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TrackaPhone is a North East based business that specialises in the creation of applications that assist organisations in managing remote operations through mobile technologies.  We offer a number of different solutions that can be tailored to your organisations individual requirements, all of which focus on improving security, safety and efficiency.  At the same time our strict code of practice allows individuals privacy to remain intact.

Our services include:

  • Mobile Phone Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Specialist Vehicle Installation
  • Employee Protection
  • Telecare
  • APIs

Alongside this extensive list we also provide a consultancy and design service to assist companies in creating bespoke mobile tracking installations.

We pride ourselves on our service delivery and are passionate about consistently delivering the highest levels to all of our customers, no matter how small their business, how new they are to us or how minimal their requirements.

We are committed to the continual development and expansion of our technologies, ensuring our customers have access to the latest developments in the arena of mobile tracking, whether it be through mainstream mobile devices or specialist hardware.

If you believe that TrackaPhone’s solutions could benefit your business, please contact us for a more in depth discussion about your requirements.

Employee Protection

Employers are increasingly expected to provide more and more robust levels of care for their employees and TrackaPhone’s solutions can help businesses achieve this.  Our location tracking applications not only allow you to see when your remote workers arrive on and leave a site, but they also include a range of alert features allowing your employees to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency so that immediate assistance can be provided.  If the employee is unable to do so, location applications can automatically raise an alert based on lack of movement, impact or fall.  These solutions can be complemented by a choice of 24/7 Emergency Response services if required.  

Mobile Tracking

Mobile Tracking solutions from TrackaPhone provide a wealth of information that can help you streamline your business and also provide a better service to your customers.  From simply knowing where your nearest employee is to a customer, to gathering data on when an employee arrives and leaves site, mobile tracking affords you the real time and historical data required to provide accurate activity reporting both internally and direct to the customer.  We have a range of solutions that cover all phone and smart phone devices and can also deliver solutions for specialised hardware if required. 

Vehicle Tracking

Gain live updates on the whereabouts of your fleet with TrackaPhone’s range of vehicle tracking solutions allowing you to respond quickly and utilise your fleet in the most efficient way possible.  Our vehicle tracking’s user-friendly interface works with both PC, MAC, tablets and smart phones affording you the flexibility of tracking wherever you are.  Our solutions also allow you to monitor information on driving performance, such speeding and engine idling, in order that vehicle running costs can also be observed and improved where possible.  All of our vehicle tracking devices are installed by FITAS accredited engineers and installation comes with a full warranty. 

Vehicle Installations

Whatever type of vehicle you own you can rest assured it will be in safe hands with TrackaPhone’s installation engineers who will treat your vehicle with the utmost care.  They are registered to install not only TrackaPhone solutions but also those from TrafficMaster and Aston Martin and can also provide installation services for a wide range of 3rd party equipment if required.  Aside from vehicle tracking, our installation service also encompasses:

  • Front and rear view cameras
  • Bluetooth integration with steering wheel control interface
  • DAB radio installations
  • Fibre optic iPod integration
  • Aston Martin HDMI iPhone satnav interface
  • Remote control fuse 22/15 silencer switches.

Asset Tracking

Keeping on top of the whereabouts of your assets can be a timely task, but that needn’t be the case thanks to TrackaPhone’s asset tracking solutions.  Whether it’s finding out the whereabouts of hire equipment, such as machinery and bicycles, or monitoring the battery usage on remote equipment we have a solution to suit and our team of experts can advise on the most appropriate tracking solution for your needs. Asset tracking is particularly advantageous for monitoring high value goods in transit, alerting you to anything untoward.  If required we can also retrieve missing or stolen items, with police intervention where necessary. 

Telecare Solutions

Individuals who are being looked after by carers can sometimes feel trapped in their own homes.  TrackaPhone’s range of telecare solutions can bring back independence to those who are capable of getting out and about by allowing carers to track their whereabouts remotely.  The solution allows carers to be alerted if an individual has left a predefined ‘safe area’ or to receive notice of activation of a panic alarm outside of the home.  Our solutions are available for installation on individual mobile devices and we also offer a range of specialist devices, allowing you to tailor a solution for a person’s individual requirements.

TrackaPhone Flow - API

TrackaPhone Flow is a solution that uses a user-friendly API (application programming interface) to allow you to build your own applications.  It draws on a wealth of tools and data providing your business with an integrative approach to information management.  Contact us to find out more about how TrackaPhone Flow can help your business. 

Specialist Solutions

If you are looking for a solution that falls outside of our standard offerings our specialist solutions consultancy service may be an option for you.  TrackaPhone’s team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements and devise a coherent set of specifications so that you are able to make an informed business decision.  We have experience designing specialised integrative solutions for our own services and 3rd party resources but are also adept at creating unique applications based on your own individual location requirements. Please contact us to discuss the objectives you want to achieve and we will look for a solution. 



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