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Hybrid Technology Services Ltd enhances your environment by applying Vacuum Plasma Technology as a Hybrid solution across the full breadth of engineering industries.


The Potential of Gas Plasma


RF vacuum Plasma, an environmentally friendly process that can enhance many manufacturing environments.  Some of the benefits of Plasma processing are: 

  • Elimination of waste streams, dirty process's or hazardous materials. 

  • Improved material characteristics, component performance, and product longevity. 

  • Fast processing, reliability with perfect consistency. 

  • Discover how our range of Vacuum Plasma Equipment or our Subcontract Service can benefit your manufacturing process and environment.


Surface Cleaning using RF Plasma

Plasma cleaning is an environmentally safe and effective method for removing contamination from a wide range of materials and products.  Plasma has major advantages over normal 'wet' cleaning methods.

  • No handling costs associated with the purchase and disposal of hazardous chemicals. 

  • No residues that are normally left behind with 'wet' processes. 

  • Minimal safety risk, no expensive safety or contingency training is required. 

  • Environmentally friendly, the reaction takes place in an interlocked vacuum chamber. 

  • Low temperature process, a chemical reaction is generated by electrical energy. 

  • Fast simple and easily controllable process with minimal operator input. 

  • After RF plasma processing, components are truly 'atomically clean'.

Bonding Enhancement

Surface Engineering

Adhesion Promotion


Typical Industrial Applications

Plastics and Rubbers 

Printed Circuit Board
General Engineering



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