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Simple System Ltd is a leading supplier of specialist horse feeds. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best forage feed diets for your horses, and are committed to providing good advice on feeding and horse care in general. Our product range encompasses dozens of different feeds designed for a healthier, happier life for your horses. Within the range we have products for all the common horse breeds and for virtually all dietary requirements. 

Simple System Ltd was founded in 1996. The name refers to the feeding concept that co-founder Jane van Lennep has been advocating since 1973 – a concept based on simple equine nutrition and responsible equine management, with feeds that support your animals’ natural digestive system and bring them the nutritional benefits of spring and summer grazing all year round. 

Our feeds are based on what horses were designed by evolution to eat: namely grass, herbs, forbs and shrubs, and not cereals, pulses and other by-products of human food production. Since 2005, Simple System Ltd has been able to demonstrate its commitment to the horse as an obligate herbivore by offering a range of feeds that are registered with the Vegan Society. 

Find out more about Simple System Ltd and our specialist filler-free horse feeds by visiting us online or contacting us on 01371 870 753.

Lucie Nuts

Lucie Nuts are the most economical and versatile way of feeding lecerne to horses. They are wider in diameter than most pellets and have a coarser grist. In small amounts, Lucie Nuts can be mixed into soaked, unmolassed beet pulp. When soaked with beet pulp, they make a complete feed and an ideal alternative to hay for horses that are sensitive to dust. In particular, elderly horses find this easy to eat. Lucie Nuts, which are free of cereals and molasses, will provide muscle and top line without causing a change in temperament. More details can be found on the Simple System Ltd website.

Lucie Pellets

Lucie Pellets are made with the same high quality lucerne that is found in our Lucie Nuts. However at 6mm in diameter they are much smaller and more ideal for use with dry feeds. Being smaller they also fit better into feed balls and are a little less expensive. However, even if you find dry feeding more convenient, we would still recommend that you feed them at least well dampened, and if possible soaked.

Lucie Cobs

Lucie Cobs are made from sun-dried lucerne chop which is compressed into mini biscuits that can be soaked before use to produce a succulent and highly palatable feed. Ideal for fussy horses and essential for competition horses, they provide much-needed water from a feed that can be eaten at any time. Indeed, Lucie Cobs can absorb up to four times their own weight in water. Lucie Cobs are also a useful source of selenium, vitamin E and vitamin D. Like all Simple System products they are completely free from cereals and molasses.


Greengold is a coarse lucerne chop made from the very best dried lucerne which is grown in a soil that results in higher selenium and iron. This makes it ideal for horses in hard work, although its low sugar content also makes it safe for natives and laminitics. Dietary information can be found on the Simple System Ltd website. For feeding advice and guidance, just give us a call on 01371 870 753.

Lucie Brix

Lucie Brix offer all the benefits of pure lecerne in a compressed 1kg block. This is another high fibre feed and particularly good if your animals are sensitive to sugars or grass. They are ideal for horses that suffer from ulcers, as the chewing and gnawing of the block helps to generate plenty of saliva and the feed itself buffers the acid in the stomach and the caecum. We recommend that these are fed whole and dry to mimic grazing - this may reduce your horse’s tendency to chew wood.

Lucie Fibre

These high fibre, low calorie cubes are made from 100% lucerne. Because the stalk predominates over the leaf, they are ideal for good-doers, horses on box rest, or those in very light work and not in need of high levels of nutrition. Lucie Fibre is very low in sugars, and of course, nothing has been added to compromise its integrity as a natural feed. Protein levels are sufficient for the maintenance of healthy muscles and internal organs, so if used as part of a weight reduction programme, it will ensure that your horse sheds fat rather than vital muscle bulk.  For advice on feeding, please visit Simple System Ltd online.

Lucie Stalks

Lucie Stalks is a high fibre lucerne chop made by separating the more nutritious leaf from the high fibre stems. This gives a palatable, high fibre, low calorie and low natural sugar feed which can be used to extend another feed or as a partial hay replacer. It has slightly more protein than Timothy Chop (see below), but a little less of the natural sugar that all plants have. Its coarse texture makes it a lengthy chew and therefore unsuitable for dentally challenged horses, but it’s perfect for good-doers needing bulk and time spent chewing.

