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Parotec Solutions Ltd, formerly know as Parat UK Ltd specialises in case and foam engineering for the industrial, educational and commercial markets. We also produce a full range of the renowned Parat tool cases, as well as supplying a wide choice of lighting products for the industrial and security sectors. Based in Greater Manchester, we deliver case and foam solutions for clients throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

Because we are committed to ongoing investment in staff training, design software, production machinery and R&D, we are always finding new ways in which to deliver solutions to our clients' problems. We have been supplying top quality industrial protective cases and engineered foam since 1989, meaning we have the industry experience and technical know-how to produce innovative products for clients in a variety of sectors. Although our prime focus has been on cases and engineered foam for the industrial sector, we also now supply protective cases specifically designed for the education and training markets - some of the UK's leading IT companies rely on us to provide their solutions. Commercial clients also use our enclosures for the presentation and protection of their products.

After over 20 years since our inception, Parotec Solutions Ltd continues to grow because of our reputation for high quality products and excellent standards of customer service.

Cases - Visit our website

At Parotec Solutions Ltd, cases are our speciality. Whatever your application, we offer a huge range of heavy-duty, robust cases, including waterproof and watertight cases, tool cases, polypropylene plastic cases, medical cases, presentation cases, gun cases, storage boxes and protective cases for sensitive and expensive equipment.

Our reputable Parat Tool Case range is possibly the largest selection of professional tool boxes and cases on the market. Designed for durability in even the most demanding environments, every one of our tool cases are manufactured to the highest standards using only the best materials. Parat also makes available a range of waterproof and watertight cases which are also airtight, dustproof and crushproof, making them ideal for demanding environments.

Lighting - Visit our website

Parotec Solutions Ltd provides lighting products for a variety of applications, including fire, safety, search and rescue, industrial, military and recreational. We even offer ATEX certified torches which can be used in potentially hazardous areas, as well as torches that can be used underwater. Our handheld MKII Pathfinder Searchlight is a powerful and versatile light which is perfect for search and rescue operations, and is also ideal for riot control applications.

Interior Options - Visit our website

As experts in foam engineering, Parotec Solutions are able to provide a variety of packing solutions, from CNC foam routing to vacuum moulded inserts. We use PE or PU foam for superior equipment protection, and employing the latest CAD software means we can handle design specifications in 14 different electronic formats. To protect the contents of your case from dust and water, we offer injection moulded, o-ring sealed carry cases. For separating the contents of your case, Parat also provides different types of dividers, depending on the case.

Waterproof Cases - Visit our website

Parotec Solutions supply a first class range of waterproof cases which offer outstanding equipment protection.

  • ParaPro Carry Cases – These hardwearing, military-standard cases are IP67 rated, meaning they are fully resistant to water, chemicals, humidity and dust. They feature corrosion proof metal hinges and lid stays, a padded soft grip handle for comfort, and an impact-resistant shell. Wheeled versions are also available.
  • Underwater Kinetics Cases: Minicase – Kinetics cases are designed for optimum protection against impact, dust and water ingress. The Minicase features an injection moulded ABS alloy shell with a silicone O-ring that keeps out the elements.
  • Underwater Kinetics Cases: Ultracase – The Ultracase features venting latches that automatically equalise pressure differential inside the case when opened whilst sealing it against gas exchange when closed. They are ideal for delicate or volatile equipment.
  • Kinetics Loadout Case – A fully waterproof, dustproof and highly impact resistant polypropylene case with user-configurable foam filling.

Cases by W.AG - Visit our website

W.AG is one of the world’s leading case manufacturers, and we’re proud to be able to supply their outstanding products. They include:

  • BEAT Plastic Cases – a durable, resistant and reusable packaging and presentation case with a high quality design and an attractive look and feel.
  • SWING Plastic Cases – a small, attractive case that is widely used in the Pharmaceutical and Dental sectors, as well as in advertising and promotional industries.
  • SWING Protect – a slimline case ideal for sales presentations, corporate brochures and quotations.
  • SALSA Cases – a multifunctional, eye-catching presentation/sales packaging box.
  • JAZZ Plastic Cases – a spacious box with a stable, functional design and a technical look and feel. Features a flexible punched divider with foam inlay.
  • TECKNO Plastic Cases – these deliver outstanding protection for sensitive products. Available in 13 sizes and 8 colours.
  • HEAVY Plastic Cases – a hardwearing design ideal for heavy loads.

