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Griffith Elder & Co Ltd is a UK based company with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of precision weighing equipment and automated control agricultural feed systems. Our company was founded in 1981 and our first weighing product, the Yield-Per-Field, was developed to give farmers management information that was previously unavailable. Over the years we have evolved into a company that specialises in a diversity of high precision, durable weighing equipment utilised by industries around the world.

Griffith Elder offers an extensive range of high precision weighing equipment including full size weighbridges, multi and single axle weighbridges, portable weigh beams, tandem axle portable weighbridges, container weighers and horse weighbridges. We also supply platform scales, spreader monitors, weigh bars, load cells, on board truck scales and animal weighing scales. Thanks to the development of our Ton-Tel electronic weighbridge system in 1983, we became a Royal Agricultural Society of England Silver Medal award winning company.

Investment in technology plays a major part our business and we have an in house team of software developers creating the most precise electronic weighing equipment available today. Griffith Elder offers high quality, value for money weighing equipment that is trusted the world over and 40% of our business is now conducted with overseas clients. Visit our website to view our range of high precision weighing equipment.

Full Size Weighbridge

The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel Full Size Weighbridge offers high precision weighing via one of the most durable weighbridge platforms available. Our weighbridges are factory calibrated which eliminates the need for specialised installation; simply switch on and begin weighing. The Ton-Tel full size weighbridge is constructed from heavy duty welded steel and features stable canister control compression load cells with all electronics sealed ensuring safety against the harshest weather conditions. The length of our full size weighbridges ranges from 4 to 32 metres and customised sizes are available on request. Our Ton-Tel weighbridges come with a two year warranty on electronics.

Multi Axle Weighbridge

The Griffith Elder Multi Axle Weighbridge was developed specifically as a space saving alternative to our full size weighbridges. Our high precision multi axle weighbridges can weigh vehicles regardless of length or the number of axles and platforms range in size from 3.6 metres to 8 metres. Our multi axle weighbridge offers split weighing for maximum accuracy and can handle weights of up to 100 tonnes. Our weighbridges are factory calibrated and once switched on your platform is ready to use with the external LED display providing quick, precise results. Automatic weighing means all axles are weighed separately with results stored in the computer and can then be automatically added together.

Single Axle Weighbridge

The Griffith Elder Single Axle Weighbridge system is a highly precise system specifically designed for the weighing of individual axles of any type of vehicle. Featuring our TonTel dynamic in motion weighing system, the single axle weighbridge uses advanced electronics to record and store the weights of each vehicle driven slowly over the platform. This weighbridge can measure single and tandem axles as well as tri-axles with each axle weigh recorded individually. Our single axle weighbridge can handle maximum axle weights of up to 30 tonnes and is factory calibrated; all that is required to begin weighing is to switch on the equipment. Visit our website to view our extensive weighbridge product range.

Single Axle Portable Weighbridge

The Griffith Elder Single Axle Portable Weighbridge offers high precision weighing with the portability required by sectors such as law enforcement agencies. The single axle weighing system allows most vehicles up to a weight of 20 tonnes to be weighed accurately. Our portable single axle weighbridge is extremely simple to use with a quick and easy operation. Sensors are built into the platform and the vehicle weight is detected and calculated as the first set of wheels is driven onto the platform. Our single axle portable weighbridge is one of the most portable weighbridges available weighing only 300Kg and easily lifted via a forklift.

Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge

Our Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridges are designed for vehicle weighing on flat surfaces and are excellent alternative to a fixed installation weighbridge. The tandem axle portable weighbridge utilises our Plug-and-Weigh technology for fast, easy and accurate weighing as well as providing excellent portability. This weighbridge can handle 30 tonnes per axle, is 2.7 metres wide and weighs less than 700Kg, meaning it can easily be lifted via a forklift. Ease of operation is a major bonus and operators need only plug the platform into the indicator and switch on. The tandem axle portable weighbridge is extremely robust and hardwearing, and our WeighTel digital technology come factory calibrated offering high precision weighing.

Portable Weigh Beams

The Griffith Elder Portable Weigh Beams are one of our most innovative products, designed as an alternative to full size portable weighbridges. The portable weigh beams offer a maximum capacity of 60 tonnes and come in three sizes; 2.8 metres, 4 metres and 5.8 metres. The beams are factory calibrated meaning operators need only drop and position the beams between two ramps, plug in and begin weighing. This weighing system operates on 12 volt DC and can be run from a standard lorry or car battery. Our portable weigh beams have been designed for off road use and are particularly suitable for farms or applications where portability is a requirement.

Weigh Wheel Pads

The Griffith Elder Wheel Weigh Pads is one of our most portable weighing systems and can be used in almost any location. The extremely hard wearing portable scales are available in three models with varying capacities and are constructed from durable lightweight aluminium. Using the wheel weigh pads could not be simpler; the vehicle weight is detected, calculated and stored when the first set of wheels is driven over the pads. Each wheel pad weighs only 41kg for the HW model and the LW model weighs a mere 10kg, and this system operates from a 12 volt DC battery.

