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Lee Products Ltd is renowned in the industry for providing pioneering, innovative miniature fluid control components to various industries such as for aerospace, down-hole tools, machine tools, medical/ scientific instrumentation and ink-jet printing. Lee Products Ltd was established in 1948 and has since developed to form subsidiary companies in France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia as well as to work with many distributors and agents around the world. Our team is focused and goal-driven to provide the industry with leading miniature fluid control components.

We work to strict quality control procedures and regulations to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality. Our quality assurance systems are based on ISO 9001-2000/AS9100A, ISO10012-1, and ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993. We are dedicated to researching and developing existing and new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. We use state of the art machinery which provides us with the scope to produce top quality precision components.



Manifold Technology - Visit our website

We began working in the field of electromechanical valve and pump technology more than three decades ago, swiftly becoming an industry leader.  We have a wealth of experience with manifold technology which has several distinct advantages when compared to systems where discrete components are connected with just tubing.  The number of leakage points is reduced and lower internal volumes are achieved.  Manifolds offer a higher level of flexibility and are more easily assembled into the instrument.  There are several different manufacturing techniques involved, including conventional, multi-layered, ant farm, combination and injection manifold.  Our expertise in fluidics means we have a thorough knowledge of all the different techniques and understand both the components used, as well as the application they are to be used in.  There is a good deal more information about manifold technology on our website, so do have a look.

Quality Assurance - Visit our website

At the Lee Company, we are committed to Quality Assurance and making sure QA is carried out at the highest level.  We use quality systems based on ISO9001-2000/AS9100A, ISO10012-1 and ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993.  We maintain a documented lot control and traceability system.  Further, our EFS product group bases their quality control system on the FDA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manual and our IMH Group’s quality system holds QS9000 certification, which is the automotive industry standard.  As a result of the stringent use of these systems, the Lee Company has been awarded Certified Supplier Status by many of our customers.  We welcome quality assurance surveys, audits and source inspections and will work to any special QA requirements.

Company Facilities - Visit our website

We operate out of over 700,000 square feet of premises at four sites situated in Westbrook and Essex, Connecticut.  We carry out the vast majority of our manufacturing processes out of these modern premises.  Machining, moulding, assembling and testing are all carried out in-house.  We are proud of our up to date facilities, where we utilise the newest and best production equipment.  Another factor adding to efficient manufacturing and speedy delivery is our computerised production control system.  Additionally, we carry out comprehensive inventories of standard parts to further ensure timely delivery.

High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valve - Visit our website

Featuring a 2-port normally closed design, the ultra miniature HDI solenoid valve is exceptionally small in size, incredibly lightweight and brings with it a consistent and reliable performance throughout its life. In a smaller package, this product offers similar performance found in our traditional 3-port HDI design. Today’s demands require further integration of both new and more advanced technology into smaller and smaller packages. Our high density interface solenoid valve delivers exactly this. For more information please visit our website, or, get in touch with us via phone/email and we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Electro-Fluidic Systems - Visit our website

We are proud to have created many pioneering components during the years that have proved essential for use in many industries. In the 1960s we created the Lee Interface Fluidic (LIF) solenoid valves to meet high performance and reliability demands of the industry. Since the development and success of this first electro-fluidic system, we have designed and created a range of fluid components that are suitable for complete systems for flowing all kinds of fluids and gases.

Please contact us for advice and information on how to build complete fluid handling systems using our highly accurate and reliable components.

Static Mixers & Piezo Valves - Visit our website

The Lee Visco-Jet Micro Mixer provides the ultimate solution in static mixing efficiency. It features a series of 36 critically controlled spin chambers that subject the incoming liquids to a vigorously repeated mixing process and does not require electrical or mechanical input as the mixing energy is drawn from the liquid itself. The LFP Series of Piezo-Electric Valves feature high speed and analogue switching. These valves are designed for applications where high speed switching valves are needed or where flow rates need to be regulated by varying the valves restriction.

Precision Microhydraulics - Visit our website

Lee Products Ltd paved the way with the design, manufacture and supply of precision microhydraulics and was the only authority supplying the industry for more than 50 years.

We can achieve components from less than 0.01 in up to 1.0 in diameter and from 0.1 to 28grammes as well as size and weight reduction using operating pressures to 8,000 psi. Our 100% inspection and testing services enable us to provide products of the highest quality and the highest reliability. We provide innovative solutions for all kind of industry applications.

Please contact use for further information.

Lee Piloting Solenoid Valve - Visit our website

The ultra compact Lee Piloting Solenoid Valve was designed and manufactured for use in aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems, oil tool applications, and other related high pressure applications.

The valve features high performance properties (efficient force/stroke relationship), low power consumption, normally closed and normally open valves for 3000, 4000, and 5000 psi, single
coil and dual coil configurations, multiple lead wire egress options, and integral connectors.

Please visit our website for further technical information.

Lee Flosert - Visit our website

Our Lee Floserts are pressure compensated flow controls designed for controlling the velocity of an actuator under varying loads. Lee floserts can increase the stiffness of a hydrostatic bearing or limit the maximum flow rate to control the speed of a pump or motor. The Flosert senses the flow rate in terms of a differential pressure across a fixed orifice and a variable metering orifice automatically adjusts to keep the pressure and the flow rate constant.

Please visit our website for further information.

Lee Shuttle Valves - Visit our website

The Lee Shuttle Valve is supplied in four configurations and is designed to isolate the normal from the emergency hydraulic system during normal operation.

