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Combico UK stocks the most comprehensive range of spare parts in the UK for world-class Rational Ag high-tech commercial catering equipment, which is manufactured in Landsberg, Germany. The website is designed to allow easy identification of the spare parts that you require, with the most popular 200 parts listed with an image in the online spare parts shop. All of the parts are available to purchase online with a normal delivery time of just 3 days. They also provide one of the most comprehensive collections of technical documentation - spare parts explosions, accessory catalogues, wiring diagrams, technical, operating and troubleshooting manuals, and maintenance and cleaning instructions - for Rational Ag commercial catering equipment, all available to download and view as a PDF through a Parts Technical Purchasing (PTP) system.  Register today to take advantage of all the support material available immediately. 


To facilitate the accurate diagnosis of any fault and the identification of the required spare parts we have both office based and field service technicians, all Rational Ag trained to provide a speedy and cost effective resolution to a breakdown.

Please call us on 01543 577778 or email us at [email protected] if you have any enquiries. 

Conversion kit for three-armed puller

These conversion kits priced at £256.18 will convert the standard Rational three-armed puller into the improved puller version. (W33202 SCC/CPC/C/Classic Line) If you require any further information or assistance please contact our offices on 01778 346251.



Fan wheel puller, hydraulic Rational

As with the majority of our parts, we have a healthy stock of fan wheel pullers for hydraulic Rational SCC/CPC/C/Classic cookers, so that your equipment is returned to its optimum operating capacity as quickly as possible. These pullers come packaged individually and are priced at a very competitive £353.64.

Pulse generator CPC-line

Pulse generators for CPC-line CPC 61-202 are available to order from stock for immediate dispatch and delivery within 3 days for a very reasonable £135.13. (Part No. 8817.1303)



Heating element with gasket

The heating element with gasket for C-line/CPC-line 61-202, with 825 230V 3x3 kW specifications, are priced at  £121.10 (Product No. 8720.1590). Rational ovens are recognised by leading chefs as some of the best commercial cookers available, whilst being very easy to use.  Keeping the heating elements in good order is very important to ensuring your kitchen continues to produce high quality food, along with ensuring food is thoroughly cooked. 

Retrofit kit angle screw pin

No matter how small the part, it is important to use add-on parts produced to Rational's high standards to get the greatest life span out of your cooking appliances. The Retrofit kit angle screw pins are priced very reasonably at £18.30, and meet all of the manufacturing standards of original Rational Ag parts (Product No. 8720.1572)



Pump f. CleanJet

Important to ensuring the productive running of any Rational cooking appliance is the CleanJet pump, which can be replaced for CPC-line 61-202 appliances for £131.20. (Product No. 8720.1526)


Blower for burner RG100

Blower for burner RG100 CPC-line CPC/CM/G 24V 50/60H is priced at £344.18 and is available with our normal speedy delivery of up to 3 days. (Product No. 8720.1418)

Housing and Cleaning pump SCC line

Another one of our top spare parts is the housing and cleaning SCC line (SCC 201/202) pump, which is very reliable and will extend the life of your Rational Ag cooking appliance through maintaining clean and optimal operation of the equipment. Following Rational Ag cleaning and other maintenance advice along with replacing parts after general wear can make you asset as cost effective as possible.  (Product No. 87.00.437 priced at £202.13)

Retrofit Kit

Retrofit kits are a great range of parts that allow you to adapt your Rational Ag appliances to your changing business needs. Saving the need for new replacement machinery, you can use kits to adapt your older appliances. Browse our PTP system to see diagrams of how each kit can benefit your appliance. A very popular kit is the Retrofit kit *Service25* SCC line priced at £19.77 (Product No. 87.00.436).

Heating element with gasket

Having many similar benefits to those aforementioned in reference to the C-line/CPC-line 61-202 heating element with gasket, the star SCC line version is available in 62/102/201/202 230V 18kW specifications. Priced at £119.07 it is available to order with our rapid 3 day delivery (Product No. 87.00.367).

Pump f. CareControl

Taking care of your Rational appliances through maintenance and replacement parts is paramount, as is ensuring that all the advanced in-built cleaning systems and waste management devices are functioning properly. We offer replacement CareControl pumps for the DPS 35 SCC and  SCC 61-102  line, crucial to ensuring the longevity of your Rational appliance. (Product No. 87.00.352)

Conversion Kit Buzzer

With the changing needs of your kitchen comes the need to adapt your Rational appliances to fit within your operation. Conversion kit buzzers are a very cost effective adaptation, priced at only £12.30 each unit and are applicable to CPC. CM / SCC. CM / SCC_WE 61-202 12V Rational cooking appliances. (Product No. 87.00.136)

Conversion Kit Meat Probe Sensor

One of the most significant tasks in any kitchen is taking accurate measurements of food temperatures to comply with health and safety regulations and ultimately ensure the wellbeing of the intended diner. These conversion kit meat probe sensors for use with SCC line and SCC 201-202 Rational appliances are easy to use and provide an accurate reading (Product No. 87.00.096).

Repair Kit Bulb Socket

With extended use in busy kitchen environments on occassion it is neccessary to replace Rational bulbs or to repair the socket. The bulb socket repair kit for SCC line 61-202 is a top seller and with delivery in 3 days you can expect your appliance to be back to full woking order as soon as possible (Product No. 87.00.065).

Memory-Stick Standard

We always have stock of "Memory-Stick Standard SCC line SCC", currently priced at £43.60 (Product No. 87.00.010).

CleanJet Cleaning Arm

CleanJet cleaning arms for 101-202 CPC-line are high quality to be able to manage with the continual and intense cleaning requirements of a commercial cooker. Rational Ag appliances are designed to be high performance and self-cleaning to minimise the need for deep and daily cleans which can be very labour intensive. Priced at £323.63 and available in 3 days, your Rational Ag cannot be without these arms, which help to operate the appliance as efficiently as possible (Product No. 8655.2101).  



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