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SE Controls is a leading international specialist in the design and delivery of intelligent smoke and environmental ventilation systems using façade automation as an integral part of the building envelope.

We provide solutions for life safety and environmental comfort within buildings, whilst ensuring compliance with legislation and improving operating efficiencies, be that for commercial space or residential accommodation.

With over 35 years’ experience within the façade automation industry, SE Controls offer a complete turnkey solution from design and manufacture to installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance, throughout the lifetime of a building.

Our products are Made in Britain accredited but designed and tested to international standards, ensuring our solutions are at the forefront of technology and regulation, globally.

Our Solutions

Smoke Ventilation

SE Controls offers a comprehensive range of natural and powered Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation systems (SHEV) suitable for any size and type of building. Our systems are designed to facilitate the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire and to enable the fire to be fought in its early stages.

Environmental Ventilation

Environmental or Natural ventilation improves indoor environments, reduces CO2 emissions and is cost efficient. Adaptive environmental ventilation systems are less costly than traditional HVAC systems, being cheaper to install, run and maintain. Adaptive natural ventilation is leading the way for a sustainable future.

Facade Automation

Automatically opening windows uses hardware, known as actuators or rotary handles, that fit directly onto the window system which push and pull the window open and closed, instead of operating the window manually.

Remote Services

Using 4G communications technology and intelligent algorithms we can analyse the data collected from our systems placed within buildings to continually improve operating efficiencies and report back on the findings of our research to help you better understand your buildings.



SE Tested Solutions

SE Controls launched ‘SE Tested Solutions’ as part of our on-going commitment to ensure critical life safety systems are designed, installed, certified and maintained to mandatory legislative standards.

SE Tested Solutions is a range of documents accessed on our dedicated website portal that provide guidance on products and best practice for smoke and environmental ventilation solutions.

Register for access here: http://www.secontrols.com/register/


SE Controls has a wide range of actuators varying in type and size for a number of different applications. This includes chain, linear and locking catch varieties for bottom hung, centre pivot, dome vent, louvre vent, side hung, sloping roof vent, sloping vent and top hung ventilation and window automation systems. The range covers stroke distances of between 50 and 1200mm with an operating force up to a maximum of 2000N.

Application Products

This category includes our SHEVTEC Smoke Heat Exhaust Ventilator Systems (SHEVs), all of which are tested to the various applicable European Standards, as well as our NVS Automated Opening Vents (AOVs), which automatically open and close in a controlled manner to meet the adaptive natural ventilation strategy of the building. The SHEVTEC extractor fan depicted to the right has been designed specifically to extract hot gases from corridors and lobbies via a smoke shaft. You can find out more about this model as well as our other ventilation systems by visiting www.secontrols.com.

Control Systems

SE Controls has designed and manufactured its own unique range of ventilation control systems for a variety of applications, including smoke ventilation, natural ventilation and window automation. Inputs include carbon dioxide monitors, day to day switches, digital encoders, fire alarms, humidity detectors, rain sensors, smoke detectors, wind speed monitors, wind direction monitors and thermostatic controls.


Sensors and Amp; Switches

SE Controls has designed and developed a comprehensive range of sensors and switches for smoke and natural ventilation systems. This category includes CO2 and temperature sensors, repeater panels, 7 day timers, smoke detectors, internal and external temperature sensors, rain sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, and various open/close switches. The CO2 & Temperature sensor depicted to the right is used to monitor room CO2 levels as well as room temperature and humidity levels. LCD backlights indicate the ventilation requirements based on the measurements taken. To find out more about our sensors and switches, just follow the link to the SE Controls website.

Manual Window Control

Manual opening vents are used in situations where inaccessible windows or roof light systems require safe and secure remote operation. Our manual window controls may be used with most window systems and can be applied to bottom hung, side hung, top hung, centre pivot and sloping roof vent orientations. The Remote Mini Rotary Control unit depicted to the right is the smallest operator in our range. These have been designed for single or multiple windows and may be supplied in white, grey or black colour variations.

Residential Smoke Ventilation

As an integral part of our extensive range of Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) systems, we offer a selection of products specifically targeting smoke ventilation in residential premises, including blocks of flats.  Our End of Wall Corridor AOV (Automotive Opening Vent) is installed to take away smoke in the common corridor or lobby.  Our Escape Stair vents hot gases through AOVs.  We also provide both mechanical and natural smoke shafts.  You can see much more about Residential Smoke Ventilation products on our website, so do have a look.