Configurations include: a spring based shuttle valve with the emergency port normally closed, the detented shuttle valve which features a poppet latch to close off either the emergency port or the normal port, selective shuttle valves with a non-biased, loose ball design, and inverse shuttle valves where the lower pressure inlet port is open to the common port instead of the higher pressure inlet port.

Lee Shuttle Valves feature miniature insert fits in the head of the actuator, non-interflow design, and low leakage or zero leakage.

Lee Checks - Visit our website

We provide Lee Checks in a range of sizes and as forward or reverse flow, side exit, zero leak, or pilot operated versions and are supplied in three basic configurations. We supply Lo-LOHM Checks (poppet-style, high flow-gain check valves that are wide open at 15 psid and offer the lowest Lohm rate), Hi-Q Checks (offer the greatest feasible flow capacity for valve cartridges between ½ and 1inch in diameter), High Pressure Checks (poppet-style valves for up to 8000 psi systems),and Pilot Operated Checks (an all metal pressure piloted to open check valve).

Lee Safety Screens - Visit our website

We supply etched safety screens and machined and drilled safety screens. Our etched safety screens are manufactured from stainless steel to be tough and long-lasting and are of a simple design. They are suitable for hole sizes from .004inches to .020inches. Our machined and drilled safety screens are suitable for low Lohm, and high flow capability applications. They feature no burst or collapse at 7500 psid fully clogged, hole sizes from .002inches to .020inches and can be machined and drilled from solid stainless steel bar. We supply more than 150 standard versions to suit all kinds of industry requirements.

Lee Pri - Visit our website

Our Lee Pri valves are supplied in two ranges – for pressure relief and sequencing or for thermal relief. Our Lee Pri valves for pressure relief and sequencing feature high capacity miniature inserts and are available in cracking pressures from 20 – 5400 psid.

Various models are available for low or high flow rate applications. Our Lee Pri valves for thermal relief are optimised for relieving small flows and feature low leakage and no elastomer characteristics. Our Lee Pri valves for thermal relief are available for 3000, 4000, and 5000 psi systems.

Please visit our website for detailed technical information or contact us at Lee Products Ltd for further information.

Lee Directional Flow Control - Visit our website

We provide various components for directional flow control. These include Lee Restrictor Checks, Lee Flow Control, and Lee Floserts. Lee Resister Checks are for metered flow in one direction and no flow in the other. Poppet lifts are to wide open position with only 20 psid.

Our Lee Flow Control components are available in a range of four sizes, feature wide Lohm rate selection and high pressure models are available. Our Lee Floserts are for constant flow regardless of differential pressure and provide a wide range of control.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Lee Directional Flow Control options.

Lee Restrictors - Visit our website

Our Lee Restrictors are widely used across the world for the manufacture of military and commercial aircraft. We offer restrictors to suit all kinds of applications. provide a wide range of single-stage orifices such as Lee Jets for higher Lohm rates, and Lee High Watt and Kilowatt Jets for low Lohm rates.

We also provide a range of multi-orifice restrictors which are either Bender Jets or Visco Jets. Our restrictors feature integral safety screens, reduce contamination problems, prevent cavitation, reduce erosion and are available in a range of body sizes.

Please visit our website and follow steps to work out which restrictor is most suitable for your application, or please contact us at Lee Products Ltd for help and advice.

Lee Plugs - Visit our website

Our Lee Plugs are manufactured for effective use for seal drilled holes in critical applications. To give you an idea of the scale of usage, more than 100 million Lee Plugs are currently being used in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, machine tools, down-hole tools, molds, and many more applications. Lee Plugs feature proof pressures up to 32,000psid and can be easily removed. We also supply Lee Plug R.F.O. (Radial Force Only) that feature no downward pressure during installation and are ideal for thin wall applications, as well as Lee Plug A.F.O. (Axial Force Only) that seal to 56,000 psi, are reusable and are fore axial force only.

Please contact us or visit our website for further information on our range of Lee Plugs.

Lee Nozzles for Precision Microhydraulics - Visit our website

Here at The Lee Company, we offer Atomizing Nozzles called Lee Spin Jets® and Targeting Nozzles called Lee JELA® Lubrication Jets. These precision nozzles have been expertly designed and created specifically for use with hydraulic applications.

  • Lee Spin Jets® - these nozzles create a finely atomized, 70° hollow cone spray pattern at differential pressures in the 50 – 200 psi range.
  • Lee JELA® - Lubrication Jets – these nozzles are perfect for directing a straight stream of fluid onto a specific target area at pressures of 10 – 200 psid.

Please head over to our website to find out more.

Lee Nozzles for Electro-Fluidic Systems - Visit our website

We also offer a wide selection of nozzles suitable for use with electro-fluidic systems. These nozzles can provide users with either a precise droplet or atomized fluid.

Types of nozzle:

  • Dispensing Nozzles – Lee nozzles with 062 threads are suitable for mounting into any Lee 062 MINISTAC boss. Benefits include reductions of the overall package size and the fluid volume between nozzle and valve sealing point.
  • Atomizing Nozzles – air assisted (for use with soft tubing) or airless (low pressure – 15 psi) atomizing nozzles are available. These are also suitable for mounting into Lee 062 MINISTAC boss.

For more information, please visit our website, or contact us directly at The Lee Company and we will be happy to help. 



Registration Number: FC008627
VAT Number: GB228 2148 74
Registered at Companies House:6 June, 1975 (43 years and 7 months ago)
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Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Parent Company: The Lee Company
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