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Independent Polymer Technology Ltd (iPolytech) is a specialist plastics and rubber consultancy service that carries out material testing and analysis. We employ an expert team of material engineers who work from our extensive UK laboratories, providing an international client base with advice on all aspects of polymer technology, including material formulation, polymer processing and durability design.

Our services include design, development, failure analysis, troubleshooting, chemical analysis and durability testing. We also provide a choice of polymer based courses which cover areas such as polymer basics, failure reliability and durability as well as the implications of additives. Alternatively we also offer a range of bespoke courses in which individuals can choose from a list of subjects and build their own course from scratch. You'll find further information below, but full details can be found by visiting the iPolytech website. Alternatively, give us a call. We have a team ready to discuss your requirements.

When you need an expert consultancy service for all polymer related problems, think iPolytech. We can provide the solutions!


Design Development of Polymer Products

iPolytech can help with the design and development of all of your polymers to ensure the long-term durability of the component. Drawing upon a wealth of experience and utilising the considerable resources at their disposal, iPolytech's analysts can undertake feasibility studies, mechanical design assessments, materials selection, prototyping, and component testing in accordance with the requirements laid down by your design engineers. We're happy to provide proposals for the complete design project, or phased programmes of work if this is more suitable. Please follow the link to the iPolytech website for more information on each phase. If you would like to discuss specific development projects, please get in touch.

Feasibility Study

The design process is incredibly important as it builds the foundations for the finished product. It is during this stage that we can conduct feasibility studies based around your project. These studies will help us to assess the potential for the use of polymer materials within your design. Specific factors will be key in this assessment including cost, manufacturing routes and component durability. If you would like more information on our feasibility study, feel free to contact us via the website.

Mechanical Design Assessment

One important quality of polymers is that they are incredibly sensitive to their environment and conditions. The properties of polymers can be affected by processing conditions and polymer flow. By applying our breadth of knowledge of the long term properties of polymers, we can assess your product in terms of its long term durability. This testing includes mechanical techniques, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and flow modelling.


Prototyping can be an integral part of the development of many products. Often a prototype will have to be made so that the look, function or overall use of the component can be ascertained. Whether it be rapid prototyping, soft tooling or machined production, we can help in the production of your product. We will work very closely with you to ensure the finished product is everything you wanted and more. For form information on prototyping and what the next step may be, please contact us via the website.

Component Testing and Evaluation

Once we have produced prototype components or parts, we can move onto the testing and evaluation stage. It is at this point that we would conduct suitable accelerated test programmes to provide confidence in the mechanical performance of the polymer components in terms of long term durability. Whether we use standard testing techniques or custom designed programmes, we can gather vital data on your product and its future.

Long Term/Polymer Durability Testing

Polymer materials are viscoelastic in nature, and their properties are temperature, time and stress dependant. A thorough understanding of the long term properties is necessary to guarantee the durability of any engineering component subjected to long term static or dynamic loads and elevated temperatures. We can provide the design data which helps polymer engineers develop the appropriate structural component. Tests include fatigue, tensile creep, compressive creep, torsional creep, hydrostatic creep, thermally accelerated aging, and oven aging. The long term durability of a component may also be compromised by moulding conditions, which is why we also run accelerated tests on pre-production components.

Mechanical Tests

We have a wide range of mechanical/physical tests that are used to judge the different reactions from polymers and we apply this data to the real world. Some of the mechanical tests we can undertake include density, tensile strength and modulus, flexural strength and modulus, hydrostatic compression (to 700 bars), torsional modulus, Izod or Charpy impact, tensile impact and falling weight impact. For further information on our mechanical testing, please contact us via the website.

Thermal Analysis

Our thermal analysis testing is just as important as our mechanical testing due to the specific characteristics of polymers. Some of the factors that will be considered during this testing include heat distortion temperature, Vicat softening point, crystalline melting point/Tg, melt flow index, thermal expansion coefficient and heat reversion. We also employ other areas of testing such as optical, electrical, fire resistance and moisture vapour transmission rate determination.

Plastic Failure Analysis & Processing Troubleshooting

iPolytech has considerable experience in polymer failure analysis of all major thermoplastic components used in a range of end-user sectors. Even tough, ductile materials can fail, and there are various reasons why this can happen.

