korea. Our bases in China and Korea mean we are able to deliver in-house manufacturing at the highest level of quality.

To read about the full list of intelligent display solutions we provide, please visit our website for further information.

Custom LCD Displays

As a large and esteemed developer of custom LCD displays, GPEG have established the expertise to deliver high-quality and exciting answers to our clients’ user interface problems.

Our team of engineers and designers recognise that a generic LCD display is not necessarily the most suitable solution for a client’s individual requirements. After all, LCD displays are used for a wide range of applications and so it is important to us that we develop innovative solutions with this in mind.

We select the most appropriate technology for our customers’ custom displays. There are several technologies that we use: Jet Black ™, TFT, CSTN, OLED and many others.

Kickstart Module Technology

Kickstart module technology is an attractive option for those whose concern is creating accessible information with visual impact.

Text on kickstart LCD modules presents characters and digits in bold, large format with a high level of contrast. The backlights of these LCD modules are very high; this combined with simple icons and an outside membrane form a great LCD solution.

There are a number of features with kickstart LCD modules. Just some of these include a command set, two interface options, LED drive, and a real time clock.

To find out more details about kickstart module technology, please visit our website where you can also view our full range of these modules.

Custom Monitors

GPEG has the capacity to design and build a custom monitor for those requiring a less conventional, more personal solution.

We have a strong department comprising of electronic engineers and 3D mechanics that will design and develop a custom monitor for you. Our process provides our customers with an economic advantage; the cost of development and development time are both significantly reduced due to our high-quality facilities and expert team who very quickly custom-create monitors.

Past custom monitors for our clients have included: taxi payment monitors, bathroom televisions, vending machine monitors, and roulette games.

Turnkey Design & Build

GPEG’s user interface designers have developed many successful solutions for a wide range of products and the capabilities these products have.

Past turnkey design and build projects have been undertaken for various industries. We have designed car clocks, bike controllers and motor drives, e-bikes, TV systems, wireless lighting and many others that can be read about on our website.

Our clients have discovered many commercial benefits through GPEGs incorporation of software, display, and control electronics into products.

TFT Modules

GPEG’s TFT modules create LCD touch panel displays of an outstanding level of quality. These have a multitude of enhancing qualities so that our customers’ LCD displays combine quality with an attainable market price for customers.

Features include: economic LED backlights, as much as 800 cd, digital controller boards, analogue controller boards, upgrades to full colour, wide screen options, kits and many others.

For further information about how GPEG can create a custom TFT module solution for you, please visit our website. Here you will also find details of how to contact our team.

OLED High Contrast Displays

OLED displays have become known for being thinner and more intelligent when compared to the more generic, older forms of screens.

Here at GPEG, we supply both of the main kinds of OLEDs: passive organic and active matrix. Both of these advantageously deliver displays that don’t require backlighting (they are self-luminous). Additionally, active matrix OLED screens are high-contrast, bright, and have a very broad viewing angle.

Both kinds of display from GPEG come with kits for evaluation and controllers.

PLED High Display Displays

In addition to our OLEDs, GPEG also have a line of PLEDs.

Polymer Light-Emitting Displays are a recent and favoured development in technology surrounding displays. They have a high-quality image and boast much ease of use. Additionally, there is no requirement for a backlight and the level of contrast is significant, as is the broad viewing angle. Like OLEDs, PLEDs are lightweight, economic, and thin.

Our PLED products can become bespoke with our custom design services. Please visit our website for more information.

Digital Posters

Digital signage is a fantastic tool for advertising campaigns. They provide an easy, but impactful way for advertising messages to be communicated to customers.

GPEG’s digital posters are utilised in a variety of places: educational institutions, conference rooms, reception areas, shopping centres, and numerous types of events. These digital screens are used for music as well as images and videos.

Each of our digital posters comes with a wall mount bracket, on-site survey service, and a memory card. Our digital signage gives complete control to users so that their advertising messages can be easily sequenced and time intervals created.



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