Our smoke control systems are used worldwide and our reputation for compliance, design integrity and performance are well known. We undertake detailed compliance audits on smoke control solutions and provide reports on any remedial action required together with ongoing planned maintenance solutions delivered by our own qualified engineering team.

The task of assessing the current status of existing systems can be a time-consuming process and the outcomes can be inconclusive if not conducted by a professional organisation, such as SE Controls.

Not all contractors have the ability to maintain the wide range of available manufacturers’ smoke ventilation systems due to system software protocols and restrictions on procurement.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in 2006, it has changed fire safety requirements and affects ALL UK organisations replacing over 70 separate pieces of fire safety legislation.

Where previously the Fire Brigade would provide assistance to your companies’ fire safety arrangements and issue a fire certificate, this is no longer valid. Owners, employers and managers are now deemed responsible for adequate safety within their premises.

The smoke ventilation system is part of the overall fire safety strategy and under the RRO the responsible person must ensure that equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair to safeguard the relevant persons within the building.


Approved CPD Seminars

SE Controls are able to offer comprehensive approved CPD seminars that can help develop knowledge and understanding of the application and principles of smoke and natural ventilation systems. These may be delivered either at the SE Controls head office or at our client’s offices for convenience. 

You can find out more about our approved CPD seminars by visiting the SE Controls website. Or you can simply give us a call on 01543 44 30 60 and speak to our experts.

SE Controls Video Library

Find out more about SE Controls by clicking below to our video library.