Animal Weighing Scales

The Griffith Elder Animal Weighing Scales is the ideal solution when it comes to weighing pigs, sheep and livestock of any nature. Our animal weighing scales are fully automatic and feature electronic damping to ensure accurate weighing regardless of the movement of the animal. Other features of our animal weighing scales include adjustable sides to easily accommodate all animal sizes, open topped crates for easy animal handling and self-closing capabilities for weighing individual animals. Damage to loads cells is eliminated as the cells are built into the crates. Visit the Griffith Elder website to view our animal weighing scales and our entire ranging of weighing equipment.

Cow Feeding System

Our MealMaster Multi-Feeder system is the ideal solution to monitor and fully control cattle diet intake. The MealMaster Multi-Feeder system is controlled via a central computer with software providing a full data and reporting including reports on the quantity and duration of every meal for every animal. Key features of our multi-feeder system include a once a day refilling of bins, one bin feeding four cows and the precise recording of intake for each animal. Flexibility is another key feature and each feeding bin can contain a different feed. The computer system allows for individual animal constraints such as type of feed, quantity and set times of feeding for each animal.

Horse Weighbridges

Horse owners looking to accurately track the progress of their horses will find the Griffith Elder Equine Scale the ideal, easy to use weighing solution. The Griffith Elder Equine Scale accurately measures weight allowing owners to obtain vital information for feed management. The highly precise equine scale is extremely hardwearing, safe for horses and offers a permanent or portable weighing option. Key features of our equine scale include full sides to prevent damage to the horse’s legs and to stop the horse moving from the scales. Other features include access to the scales via ramps, rechargeable battery operation and easy assembly for transportation.

Container Weighers

The Griffith Elder Container Weigher has been specifically designed to monitor industrial shipping container weights including shipping allowances, batch weighing and weighing during loading and unloading. Key Features of our container weighers include easy installation and operation, visual and audible alarms for target weights as well as software for weighing and recording containers. Our easy to use container weighers feature two beams with each beam holding an integrated load cell onto which the container is placed; weights are automatically recorded via the digital indicator. Our container weighers are extremely durable and built to withstand demanding workloads and harsh weather conditions.

Platform Scales

Our platform scales are constructed from welded steel and designed for continuous industrial use with the ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. We offer our platform scales in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements and our platform scales have the capability to be mounted directly onto the factory floor. No special settings are required as our platform scales are factory calibrated and digital calibration is easily adjusted via the indicator keypad. Platform scale sizes range from 1000mm x 1000mm to 3600mm x 2750mm with capacities ranging from 500kg to 40,000kg depending on the platform size.

Flexi-Beams Weigh Bars

The Griffith Elder Flexi-Beams is a portable weighing system that can be used in applications on farms, factories and other locations thanks to its portable nature. Our flexi-beams come factory calibrated and operators simply drop the beams onto the floor, plug in and then begin precision weighing. Our flexi-beams measure 1.25 metres with a weight of just 20kg; the built in sensors are waterproof and extremely robust. A single flexi-beam can hold up to 2000kg or double this weight for a pair of flexi-beams. This weighing system is also suitable for weighing livestock and damping can be used in order to place the beams under a cage for animal weighing.

On Board Truck Scales

Our Griffith Elder Vehicle Weigher has been specifically designed for automatic on-board weighing. This weighing system features a series of load cell censors bolted between the vehicle chassis and the body; weighing measurements are accurate to within 0.5% of the weight. Key features of our vehicle weighers include loads cells specifically designed to withstand overloaded vehicles, vehicle weights continuously displayed via the digital indicator and factory calibrated cells for maximum accuracy. This weighing system requires minimal maintenance and we offer a two year no quibble warranty on our vehicle weighers. Visit the Griffith Elder website for more details of our vehicle weighers and our complete ranging of weighing equipment.

Auger Continuous-Flow Weighers

Our Grain Brain weighing system has been specifically designed for continuous flow auger weighing and features an easy weight management system that permits the operator to monitor both yield weights and truck loads. Key features of the Grain Brain auger weighing system includes a guaranteed 2% plus and minus accuracy, designed for individual augers and can easily fit over 100 different types of combine harvesters. Weighing is conducted via load cells mounted behind the weighing plate. The load cell measures the true weight of the crop as it flows over the weighing plate and the weight is displayed on a digital indicator located inside the cab area.

Custom Weighing Systems

As you would expect from a company with over 30 years of experience in the field of precision weighing equipment we have the capabilities to design customised weighing scales. Our equipment is developed and manufactured in house, which gives us greater flexibility to create custom made weighing scales to our client’s requirements. If you do not see the specific weighing equipment you require on our website then simply get in touch to discuss your needs and we should be able to help. Our website contains details of previous weighing systems such as the Griffith Elder Lysimeter automatic weighing system as well as our Container Tilter system.



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