Vacuum Formed Inserts - Visit our website

Parotec are able to supply vacuum formed case inserts that are moulded exactly to your specifications - so whatever industry you work in, we can provide a bespoke solution that suits your need. Even the most complex profiles and depths can be formed, so please get in touch with your requirements. We can produce to high volumes and can offer a range of materials and colours. Custom moulded inserts are a perfect way of displaying products in a retail environment.

PARAT X-treme torches - Visit our website

PARAT Torches represent the very best in safety, illumination, durability and versatility. Not only are they fully waterproof, airtight and dustproof, they are also explosion-proof, having full ATEX certification. To ensure a powerful, concentrated beam, PARAT torches have been fitted with optimised mirror reflectors. Meanwhile, LED technology makes them significantly more efficient than standard designs, meaning batteries will last far longer.  Find out more by visiting our website.

Parotec Carry Cases - Visit our website

We can offer a range of carry cases which include both small and medium sized products. The cases provide a high level of protection which includes guarding against water, chemicals, dust, temperature extremes and impacts. As well as featuring a soft grip handle, our cases can be supplied with optional pre-cubed foam, vacuum mouldings and custom routed foam, if required. Customers can visit the website for more information, including technical details and further options. 

Parotec Cases with Wheels - Visit our website

Our range of cases with wheels provide both protection and manoeuvrability. The cases can provide protection against dust, water, chemicals and impacts, as well as extreme temperatures. The wheels themselves feature a strong and durable design and are self-oiling. Customers can choose between a range of different colours, all of which can be found online. If you would like any more information, don't hesitate to contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Underwater Kinetics Cases - Mini Cases - Visit our website

We can offer innovatively designed Underwater Kinetics mini cases which possess many useful and practical features. The cases benefit from an ABS construction which provides substantial protection against impacts. The cases also feature a silicone O-ring which provides further protection against external contaminants such as dust and water. It is worth noting that our mini cases come with a ten year warranty to guarantee peace of mind. For more information, please visit the website or you can contact us directly. 

Underwater Kinetics Cases - Loadout Cases - Visit our website

Our range of loadout cases possess all of the protective features of the mini cases but with greater manoeuvrability. Featuring an intelligent design, Underwater Kinetic's loadout cases can be easily transported, even carrying a heavy load. Versatility has also been considered and it is for this reason that the cases include a pressure equalisation valve which compensates for extreme changes in temperature and pressure. The loadout case range include twelve different, all of which can be found online. 

SWING Protect Cases - Visit our website

Swing Protect has been innovatively designed with customer focused documentation transit in mind and would suit the needs of a sales or marketing professional, keeping paperwork such as sales presentations, quotations and corporate brochures in tip-top condition.  Made from durable recyclable polypropylene, this case is available in a choice of six colours with an additional five colour options for the catch and can be further enhanced with a customised interior.  The case includes a ring binder, labels and seal to provide added protection to its contents.


TEKNO Plastic Cases - Visit our website

TEKNO cases offer a solution to numerable storage, packaging and transportation dilemmas providing excellent protection for important and fragile products and documentation.  They are available in 13 different sizes and the possibility of external screen printing makes them ideal for branding opportunities.  They can also be customised internally with either routed foam or vacuum moulding to keep precious items even more secure. Shower proof, lightweight, stackable and food suitable, the Tekno case is also a more eco friendly choice as it is made from moulded recycled polypropylene.


HEAVY Plastic Cases - Visit our website

Our HEAVY range of plastic cases, as the name suggests, is a heavy-duty solution achieved from a double-walled injection moulded design that provides maximum protection and stability for items such as freight, tools and heavy loads. Features include a rubber handle for comfort during transportation, feet for stacking and stability and several internal options which allow these cases to be customised for use.  This includes pre-cubed foam, custom routed foam, vacuum moulding and a divider for handy compartmentalisation.  There are 12 different sizes and 6 colours to choose from and there is also the opportunity for external screen printing if required. 




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Registered at Companies House:7 February, 1989 (35 years and 4 months ago)
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