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Paragon Rapid Technologies is a rapid prototyping specialist with an industry-wide reputation for quality, reliability and service. We’re recognised as one of the leading rapid prototyping companies in the UK, and we are known across multiple sectors for our ability to deliver high quality products on time and in line with customer requirements.
Paragon serves a number of important markets, including defence, energy, medical, architectural, automotive, consumer products, industrial products, exhibitions, branding and POS. With experience across multiple disciplines, we’re able to develop prototypes for virtually any application.
The Paragon team is made up of a number of experienced professionals with a comprehensive understanding of rapid prototyping techniques, particularly stereolithography, product finishing, silicone tooling and vacuum casting. Our engineers work to the strictest quality standards to ensure that every customer receives a “Model of Excellence”.
We are committed to customer satisfaction, and therefore constantly strive to meet and exceed expectations. Most of our new customers come from referrals and recommendations - we believe this to be a testament to the quality of our service and the dedication of our engineers. 

Silicone Components

Paragon’s silicone tooling technologies enable the perfect replication of master patterns in polyurethane. We are able to carefully control split lines in the tooling and can accommodate even the most complex geometries through the use of precision engineered tooling cores and inserts. 

The use of high quality silicones ensures outstanding surface definition of any texture or polished finish. Silicone tooling is an extremely fast and efficient process, offering yields of approximately 25 parts from a single tool. Paragon are able to produce silicone tools for vacuum casting of products measuring up to 1750 x 850 x 450mm. 

Model Finishing

Paragon can offer a comprehensive finishing, painting and texturing service to achieve almost any surface finish. We regularly carry out:
  • Surface etching
  • Vacuum metalizing
  • Chrome plating
  • Clear coat lacquering
  • Translucent tinting
  • RFi coating
  • RAL, BS and Pantone colour painting
We can also reproduce text and graphics from 2D drawings. To find out more about our model finishing services, please visit Paragon Rapid Technologies online or get in touch directly on 01325 333 141.

2 Shot Moulding

We use vacuum casting processes to successfully simulate two shot injection moulding. By moulding elastomer materials onto rigid plastic components, we’re able to produce all manner of two-part products, from razor handles and rubber shrouds to robust electronic enclosures. Two shot moulding can also be used to produce split colour components such as automotive lenses (where both elements are cast from the same material but in differing colours). Typical products include:
  • Handheld enclosures
  • Ruggedised cases
  • Automotive stop lights
  • Baby feeding products
  • Integral seals
  • Waterproof switches
  • Medical devices
  • Overmoulded hinges


Paragon uses advanced CNC machining solutions to fulfil most requirements for concept models, prototype parts and production components (low volumes only). CNC techniques enable us to produce complex parts from a range of composites, plastics and metals. The process is commonly employed for the manufacture of lenses, light guides and large transparent POS units, or for the production of large master patterns used in vacuum casting and RIM moulding processes (where it presents a cost-effective alternative to laser techniques). To find out more about our CNC capacity, please head over to our website or get in touch on 01325 333 141.

Vacuum Casting

Our vacuum casting service gives customers the opportunity to have components produced specifically for the development stage. We use a range of rigid and elastomeric polyurethane resins to replicate almost any production material, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS, nylon and rubber. Vacuum castings are made using silicone rubber tools that replicate the geometry and surface detail of the SL master models. They are often used for fit and function testing, marketing, or as sale aids. The typical yield from a single tool is 20-25 castings (though this depends on the complexity of the part and the choice of material), making the process suitable for most low volume production requirements.

Architectural Models

Paragon’s team of professional, highly skilled model makers have a wealth of experience in the production of architectural models, and with access to the latest additive manufacturing technologies, can produce concepts and site models in exact accordance with your requirements, regardless of how complex the form. Whether you require a simple, single colour block model or a finely detailed, fully painted structure with LED lighting, Paragon can deliver an architectural design to suit your needs. We can also produce plinths, protective cases and flight cases for storage, transportation and display.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) enables us to produce nylon components directly from 3D CAD data. The SLS process involves the fusion of nylon particles in layers to create a durable, functional component with working mechanical properties. 

Though traditionally used for prototyping, Selective Laser Sintering is becoming more and more common in low volume manufacturing, particularly of products for motorsport and aerospace applications. This is because it is extremely cost-effective – a single build platform can accommodate several hundreds of components. Find out more by visiting Paragon Rapid Technologies online. 

Low Volume Production

Paragon’s service extends beyond rapid prototyping. Sometimes we are asked by customers to provide either a low volume solution or a bridge to production, and in most cases we’re able to do so. Low volume production is often required for market testing or for the launch of a high value, niche product. Initial tooling costs are significantly lower for these kind of ventures than for high volume production runs; production parts can be produced quickly and with a lower amount of investment, providing a quick route to market and an opportunity for financial return.



Registration Number: 04858233
VAT Number: GB817 5302 40
Registered at Companies House:6 August, 2003 (20 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 1-2m
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  • Fabricator
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