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Unit 7 Hodgson Court
SS11 8XR
United Kingdom

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City Co Seals have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of a range of seals for both private and company use. We provide bespoke products such as wax and brass seals, company and notary seals, corporate embossers and rubber stamps. Our seals are of the highest quality and produce a beautiful finishing touch whether a personal wax seal on a wedding invitation or a simple company stamp for letter headed paper. Our company does not manufacture mass produced products and our seals are made to order to customer specifications.

Our durable custom made wax seals can create beautifully intricate designs that will give a sophisticated touch whenever they are used. Company and notary seals are made in the traditional manner using hard wearing metal dies that give a perfect and professional looking finish every time. We supply our seals worldwide and our many satisfied customers are testimony to our high quality products and our second to none professional customer service standards.

Company and Notary Seals

City Co Seals produce a range of company seals, notary public and legal embossers. Our high quality embossers are made from durable materials such as iron and aluminium; some of our embossers also use wood to form their base. Our embossers are made using traditional methods and our skill in produce beautiful custom made machines has been honed over the previous four decades. We offer hand held and heavy duty desktop embossers in a range of colours. All of our dies and seals are made of metal to give a crisp, sharp finish and a professional appearance.

Self Inking Stamps

City Co Seals now has over 18 years of experience in producing high quality self inking stamps for private individuals and a diversity of companies. Our customer base includes well known banks, limited companies, local authorities, government departments and big brand retailers. We can supply self inking stamps with an inbuilt inkpad that are convenient for desktop use and are also a portable option. We have the experience and expertise to create custom logos as well text and can offer a same day collection service to our London customers. Browse through our company website to view examples of our rubber stamps and current prices.

Traditional Rubber Stamps

We offer a selection of traditional non inking rubber stamps for use with a separate ink pad. Sizes available range from 25mm to our larger 150mm and these stamps can be custom made with logs and text to your specific requirements. Our rubber stamps can include company name, address, date and phone numbers. We offer a same day collection service from our London office and a phone call is all it takes to talk to one of our specialist team who can advise on the range of rubber stamps to suit your requirements. View our website for more details and pricing information on our complete range of rubber stamps.

Engraved Signs

Our experienced in house team can produce a diversity of high quality engraved plates and signs. Materials used in our signs include stainless steel, aluminium, brass and plastic. Our team are experts at engraving intricate text as well as company logos to your specifications. Signs can be stand-alone plates and we also manufacture signs with wooden backing boards that are extremely eye catching. We have three standard sizes to choose from and each size can be supplied with or without wood backing boards. View our website and company brochure to see a sample selection of our beautifully engraved signs.

Company Registers

City Co Seals supply professional company registers for Limited companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, PLC registers and minute books. By law, all UK Limited companies are required to hold and maintain a register with specific company information, and our registers contain the information sheets required by your company. Our registers are high quality, of professional appearance and contain loose leaf information sheets with company specific details such as register of share applications and transfers, register of directors and secretaries, bank sheets for recording minutes and space for storing shares certificates. These are just an example of the information sheets available and you can view our registers and find more information on our company website.

Brass Wax Seals

Our brass wax seals have been described by our customers as a object of beauty. All of our wax seals are custom made, no mass production and no plastic materials. The brass wax seals come with a solid brass top and a Beechwood handle; the brass will be deeply engraved as to your specifications. Our standard brass wax seal sizes are 25mm diameter and 38mm diameter. We can produce our seals with simple logos or even a coat of arms; this is entirely up to the customer. Customers can email our City Co Seals with their artwork and designs and we will assess and reply with a price.

Wax Seal Tips

Creating the perfect and highly durable wax seal tip is one of our specialities at City Co Seals. Whereas other companies will offer wax seal tips in resin or plated brass, we use only solid brass. We engrave our brass tips either by hand using precision chisels or machine hand engrave to produce 3D effect seals. Our wax seal tips come in two standard sizes and our small size seal is generally equivalent to most other company’s large size seal. All of our materials are made exclusively in the UK from the wooden handle to the actual engraving itself.

