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Sharman multiCOM Ltd is a leading distributor of radio communications products. We supply top quality equipment to dealers and distributors throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe. Our reputation has been built upon reliable products, competitive pricing and a friendly and efficient service. 


Sharman multiCOM Ltd has been involved in the sourcing and supply of radio products for more than 30 years. In 1979 we began distributing CB radio products under our former trading name Sharman’s Wholesale. Over the years we gradually expanded our range to reflect market changes and technological advances, and in 1999 Sharman's Wholesale became Sharman multiCOM Ltd. 


Today we offer an extensive range of radio communications products suited for the hobby, leisure and professional user. On our website you’ll find equipment from the likes of Maycom, Ranger Communications, HYT, Maxon, Sirio and many other leading brands, all available at highly competitive prices and ready for delivery throughout the UK, ROI and mainland Europe. 


If you would like to place an order, please get in touch using the contact details provided at the top of this page. 


CB Radios & Accessories

Sharman multiCOM Ltd has been sourcing and supplying Citizen Band (CB) radios for more than 30 years (formerly as Sharman’s Wholesale), so we have a great deal of expertise in this particular area. We’ve sourced some of the very best mobile and handheld radios from the world’s leading manufacturers so that you can be absolutely confident that what you are purchasing represents real quality. 


Pictured to the right is an entry-level rig from TTI, the TCB-550. This is a very capable mobile radio that has a range of user-friendly features, making it ideal for the first time CB user. It has 40 channels, multiple bands, AM/FM operation, a scan function and a keypad lock. Find out more about the TCB-550 and the other CB radios we offer by visiting Sharman multiCOM online. 


Marine Radios

Sharman multiCOM currently offers two marine handheld transceivers and five marine antennas. The transceivers we supply are the ergonomically designed TX-150 from TTI, a radio that operates on all UK marine channels and has all the features you could possibly need; and the RTP-1000 from JMC, a highly portable VHF marine radio with a backlit LCD and keypad that enables day and night use. The five marine antennas we offer are all from the industry leading manufacturer Sirio. You can find out more about these by visiting Sharman multiCOM online.

PMR Radios & Accessories

This is one of our largest product categories and as such is divided into the following sub-categories:

  • PMR446 Radios
  • Professional PMR Radios
  • PMR Antennas
  • Ham and PMR Microphones
  • PMR Accessories
  • PMR Radio Batteries
  • PMR DC Power Leads
  • PMR Mounts

In the image to the right is the Cronus KR-595, a professional two-way hand held radio with a robust housing and a practical, user-friendly interface that facilitates simple and effective communications for all types of business and leisure users. This is just one of the many PMR radios we’re able to supply. Discover more at Sharman multiCOM online. 


Airband Receivers

The Aircontrol-M8 is a multi-band radio receiver covering normal FM frequencies as well as special frequencies such as Airband, CB, Taxi and TV. It is supplied with a telescopic antenna, earphone socket and squelch control. Product images and technical specifications can be found on the Sharman multiCOM website – simply click on the image to the right or follow the link above to be redirected.

Scanners & Accessories

Sharman multiCOM offers a range of scanner receivers and compatible software. You can find these on our website. To the right is the new Uniden UBC125XLT, a compact 500-channel handheld scanner which covers 25-88MHz, 108-174MHz, 225 - 512MHz and 806 - 960MHz with 5/6.25/10/12.5KHz frequency steps. This is ideal for listening to communications from Civil Air Traffic Control, boats, truckers operating on CB radio, sporting events, ham radio/amateur operators, churches, mosques etc. The UBC125XLT is just one of many scanner receivers in our range. Head over to Sharman multiCOM online to discover more.


In this category you’ll find base station microphones, ham and PMR microphones, CB microphones and a range of microphone leads and accessories. Pictured to the right is one of the many products listed on our website – the Zetagi MB+4. It’s a highly popular base station microphone that is very simple to use, having just a single volume control knob and a locking PTT switch. Despite this simplicity, the MB+4 is a top quality product built with some of the finest components. Find out more about the Zetagi MB+4 and our other microphone products by visiting Sharman multiCOM online.

Antennas & Accessories

Sharman multiCOM offers an extensive range of antenna products and associated accessories. This includes CB mobile and home base antennas, PMR antennas, taxi antennas and walkie talkie antennas together with antenna switches, magnetic bases and antenna whips. Pictured to the right is our very own CB145 magnetic antenna kit which is styled on the ever popular Sirio ML145 and works equally as well, but is available at a much more affordable price. This is just one of several antenna kits we offer – head over to our website to discover more.

Special Equipment for Radios

This category includes preamplifiers, linear amplifiers, SWR meters, frequency counters and communication speakers. All products are listed on our website. In the image to the right is the Zetagi 203, a sturdy, twin instrument meter designed for measuring v.s.w.r (3-200 MHz) and power (26-30 MHz) separately. A three position switch enables you to measure power readings up to 10W, 100W or 1KW. Find out more about the Zetagi 203 and other special products we have available by visiting Sharman multiCOM online.


Sharman multiCOM offers a huge range of TV products and audio-visual accessories. This includes TV signal boosters, TV and satellite cables, TV interference filters, TV antennas, AV leads, aerial amplifiers and even several portable televisions.  Pictured to the right is a 10.2” hybrid LCD TV and DVD player from Mustek. It features a built-in digital receiver, USB port and SD/MMC card reader as well as the integrated DVD player, allowing you to view all sorts of stored media. The pack includes a remote control, AC/DC adapter, AV cable and instructions manual.

Truck Accessories

Sharman multiCOM supplies a huge range of accessories for the truck cab. On our website you’ll find suction cup clip boards, steering wheel covers, countdown timers, cigar lighter sockets, blind spot mirrors, meal trays, xenon bulbs, reading lights, cabin fans, ashtrays and much, much more.

AC & DC Products

In this category you’ll find AC-DC adapters, chargers, power supplies, power leads, voltage reducers and a range of electrical accessories such as multiplugs, extension leads, plug heads, strip connectors and various cables. Pictured to the right is one of our power supply modules - the Sharman SPA-8100. This is a slim and compact switch mode power supply which is rated to 10 Amps and is able to convert 240V AC to 12V DC. To the front is a cigarette lighter socket and to the rear are terminal binding posts. You can find many more power supply modules from Sharman and other manufacturers on our website alongside other AC-DC products.

Accessories & Other Equipment

Sharman multiCOM offers a wide range of electrical accessories at highly competitive prices. This includes things like batteries, cables, fuses and fuse holders, mounting products, plugs, connectors and various electronic components. These can all be found on our website along with product details and specifications.

Special Products

This category currently includes:

  • Soldering Accessories – Including lead-free solder on spools, Servisol circuit freezer, foam cleaner, desoldering pumps, soldering irons, electrical tape and Altai thee core solder (with 40% lead content). 
  • Camera Systems – Including the Cyber-Eye Taxi Camera System to prevent taxi crime, car theft and vandalism, as well as the Cyber-Eye remote control for watching real-time CCTV footage. 

Find out more by visiting Sharman multiCOM online. 




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