Wardall Engineering Company Ltd

3 Knights Court, Magellan Close
Walworth Business Park
SP10 5NT
United Kingdom

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Notice: This company is listed at Companies House as 'Dissolved' - Has Been Liquidated.

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Wardall Engineering Company is an independent company that specialises in the provision of engineering services for the maintenance and validation of various types of machinery and equipment. Wardall Engineering was established in 1984 and provides excellent services to customers in England and Wales. Our service contracts and testing schemes have been designed to meet all of our customer requirements. Our team of friendly engineers is highly skilled and qualified to undertake services to the highest standards. We also supply high quality sterilizing equipment which is calibrated and certificated regularly to UKAS traceable standards. Please contact us to find out more about our services.


We provide various industries such as pharmaceutical, equine services, general practitioners, universities and more with high quality service and validation services. We can work with various ranges of equipment such as bench top sterilizers which can be vacuum or non-vacuum models, larger hospital and laboratory sterilizers, bed pan washers, instrument washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers, air compressors, and Astec/ Bioquell endoscope washers.

Please visit our website for details of all models and contact us at Wardall Engineering Ltd for further information.


Our service and validation services are carried out to meet all relevant standards and regulations. We provide quarterly and annual validations to HTM2010 and HTMO105 for non-vacuum and vacuum bench top sterilizers, porous load sterilizers, and laboratory autoclaves. We also provide quarterly and annual validations to HTM2030 standards for bedpan washers, instrument washers and ultrasonic washers. Other tests are available which conform to HTM2010 standards. All of our validation protocols and schedules have been created to provide clients with the most effective preventative and maintenance schedules.

Please contact us at Wardall Engineering Ltd for all of your maintenance, servicing, validation, spares and repairs requirements.

Spares & Repairs

Here at Wardall we understand the importance of supplying spare parts as quickly as possible so that your industry applications can continue to run smoothly. We have several thousand items in stock ready to meet customer orders quickly and efficiently. Examples include: inflatable door seals, door pressure locks, valves, water pumps, vacuum pumps, condensers, printer ribbon, recorder pens, BPW detergents and many, many more. Please complete our online enquiry form to order your spares or call as at Wardall with your requirements. If the part you require is not listed we will do our very best to source it for you.



Registration Number: 04207652
VAT Number: GB407 4384 56
Registered at Companies House:27 April, 2001 (22 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Service Providers


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