Sealing Wax

City Co Seals supply two different waxes, a traditional wax that is lit and dripped onto a letter or paper and then stamped, and a glue gun wax that squeezes out wax ready to be stamped. The glue gun wax is more suitable for those who have a higher number of impressions to make. Our wax sticks can create four to eight impressions and this is due to our brass wax seals being of a larger size than most.  We can supply our wax sticks or wax guns with next day delivery guaranteed to our customers.

Embossers and Presses

City Co Seals can advise customers on the correct equipment to suit their needs. We supply a variety of embossers such as our hand held embossers that are suitable for embossing paper from 100 gms to 120 gms and can be either hand held plier models or those designed for desk top use. We also supply heavy duty presses that can emboss up to 600 gms paper and can incorporate simple but professional designs or even a coat of arms. Our embossers and presses are made to last incorporating highly durable metals and wooden bases on our heavier machines.

Self Adhesive Legal Wafers

We are one of the largest stockists of sealing wafers, which are designed for use with company seals. Our sealing wafers come in a variety of colours to blend in with your company brand colouring or logo. Colours include red, gold, silver, blue, green and gold, and range in size from 51mm to 64 mm in diameter. These seals are extremely easy to apply; simply stick the seal to your document and then emboss. Our sealing wafers provide an eye catching, professional appearance to any document, letter or item of stationery.

Notary Ribbons

To enhance the appearance of your embossed wafer seal, City Co Seals stock a large number of notary ribbons. The notary ribbons can be attached and sealed behind the wafer seal to provide a professional appearance on letters, documents and stationery, and our ribbons are particularly popular on invitations. We stock notary ribbons in 26 different colours with a size of 50mtrs x 6mm. City Co Seals provides free shipping worldwide on our ribbons and you can view the colours available and place an order at our company website.

Choose City Co Seals

City Co Seals offer a number of reasons as to why we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality wax seals in the UK. Not only do we offer durable seals and sealing equipment, which are made to last, but we also offer a one year guarantee on all of our products. We also offer a lifetime of support to our customers providing help and advice on all of our supplies. We offer a guarantee of quality that rarely exists in today’s world of mass manufacturing, and all of our products are hand made by experts with over 40 years of experience in this field.

Our Environmental Policy

City Co Seals is an environmentally friendly company and we take seriously and comply with all relevant environmental legislation. We raise staff awareness on environmental issues relating to our company through training and we always recycle our paper and embossing machines. We use eco-friendly rubber stamps incorporating material from recycled water bottles that makes up 77% of the plastic used in our stamps. Our Ford Fiesta delivery van has excellent fuel consumption and produces only 87 g of Carbon Dioxide per KM. We believe in leading by example on this issue and encourage all of our suppliers to adopt similar environmentally aware principles.


Our pricing is competitive and transparent meaning our customers can expect value for money with no hidden extras. City Co Seals do not pretend to be the cheapest suppliers available but we do offer value for money and the highest standards of quality throughout our range of products. Our customers choose to buy from us rather than shop online because they know that City Co Seals are a name to be trusted and provide products that will stand the test of time along with a one year guarantee. Browse through our website to see our range of seals, embossers and accessories along with the prices on offer for each product.

Our Goal

At City Co Seals we recognise that the key to our continual existence is the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and listen to their requirements in order to provide the best service possible. We aim to answer all customer enquiries and provide quotes within one hour, and we will always respond to queries via telephone call or through our website. Around 50% of our customer orders come through word of mouth referrals, which is a testament to both the quality of our products and to our height standards of customer service.

Contacting Us

City Co Seals is based at 5 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, London. We can be contacted by phone or through our company website; our address, phone and fax number, and our email address are all available on our City Co Seals website. Orders can also be placed via our website and we will contact you within one hour to answer queries and provide pricing quotes. We also have a number of ways to pay for our products including invoicing and secure online credit and debit card payments. We can guarantee same day delivery on certain products for our London customers whether that is collection from our store or through our own delivery service.



Registration Number: 01099736
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:1 March, 1973 (46 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a


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