Often, the initial material selection can be the source of problems. The chemical and environmental interactions must be carefully considered, as well as the kind of load the component will be dealing with. iPolytech is able to quickly asses the cause of the failure and recommend remedial action. Our chemical analysts have a detailed knowledge of the long-term performance capabilities of polymers and an understanding of their interaction with specific environments.


Polymer Expert Witness Services

iPolytech expert Guy Howe has over ten years experience composing technical reports for legal, industrial and insurance companies that need to determine the root cause of product failure. Particular expertise includes failure analysis, defect assessment, processing faults and failure, and analysis and testing of materials and components. Guy's CV can be downloaded from the iPolytech website.


Chemical Analysis of Polymers

iPolytech's analytical capabilities for defining polymeric materials and their additive systems are diverse. We use a number of techniques for chemical analysis, including:

  • FT-IR - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, a popular tool for identifying
    polymer materials .
  • DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry, the measurement of heat flow to a
    polymer - allows identification of temperature phase transitions .
  • TGA - Thermogravimetric Analysis, which measures the change
    in weight of the sample as a function of temperature and time. Determines
    degradation temperatures, residual solvent levels, absorbed moisture content.
  • TMA - determines thermal expansion coefficients and the glass transition
    temperature of the polymer.
  • AFM - Atomic Fore Microscopy, a surface imaging technique using a fine probe to
    characterise topography of the sample

For more information regarding chemical analysis of polymers, please follow the link to the iPolytech website.

Polymer Technology Training Courses

iPolytech offers several training courses for engineers, technicians and management staff looking to improve their knowledge of polymer technology. They include:

  • Introduction to Polymer Technology
  • Failure Reliability and Durability of Polymers (delivered in partnership with
  • Polymer Basics (aimed at non-technical staff)
  • Understanding Additives

If you would like details for any of these courses, please head to the iPolytech website. Tailored courses are available if required, covering material properties and selection, polymeric component design, failures, processing, and analysis and testing. Live webcast training sessions can be provided for overseas clients.

Introduction to Polymer Technology Training

This two day course is perfect for technical staff who require an understanding of polymer materials, their processing and long term properties. Those who attend the course will gain a full understanding of polymers material selection, moulding and design features essential to ensuring the long term durability of engineering components. This course is designed for a specific type of personal, namely someone with a background in engineering who would like to gain more of a specialised knowledge of the performance and application of plastics to engineering applications.

Failure Reliability and Durability of Polymers Course

Our failure and durability of polymers course runs for three days and is designed for practising engineers, analysts and managers. The course covers a lot of material and by the end of it, attendees will have a greater knowledge around the subject matter. Some of the main objectives include learning about the major polymer groups, determining reliability and durability critical parameters, the short term properties of polymers and how to perform reliability analysis of failure data, just to name a few.

Polymer Basics

The Polymer Basics course lasts for one day and is aimed at non technical staff such as purchasers, marketing teams, business advisors and managers. Attendees will learn about the basics of polymers including what they are, the various types, their properties and materials. The day is split into four main modules with the eventual aim being to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical functions. The course is held in Telford and the price includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.

Understanding Additives

Our Understanding Additive courses lasts for two days and provides a overview of the technical, health and environmental aspects of using additives in polymers. The course is aimed at quite a wide audience including chemical suppliers, plastic and rubber end users and authorities and agencies. One of main issues that will be raised over the two days is the affect these additive may have on the wider environment and the broader implications.

Online Webcast Training

It is not always feasible to attend a course personally and this is why we offer online webcast training as a solution. This allows for people to take our courses over the internet with real time trainer interaction. Webcast training would be perfect for people who live oversees or maybe for companies who would like a number of their employees, who live in different locations to complete the courses. If you would like further information on our online webcast training, please contact us via the website.

Tailored Courses

Everybody is different and will have knowledge on different topics and issues. It is for this reason that we understand that some people may wish to take a 'mix and match' approach to our course and choose only the topics that are required. Our tailored course are the perfect solution for this problem. Subjects that can be included in these personalised courses include material properties, materials selection, polymeric component design, polymer failures, process and analysis and testing.



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