Sundried Organic Lucerne

This is a top quality, high nutrient feed suitable for horses whose needs are a little bit more than those mentioned above. You can find dietary information on our sundried organic lucerne feeds on the Simple System Ltd website. For feeding advice or any other information, please contact us on 01371 870 753.

Timothy Chop

Timothy Chop is, as the name suggests, a chop feed made predominantly from Timothy Grass. Harvested at a mature stage of growth, it is a high fibre, low protein forage with zero additives, low sugar and low starch. This is an ideal feed when a molasses-free, straw-free, low-calorie chop is needed. Timothy Chop can be used to bulk up a short feed or as a partial or complete hay replacer. For dietary information, please visit our website.

Blue Bag Grass Pellets

Horses that tend to do well at grass in the summer but drop off when stabled in the winter will thrive on grass nuts.  High in fibre and free from molasses, Blue Bag Grass Pellets allow you to offer your horses good quality grass all year round. Their high fibre composition makes them suitable for most horses and ponies in moderate work, especially thoroughbreds. Pellets are 6mm in diameter and are therefore small enough for feeding balls. Visit Simple System Ltd online for dietary information and feeding advice.

Red Bag Grass Pellets

Red Bag Grass Pellets offer all the goodness of spring grass and provide an overall energy level more than 10% greater than oats, making them the feed of choice for high performance horses, racing horses, eventing horses or breeding high value foals early in the year. Energy contained within Red Bag Grass Pellets is released more gradually than it is from cereals, which means horses should settle more quickly to work and have more stamina. Take at look at some of our Red Bag success stories by visiting Simple System Ltd online.


PuraBeet pellets are made from pure unmolassed beet pulp. Once the sugar has been extracted from the pulp there remains a very useful fibre feed that is highly digestible and which holds a considerable amount of water. We ensure that the beet is completely free from molasses so that blood sugar levels remain the same and horse temperament is unaffected. With its natural ability to maintain hydration, PuraBeet is ideal for horses in prolonged work. For more information, please visit Simple System Ltd online.


JustGrass is a chopped, flash dried and dust-extracted feed that can be used as a chop or hay replacer and is ideal for accustoming your horse to grass before spring turnout. It is completely free from cereals and molasses. The producer of JustGrass shares our view of what is most suitable for horses, using only mixed species of grass to create a well-balanced, natural feed. The result is a softer, more palatable chop with low levels of natural sugars. Find out more about JustGrass by visiting Simple System Ltd online.


MeadowBrix is an unmolassed grass feed that comes in compressed 1kg blocks. It gives all the benefits of grazing, but in the stable or when grazing runs short. Made from mature Timothy Grass and similar in feed value to good grazing or hay, MeadowBrix is a convenient, well-balanced feed that offers a satisfying chew. It is made from 100% grass with zero additives and low natural sugars. In terms of nutritional value, each MeadowBrix block is the equivalent to half a generous slice of quality hay. Dietary information can be found on the Simple System Ltd website.

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse is our best-selling forage balancer. It comprises of a carefully balanced blend of instant linseed, pure ocean seaweed and brewer’s yeast, a combination that offers high levels of nutrients in a slow release form – thus equilibrium is maintained both mentally and physically. Total Eclipse can be combined with all feeding systems, but it is particularly effective with a forage-based diet. For more information, please visit us online or contact us directly on 01371 870 753.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is a forage balancer designed specifically for hormonally challenged, stressed and temperamental equines. It comprises of instant linseed, traditional brewer’s yeast and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), offering high levels of nutritional support, high quality proteins, natural vitamin B and extra magnesium. Stressed horses tend to respond well to added vitamin B in their diet, while hormonal ones can improve with yeast or linseed. Low levels of magnesium, meanwhile, have been shown to have a connection with behavioural difficulties. This is a well-rounded feed that can provide a solution for all three conditions.



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