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Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd has been stocking and supplying high quality vibration resistant engineered fasteners to a variety of industries for many years. We particularly specialise in fasteners for railway infrastructure, but we also supply fasteners for construction applications and machinery. Permalok is the only place in the United Kingdom where you'll find Huck Lockbolt fastening systems manufactured by Huck International Ltd, and MolaBolts manufactured by Advanced Bolting Solutions Ltd. We have the necessary industry experience and technical know-how to offer expert advice on all of the fastening solutions we provide across many industries, in both new build and maintenance.

As well as offering a wide range of fasteners for multiple applications, Permalok also provides a variety of useful services. We'll send an engineer/consultant to your site to advise on the most appropriate fastener for your application; we’ll even install Huckbolts as samples for testing and analysis. Not only does Permalok advise and supply, but we also install your chosen Huckfasteners for you. Expert engineers will ensure the work is carried out correctly and safely, meaning you won't need to redeploy your own staff from other imperative work. But if you're happy to do the job yourself, Permalok is pleased to make available all types of Huck tooling for purchase. In addition to the tools themselves, we have a large stock of maintenance spares. If you would rather not purchase brand new tools, Permalok also offers a large range of hire tools, both hydraulic and pneumatic. These are available for long and short term hire. Because we are the only Huck approved 'Centre for Excellence for Tooling' in the United Kingdom, we can offer an unbeatable repair and service facility for pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools and power packs, all at our dedicated workshop in Doncaster.

We'll ensure customer downtime is kept at a minimum by offering a fast turnaround and replacement tools to maintain production. Last but by no means least, Permalok provides training for installation procedures for all Huck products, enabling effective, safe and efficient handling of equipment.

So for a wide range of vibration resistant lockbolts, blind fasteners and MolaBolts - as well as the appropriate installation tooling - the Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd website is the only place to be. Just give us a call and speak to one of our highly-trained representatives, and they'll advise and guide you in finding the right product for your application.

Switch Application - Visit our website

Permalok Fastening Systems have a wealth of experience in providing rail-standard anti-vibration bolts for various networks. For switch applications, we supply a range of stockrail bolts, including studs, nuts, washers and collars, as well as distance block bolts, and back heel block bolts (including pins and collars). Our products cover two rail types; railtrack-flat bottom and bull head. Follow the link, and you'll find all the relevant product numbers. If you would like more information on our fasteners, please contact Permalok directly.

Crossing Applications - Visit our website

Here at Permalock, we supply anti-vibration studs, nuts, spacers, collars and pins for crossing application components, including insulated block joints, checked block joints, CWR tight joints, non-raised checkrail blocks, vee splices, vee blocks and wing rail blocks. Visit our website or contact us directly for more information.

Rail Tooling - Visit our website

We also offer a range of huck bolts used in switches. Please visit our website to view full product specifications.

Tooling - Visit our website

In this day and age, industry requires reliable, safe and efficient installation tooling. We work in close partnership with our customers to provide this. Permalok offers a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic tools for purchase or hire (short or long term). Driven by hydraulic fluid at an air pressure of 90 PSI, pneumatic tools are suitable for light engineering fasteners and two piece fasteners in both production and maintenance situations. Hydraulic tools are typically used for large diameter products used in heavy engineering. Our hydraulic tools use suitable nose assemblies and are driven and controlled by power packs, making them ideal for installing heavy engineering blind fasteners and two piece lock bolts. Permalok also offers an exceptional service and repair facility at our Doncaster workshop. So that your downtime is kept at a minimum, we aim to get your tools repaired and serviced as quickly as possible. If you need help in finding the correct tool for your fastener, just visit our website and download the relevant pdf file.

Peg Anchor MolaBolt - Visit our website

The Peg Anchor MolaBolt offers numerous benefits. It does not require a recipient head and does not need a clearance hole. Where common rivets are unsuitable, these MolaBolts are the ideal solution. Not only are they stronger and more effective than comparable fixings, but they are also extremely fast and easy to fit. They provide a 360 degree engagement, and are ideal for applications which require bolting after assembly. For further information on these great products, please visit our website where you can request a brochure.

