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Simbal Ltd has been supplying electrical equipment to the lifting and handling industry for over 30 years, and during that time we have established a solid reputation for the highest quality products, affordable prices and an outstanding level of service. Established back in 1979, Simbal has grown to become one of Europe's leading lifting and handling equipment suppliers.

Our product range includes lifting and handling cables, general industrial cables, remote radio control systems, conductor systems, cable and hose carrying systems, cable and hose reeling drums, tool balancers, control pendants, rubber buffers and multi-pin plugs, sockets and glands. Our sales team and technical staff draw upon a considerable amount of industry experience to offer an unrivalled level of product support and application advice to both existing and new customers. As a privately owned, family run business, we firmly believe that the road to success is through customer satisfaction. We place your needs first, and we always seek to find the best possible solution to your lifting and handling problems. Our customer-driven approach is also reflected in our delivery policy. We aim to despatch 90% of all orders within 24hrs of receipt to get you up and running sooner.

Most importantly, we believe that customers should receive products of the very highest quality. We are constantly updating our portfolio to include the very latest in lifting and handling equipment technology, and we work closely with our suppliers on continuous product development so that our range reflects the changing requirements of modern industry. If you would like to view our full product range, please head directly to www.simbal.net. For further information or advice, please contact our sales team on 01298 813883.

Lifting and Handling Cables

At Simbal, we specialise in the supply of all types of cable for the lifting and mechanical handling industry. This includes PVC and Neoprene Flatform cables, multi-core Pendant cables, Drum Reeling cables and Robotic cables designed for drag chain applications. You can find out more about each of these cable types by following the link directly to the Simbal website. Other, less common cable
types are available on request. Please get in touch with our sales team on 01298 813883 to find out more.

General Industrial Cables

Our General Industrial Cabling category includes Roundform cables, Extensible cables and a range of cable glands, plugs, sockets and anchor stockings.

  • Roundform Cables - covering standard PVC/PVC round cables, YY control cables, CY control cables and H07RN-F rubber cables.
  • Extensible Cables - covering a range of applications, from hand tools, medical equipment and measuring devices to robots, electric doors, heavy machinery and
    lifting ramps. You can find out more about our range of Extensible Cables at
  • Cable Glands, Plugs, Sockets and Anchor Stockings - to suit all cable types featured on the Simbal website.

Remote Radio Control Systems

We offer a complete range of remote radio control systems for industrial equipment and machinery. As a sole UK distributor for IMET products, we are also able to provide comprehensive after-sales servicing and repairs from our HQ in the Peak District. Simbal supplies both single frequency systems and multi-frequency systems in a range that includes:-

  • M550 'WAVE' Push button radio systems
  • M550 'ZEUS' & 'THOR' Joystick Radio systems
  • M550 Hydraulic Radio systems
  • M550 M8 DIN Rail Mounted Radio systems
  • M550 Special Radio systems
  • Ultrabeam Minigrip (3-7 buttons) systems

You can find out more about each of the above at www.simbal.net. For any further information or advice, please get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team on 01298 813883.

Conductor Systems

Simbal supplies an outstanding range of conductor systems with ratings up to 630amps. Two versions are available to suit differing application requirements:-

  • Mobilis ELITE Enclosed Conductor Systems - these are available in intensities from 40 Amp up to 200 Amp, with either a 4-Pole or 5-Pole configuration. A protection rating of IP23 makes these fully enclosed conductor systems compliant with CE regulations for fingerproof safety.
  • Mobilis MOVIT Mono-Pole Conductor Systems - these are available in intensities of 315, 450 and 630 Amps, making them the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including large overhead cranes, people movers and fairground rides.

Cable and Hose Carrying Systems (Festoon Systems)

Simbal offers a complete range of festoon systems for carrying cables and hoses to supply power to all types of moving machinery. This includes:-

  • Catenary Wire Systems (5mm & 8mm wire)
  • C-Rail Festoon Cable Systems
  • Diamond Track Festoon Systems
  • Light Duty RSJ Festoon Systems
  • Heavy Duty RSJ Festoon Systems
  • Cable Drag Chains

If you wish to find out more about each of the above, please head directly to the Simbal website at www.simbal.net.

Cable and Hose Reeling Drums

Our outstanding range of reeling drums includes solutions for most cable and hose reeling applications. Both Spring Operated and Heavy Duty Motorised types are available.

  • Series 9000 Mini Reels - for light duty applications.
  • SIMBAL 'ZECA' Medium Duty Cable
  • Reels - a simple and cost effective solution for a wide range of moving machinery
  • 'LT' Heavy Duty Spring Operated
  • Cable Reeling Drums - includes solutions for both horizontal and vertical payout of a huge
    range of cable sections.
  • Motorised Cable Reeling Drums - designed to handle the most arduous applications such as continuous duty cycles and high level travel speed and acceleration.
  • Hose Reeling Drums (with pre-fitted coiled hose).
  • Cable Roller Guides - to suit medium duty cable reels.

Tool Balancers

Tool Balancers are the ideal solution for applications where there is a requirement to hold or position a tool or work piece in place without excessive manual effort. Our tool balancers are available in a range of capacities from 0.4kg up to 180kg, with working strokes from 1.60m to 3.0m. They are suitable for any number of applications, from light bench work to car assembly.

Simbal tool balancers feature a simple yet robust cast aluminium body with a stainless steel cable, self-lubrication bushes, an adjustable stroke limiting device, rotary hook, auxiliary safety cable and
anti-friction cable guide.

Plugs, Sockets and Glands

Simbal stocks and supplies a diverse range of metal clad multi pin plugs and sockets available with either base or panel mounting configuration, as well as cable glands for round and flatform cables in both PVC and plated brass. If you would like to find out more about any of the products listed here, please head directly to www.simbal.net or get in touch with our dedicated sales team on 01298 813883.



Registration Number: 01430829
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Registered at Companies House:19 June, 1979 (44 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
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