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We are an independent company offering power solutions suitable for military, rail, commercial and industrial applications. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the power supply and transformer industry, we offer the finest products available at affordable prices and the highest quality of service. We work with you to provide expert engineering support throughout all phases of the project process to ensure you have the best solution to your needs.

Our products include: AC/DC Power Supplies/Battery Chargers/Chargers/DC to DC Convertor/Fuel Cell DC Converter/DC-AC Inverter/ETSI / 19' Telecom Inverter/Static Inverter-Emergency Lighting/DC I/P UPS / Chargers/Marine and outdoor UPS/UPS Systems/Desktop/Workstation UPS/Explosion Proof UPS/Medical Approved PSU & UPS Systems/Rail & Industrial PSU/CCTV Power Supply Cabinets/DIN Rail Power Supply/GLACIAL POWER INC/IP67 Waterproof LED Power Supplies/LED Dimmer/LED Drivers/Linear Power Supply/Manual Bypass Switch/Coil Windings- Design/Manufacture/Plug Top & Desk Top Adapters/Toroidal Transformer.

We also carry out power supply repair and maintenance.

Marine UPS

We have an extensive selection of Marine UPS units that have been designed and tested to meet harsh environmental requirements. We can tailor a UPS to meet your specific requirements. Some of our units already hold international Marine approvals from Lloyds, DNV, ABS and others, and we can obtain any relevant approvals for your application. 

Our range of Marine UPS includes: • 9130M Series DNV approved Tower UPS (1KVA, 2KVA or 3KVA) • Pulsar M 1500RT DNV approved 1500VA UPS • Pulsar M 2200RT DNV approved 2200VA UPS • Pulsar M 3000RT DNV approved 3000VA UPS • 9155M DNV approved 3000VA UPS • 9355M 20 / 40KVA Marine UPS • 9390M 60 / 160 KVA Marine UPS • 9130LV 110VAV (LV) CE-marked UPS • COMET 5/7/11KVA EX RT UPS • PS3300rm 120Vac to 120Vac Military Marine UPS

Toroidal Transformers

Our comprehensive range of ready-made and custom designed Toroidal Transformers encompasses voltages from 15 to over 1000VA. We can manufacture bespoke Toroidal Transformers to your specifications up to 2-3 KVA. The range is available with or without UL approvals.

Our Toroidal Transformers have unique double-insulated primary leads. This eliminates an assembly step required by many safety standards. Each transformer has a polyester tape finish and is supplied with dish mounting, nut bolt, washer and two compression pads.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

We offer single and three phase UPS systems as well as DC products and extended runtime battery packs. We also perform UPS maintenance.

Our UPS systems include • Eaton 9130 700VA to 3000VA tower and rack UPS • Eaton 9135 5KVA and 6KVA dual form tower or rack UPS • PowerWare 9390 three-phase 40-160KVA UPS • Multi DIALOG MDT three-phase 40-80KVA UPS • LV (120VAC) tower or rack mount CE-Marked UPS • Pinnacle 700-6000 700VA~6000VA True Online UPS • PDS ALI Elite Line Interactive UPS • TRI-Power X 33T Series three-phase 10-30KVA UPS • TRI-Power X33T Series three-phase 40-80KVA UPS

Custom Design Power Systems

We can custom design a power system to meet your exact specifications, and we are able to offer every conceivable power supply product. We offer UK manufactured AC-DC power supplies, highly efficient DC-DC converters, transformers and coils. We are also OEM partners with some of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies and UPS systems. We have a reputation for service, quality and being willing and able to solve design problems and develop cost-effective solutions. We have no minimum order requirement.

Medical Approved PSU

We offer a large range Medical Approved Power Supplies. We can match your specific requirements with the best product and price for your project.

We have several varieties of 8-watt and 15-watt EN60601 / UL60601 approved, Energy Star V power supplies. We offer 22-24W and 45-50W EN60601 / UL60601 approved desktop power supply units as well as a 60W medical approved desktop power supply unit.

We also supply open frame PSUs: 45W single, dual and triple O/P from 3.3VDC to 48VDC 120-200W 1-4 output series Compact 100W single & multiple output.

We can also provide a custom rack PSU consisting of four separate medically approved PSUs.

DC to DC Converter

We have an extensive range of highly efficient DC-DC converters with input voltages of 12, 24, 48 and up to 110V. These converters can be used as stand-alone units or with another battery source for 12 or 14V battery charging. 

Our models include • 15W open frame DC-DC converter • 35W, 48W and 65W battery converters in numerous varieties • Non-isolated DC-DC converters • Non-isolated 138W battery converter • London Transport Approved DC-DC converters • 120/200W DC-DC converters with 10.6VDC-32VDC or 21.6VDC-63VDC input • 50W, 138W, 200W, 250W, 440W, 500W, 1000W and 1800W DC-DC converters • 500W fuel cell use battery converters in several varieties

LED Drivers

We offer constant current or constant voltage LED and general lighting power supplies for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our available models include • 12W LED driver power supply 12V-1A • Full range of LC LV Series LED drivers in 1 to 18W constant current and 3 to 10W and 24W constant voltage models  • 20W, 30W, 60W, 96W and 150W single output Class 2 power supplies • 30W and 60W Dimmable LED Drivers

This is only a part of our comprehensive range. We also have AC DC power supplies for use in the lighting industry, including the GlacialTech ES320P and ES360P series of enclosed single-output power supplies with built-in constant current function and optional remote on/off control.

LED Dimmers

We supply 12V and 24V LED dimmers in chassis or wall mounting. Infrared remote control 12V and 24V LED dimmers are also available.

Our high quality, low cost precision 12V LED chassis dimmer controller features infinite brightness adjustment and smooth changes. 24V @8A and 48V @4A versions are also available.  

Our 12V or 24V wall mounting dimmer allows knob-operated infinite brightness adjustment. 

Our 12-key infrared remote control dimmer utilises Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) digital technology. This 12V or 24V dimmer can be used in domestic or commercial settings to control a variety of LED light sources.



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