Anti Vibration MolaBolt - Visit our website

Quick and easily fitted, anti-vibration MolaBolts are perfect for a variety of transportation applications, including engine mountings, gear box mountings and rail infrastructure. They are also ideal for construction applications such as steel work and glass panel fixing, and for machinery such as generators, conveyor belts, production lines and agricultural equipment. Indeed, these MolaBolts can be used in any application where vibration might result in fittings becoming loose or damaged. MolaBolts provide 360 degree grip to the recipient head and are removable (and reusable) for inspections. To request a brochure, please visit the Permalok website.

Stockrail Bolts - Visit our website

Permalok supplies Huck Bolts used in railway switch applications (stockrail bolts). These can be used in conjunction with various rail types, including railtrack flat bottom, lul flat bottom, and railtrack bull head. To view a specification sheet, please follow the link and open the pdf.

Distance Block Bolts - Visit our website

We also supply Huck Bolts for distance blocks used in railway switch applications. These are suitable for railtrack flat bottom and railtrack bull head rail types. Follow the link for full specifications. If you would like to find out more about any of the products and services that Permalok offers, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our representatives will provide expert advice in finding the right solution for your application.

Threaded Bypass Bolt - Visit our website

Our threaded bypass bolts provide the perfect solution for damaged, worn and incomplete threads or threads that have become contaminated by rust, paint or plating. These bypass bolts are supplied in two different version to suit temporary or permanent repair. They often reduce downtime and provide customers with cost effective solutions. Our threaded bypass bolts are available in handy kit form ready for immediate use.

Please follow the link to our website to view images and information and to click on the link to request our brochure.

Blind Fasteners - Visit our website

We supply structural high strength blind steel fasteners. These high quality fasteners feature excellent pull-together properties and a high clamping force. Please view images and information on our website and follow the link or contact the team at Permalok to find out more or to place an order.

Lockbolts - Visit our website

We also supply the industry with a wide range of lockbolts. The range includes:

  • Magna-Tite/Blind fasteners: high strength structural blind fasteners featuring advanced polymer watertight seal.
  • Magna-Bulb/Blind Fasteners: one-piece structural self-locking, bulb fastening with circle seal lock.
  • Auto-Bulb/Blind Fasteners: high clamp structural blind fastener.
  • HuckLok/Blind Fasteners: one piece structural self-locking bulbing fastener.
  • Magna-Lok/Blind Fasteners: one piece structural self-locking fastener with circle seal lock.
  • Floortight/Blind Fasteners: superior performance over conventional flooring fasteners.
  • BOM/Blind Fasteners: structural high strength blind steel fastener.

Please visit the Permalok website to view the range in full.

Services - Visit our website

Here at Permalok we are pleased to provide a wide range of services to complement our excellent product range. Our services include:

  • On-site Engineer: to provide advice and information on suitable fasteners for different applications.
  • On-Site Installation: our highly skilled and experienced engineers install Huck fasteners in prepared applications.
  • Purchase and Hire: we provide a range of Huck tooling along with various maintenance spares.We also provide a wide selection of pneumatic and hydraulic hire tools for long and short term hire.
  • Repair Service: we are the UK’s only approved Centre of Excellence for Tooling and provide a first class service and repair facility. We provide top quality services in fast turn-around times.
  • Training: we are also pleased to provide training measures for the safe installation of all Huck products.

Anti-Vibration Bolt - Visit our website

We also offer a fantastic range of anti-vibration bolts. These bolts provide users with full, 360 degree grip to recipient thread. They are easy to fit and remove for inspection. Our anti-vibration bolts are widely used for applications where vibration might cause fittings to become loose or damaged under high torque. Examples of applications include: engine mountings, gear box mountings, rail infrastructure, steel work, fixing glass panels, generator, production line, conveyor belt and agricultural. Please visit our website to request a brochure.

Vee Splice - Visit our website

Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd offers top quality huck bolts designed for use in rail crossings and joints (vee splice). Please visit our website to view our data sheet.



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