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Registered at Companies House:21 April, 1988 (36 years ago)
No of Employees: 101-250
Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Parent Company: Loanguard Ltd
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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • NVLogIQ Natural Ventilation system
  • NVS Acoustic AOV Louvre SE Controls provide a range of automated NVS Acoustic AOV Louvres that can be included within the natural ventilation strategy to reduce the internal temperature of the building or to exhale the stale air out of the particular area, included within a cross ventilation or single sided ventilation solution. Typically, NVS Acoustic AOV Louvres are implemented into either the external facade of the building to reduce the external noise entering the area of natural ventilation. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/nvs-acoustic-aov-louvre/features
  • NVS Aluminium Upstand Louvre SE Controls NVS Aluminium Upstand Louvres are used in the atria of a buildings to provide both natural and smoke ventilation by opening high level vents either in the event of a fire or when the temperature or CO2 level reach a certain set point. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/nvs-aluminium-upstand-louvre/features
  • NVS Glazed Louvre With a maximum opening angle of 90°, SE Controls NVS Glazed Louvres provide a large free area of ventilation compared to standard window constructions, this enables their use in a variety of applications for single sided and cross ventilation strategies. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/nvs-glazed-louvre/features
  • NVS® SE Controls range of NVS® Automated Opening Vents (AOVs), automatically open and close in a controlled manner to meet the adaptive natural ventilation design strategy of the building. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/
  • OS2® Smoke and natural ventilation control systems
  • SECO SECO 24v Chain Actuators http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/actuator/
  • SELA 24v & 230v Linear Actuators http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/actuator/
  • SHEVTEC® SHEVTEC® products have been developed over the course of 28 years of experience of working with clients through every step of the construction process, delivering designed, installed and maintained smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV's). The SHEVTEC® product range has arisen from a need for versatile, efficient and, most importantly, compliant solutions to the myriad of buildings the company has installed their products into. With an extensive product range for any combination of smoke ventilation system, SE Controls provide EN12101-2 certified products to create a comprehensive solution. www.secontrols.com/shevtec
  • SHEVTEC® Aluminium Upstand Damper SE Controls SHEVTEC® Aluminium Upstand Dampers are used in the atria of a building to provide smoke ventilation in the event of a fire, by opening automatic opening vents in the upstand of the atria to control the smoke resorvior within the atria. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-aluminium-upstand-damper/features
  • SHEVTEC® 140° Opening Roof Vent SE Controls SHEVTEC® 140° opening roof vent can be used in the head of the smoke shaft or escape stair to extract smoke from common corridors, escape stairs or lobbies to ensure safe escape for the occupants and to create a smoke free area for access to fire fighters. EN12101-2 requires that a single leaf opening roof vent should open to at least 140° to reduce the chance of a negative discharge occurring due to wind pressure. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-140-opening-roof-vent/features
  • SHEVTEC® Damper In the event of a fire the SHEVTEC® damper powers open its blades on the corresponding floor of the fire in conjunction with the top of shaft roof vent to allow the flow of smoke to be ventilated into the smoke shaft and out of the building. All dampers on the remaining floors will remain closed to reduce smoke leakage and the risk of the fire spreading to additional floors. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-damper/features
  • SHEVTEC® Double Leaf Opening Roof Vent The SHEVTEC® double leaf opening roof vent can be used in the head of the smoke shaft or escape stair to extract smoke from common corridors, escape stairs or lobbies. When activated the double leaf opening roof vent provides an acceptable solution, as detailed in EN12101-2, in reducing the risk of negative discharge due to wind pressure. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-double-leaf-opening-roof-vent/features
  • SHEVTEC® Glazed Louvre AOV SE Controls SHEVTEC® glazed louvre AOV is produced with thermally-broken aluminium frames and tested to EN12101-2 smoke vent standards. With a maximum opening angle of 90º, SHEVTEC® glazed louvre AOVs provide a large free area of ventilation compared to standard window constructions. SE Controls SHEVTEC® glazed louvre AOVs can be anodised, powder coated in all standard RAL colours. The double glazed unit thickness is available in either 24mm or 28mm. Louvres can be incorporated into curtain wall frames that are available in mounting thicknesses of 24mm to 40mm. The units are sealed with continuous EPDM profiles. Finger trap protection is optional depending on louvre location (EN60335-2-103:2003). http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-glazed-louvre-aov/features
  • SHEVTEC® Louvre A fully tested and certified aluminium louvre for smoke clearance in conjunction with an activated floor. Full co-ordination and detail drawings are provided to ensure correct installation. The louvre can also be installed as an AOV at the head of the escape or Fire fighting stairs. - High efficiency - aerodynamically tested to BS EN 12101-2:2003 - Weatherproof - its resistance to air leakage and rainwater is tested to BS 5368 and BS 6375 - Reliability - life cycle tested to class RE1000 under BS EN 12101-2: 2003 - Durability - tested to withstand wind loads of class WL1500 and snow loads of up to class SL500 under BS EN 12101-2:2003 - Installation - can be fitted into any roof or glazed construction. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-louvre/features
  • SHEVTEC® Powered Extract Fans SE Controls' SHEVTEC® range of fans are designed to extract hot gases from corridors and lobbies via smoke shafts. All fan sets are tested to European Standard EN12101-3 and installed as part of a fire engineered solution. There are advantages in using mechanical smoke shafts over code compliant natural ventilation shafts, namely: the shaft sizes are generally smaller than ABD compliant shafts (typically 0.6m2 vs 1.5m2). Furthermore the fan sets allow greater efficiency in achieving necessary pressure differences thereby allowing increased escape travel distances and reducing the reliance of multiple escape stair cores. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-powered-extract-fans/features
  • SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Door Actuator & Door SE Controls SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Door Actuator and SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Door is a ventilation solution that can be used in a natural or mechanical shaft as an alternative to dampers within a commercial or residential application. Tested to BS 476-22:1987, BS 1634-1:2000, BSEN 1363-1:1999, BSEN 1364-2:2000 and to the principles of EN12101-2:2003 Annex G, the SHEVTEC® Smoke Door Actuator and SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Door offers the construction industry a fully certified fit for purpose solution. The actuator can be fitted to either side of the smoke shaft door and can be removed for maintenance via security tooling. To meet the stringent requirements of opening and closing a sealed smoke door, the actuator has been rigorously cycle tested for reliability and operation at 300?C in accordance to EN12101-2:2003. The actuator is power open, power close to maintain shaft integrity for the unaffected floors when subjected to high temperatures within the shaft. http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/application-product/shevtec-smoke-shaft-door-actuator-door2/features
  • TECO 24v & 230v Chain Actuators http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/actuator/
  • TGCO 24v & 230v Actuators http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/actuator/
  • TGLA 24v Linear Actuators http://www.secontrols.com/product-catalogue/actuator/

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