Why Royal Mail Door to Door?

'People don't ignore their post. They take time to look through it, their mind is focused on the task and they're ready to read - so any unaddressed door drop material that's part of the mail is much more likely to be taken on board.' - DMIS Door to Door Trends Survey. 

. ..and another four good reasons.

- You'll get access to 28 million UK addresses. 
- We provide sophisticated targeting tools.
- Mail is delivered by professional Royal Mail staff. 
- We offer expert media guidance and advice. 


How it helps you.

      More with Door to Door            Seamless process                    Fits your plans

Royal Mail Door to Door is more than just delivery. A lot of companies come to us wanting to know how to get the best out the leaf distribution. So we offer consultancy, we design the leaflet, we design the text or we give advice on the text, so it's a one stop shop and we don't think many of our competitors can actually equal that level of service.

It's really a very simple process, we can either get the leaflets or the items printed on behalf of the customer and then take over all the logistics and actually get them to the certain areas of distribution or if the customers want to do his own thing, which is great, then we will give them the guidelines of what to do confirm it both in writing and verbally. So the whole system, the whole process can be, faultless from, or seamless for one point to the other until the final distribution.

In terms of timing for door to Door we understand that sometimes there must be a degree of flexibility because people's needs differ. So companies can book two years in advance if they know what their marketing or their planning is going to be, and they book after a four week period. So four week to two years. We will also attempt to work with our customer's framework in terms of when they want their campaign to be delivered.


How it works.


What it costs.

Door to Door campaign prices are based on: 

The number of items booked for a marketing / communication campaign.

The more you send, the cheaper the price per thousand. A Door to Door campaign is defined as:

- Mailing(s) made over a maximum of 13 distribution weeks. 
- Items in the mailing being of approximately the same weight. 
- Items relating to the one campaign.
- For more information on the definition of a campaign, review our pricing information.



Registration Number: 04138203
VAT Number: GB243 1700 02
Registered at Companies House:10 January, 2001 (21 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: The Royal Mail Group
Company Type:
  • Service Providers
UK Branches: Nationwide depots

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • General Logistics Systems (GLS) GLS is our European parcels business and Parcelforce Worldwide is its UK partner. Based at GLS head office in the Netherlands, it has14,500 employees. GLS handles over 1 million parcels a day, through its network of 667 depots, 29 central transhipment points, 16,000 delivery vehicles and 1,700 long distance trucks. Its core operation is business-to-business parcels deliveries and it has 220,000 customers in 34 states across Europe.
  • Parcelforce Worldwide Parcelforce Worldwide is our express parcels business. We deliver around 150,000 parcels a day to our customers.(Courier) In the last few years Parcelforce Worldwide has successfully turned around its business and is now a key player in the competitive, unregulated, express parcels market. It has dramatically cut its losses from operations and continues to improve the quality of service provided for customers, particularly for its time-critical products.
  • Post Office® The Post Office® and its partners offer over 170 products and services, including: Postal services, Financial and banking services, including personal loans, car and home insurance, a "two in one" credit card , savings and investment products and bill payments. Travel services, including foreign currency exchange, travel insurance, passport application check and send service HomePhone (our home telephone service), directory enquiries, phonecards and mobile phone top-ups Postal orders, gift vouchers and cards, lottery products and licence applications.
  • Royal Mail Royal Mail is our letters and packages business, covering the whole of the UK for our one-price-goes-anywhere universal service. Each working day we collect items directly from our 113,000 post boxes, 14,300 Post Office® branches and from some 87,000 businesses. These items pass through our network of 70 mail centres, 8 regional distribution centres (for customer sorted mail) and 3,000 delivery offices. Then our fleet of over 30,000 red vehicles and 33,000 bicycles help us to deliver them to their final destination. We use postcodes to identify where an item is going, helping us to sort mail efficiently and deliver it faster. We make deliveries six days a week by around lunchtime, although many customers receive their mail much earlier than this, and we aim to complete rural deliveries by around 3pm.
  • Royal Mail Relay® If you have a number of stores, offices, branches or service staff across the country, Royal Mail Relay® can take the hassle out of collection and delivery, with access to any of your network or to up to 1,400 dedicated hand-over points across the country. Save time - We collate your items before delivery, freeing up your staff to concentrate on other core tasks. And because we can deliver out-of-hours, your staff won't waste time waiting for, or dealing with their deliveries. Save money - All your collections and deliveries are handled by one supplier and costs are shared by other users of the network. Reliability - We offer fast delivery for important items such as cheques. Flexibility - Royal Mail Relay® is tailored to your individual needs. We operate on an overnight and/or same day basis, so you can get your items collected after normal office hours and delivered before business begins the next day. Security - Our staff are trustworthy and reliable, and vetted to BS7857, the BSI (British Standards Institution) standard level. Our sites have secure key storage, alarmed strong-rooms, motion detection alarms and 'stop and search' capabilities.
  • Royal Mail Sameday Royal Mail Sameday is an easy-to-use and competitively priced courier service that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It delivers the same day to virtually any address in the UK. (Courier)
  • Special Delivery® Our Customer Experience of Home Delivery Research 2007 shows that the vast majority of home shoppers - especially online - are prepared to pay more for the delivery of special-occasion, high-value or urgent items. Express delivery services ensure speedy delivery of your items Royal Mail Sameday. (Courier) Royal Mail Sameday is an easy-to-use and competitively priced courier service that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Sustainable&Reg; Mail Our Sustainable&Reg; Mail system aims to minimise the environmental impact of door drops by helping you to make your mailings more environmentally friendly. Once this has been achieved, we’ll pay to offset any remaining carbon produced by your mailing and you’ll be able to proudly label your post to prove that it’s environmentally aware.

Financial Information

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