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House Martin Group is a London-based supplier of decorative products for enhancing the external facades and interior decorations of any kind of residential dwelling. Our customers range from some of the UK’s top property developers to many self-builders and enthusiastic DIY decorators. We supply columns, coving, skirting, interior and exterior decorative features, GRP chimneys, as well as bespoke and tailor-made products and solutions. We sell our products online and offer them with full installation instructions. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – Architrave, Skirting, Skirting Board

We sell a range of polyurethane architraves and skirting boards to beautify a room. Most of our products also include cavities that can be used to hide the masses of wires that come with modern homes and entertainment electronics. Because we use polyurethane instead of wood or MDF our skirting boards will not warp, crack or rot. Please visit our website to see our selection of architraves and skirting.

Interiors – Ceiling Roses and Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling roses and medallions have long been used on ceilings above candelabras and chandeliers as a decorative and functional plaster to frame the lighting fixture. Electric lighting now means that ceiling roses are a purely decorative feature – and are often accompanied by coving, panel mouldings, skirting, and other features to complete the effect. Please visit our website to see the various styles of ceiling rose or medallion that we offer.

Interiors – Decorative Columns

We offer a wide range of columns in complete or component form. These classic architectural features – which come in Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian designs – can lend gravity and elegance to a large room. A large space can be given further definition by appropriately used and situated columns without blocking the visual openness of the space. Please visit our website to see the range of columns available and the various applications and contexts in which they can be used.

Interiors – Corbels

We supply a range of corbels, appropriate for internal use, that can offer both a decorative and a functional detail to your room. Ornate leaf patterns, scroll effects, or plain styles, are all available. Corbels can be used for displaying ornaments or shelves and can also lend a stylistic touch when adding a curved line underneath a structural beam. Please visit our website for more details on our interior corbels.

Interiors – Coving and Cornice Mouldings

Covings are used to give an arched moulding to the point where a wall meets the ceiling. We supply a range of covings in different styles to give your interior decoration that extra finesse and touch of elegance. Our styles range from basic designs to ornate luxury coving that really stands out and gives a room a special definition. Please visit our website for more details.

Interiors – Domes

Domes can be used to set off interior lighting, especially when used with a central chandelier, but without the complicated detailing that comes with a ceiling rose. We sell a range of domes that can be surface-mounted onto a ceiling or recessed into a ceiling void. Please visit our website for more details about our domes.

Interiors – Flexible Coving and Panel Mouldings

Flexible covings and panel mouldings are uniquely suited for applications where curved walls meet ceilings. Bay windows, alcoves, ceiling curves, and radius walls, are all examples of ideal contexts for flexible covings. Our flexible covings have a rubberised composition, to assist forming to the curves on site; and they are a cost-effective alternative to more elaborate solutions. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – GRP Lift Pit Liners

We make lift pit liners from GRP material as an effective means of blocking water ingress into the base of lift shafts. Our lift linings are manufactured to precise customer specifications. The GRP lift liner solution is a cost-effective and time-saving option over traditional “tanking” options. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – Mantelpieces

Mantelpieces frame a fireplace and give a living or reception room a signature focus. So choosing the right mantelpiece, for the right decorative effect, is essential. We sell a variety of mantelpieces – ranging from flowing curves to bold straight lines. Mantelpieces can be purchased to match the broader aesthetic appearance of a room’s design. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – Decorative Niches

A large bare wall can ruin a room – so a decorative niche can introduce subtle curves while eliminating a bare space. The niche allows for ornaments of any kind to be displayed. Please visit our website for full details on the styles of our decorative niches, from scalloped effects, sculpted moulds or pilaster effects.

Interiors – Panel Mouldings and Dado Rails

A great way to give a wall definition is to decorate it with panel mouldings or dado rails. The dado area is the lower part of a wall – and when decorated with panels, or offsetting panels higher on the wall, the wall gains a distinctive look and gives a room an extra layer of distinctive style. Please visit our website for our DuroPolymer® and polyurethane panel mouldings and dado rails.

Interiors – Contour Pipe Encasement

We sell a contoured pipe encasement system to help hide unsightly pipework – whether soil pipes, gas pipes, or copper central heating pipes. Our pipe coverings are made with a white melamine finish and can be quickly wiped and cleaned during regular household maintenance. And our contoured coverings can be easily and quickly installed. Please visit our website for more details.

Interiors – Orac Byblos System

Many rooms hold dozens or hundreds of books. A domestic library needs a suitable decorative touch to frame the shelves. Our Byblos shelving and decoration system allows you to frame your library shelves with appropriately styled pilasters, columns and panel mouldings, to give your book display an extra panache. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – Orac Myline Mouldings

We sell a number of style and architect-inspired ceiling and wall mouldings under the Orac Myline range. The Orac Myline collection give ceilings and walls a subtle and distinct definition, using light and shade for a modern touch along both the horizontal and vertical axes. Please visit our website for details on the panel mouldings, covings, lighting and other features of the Orac Myline range.

Interiors – Decorative Pillars and Pilasters

We sell a range of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian pilasters (column designs protruding from walls) to help decorate the interior of a room. Large rooms with prominent displays set into the walls can often benefit from pilasters to help frame shelves, artwork, decorative niches or other features. Please visit our website for details.

Interiors – Raised Door Panels and Door Surrounds

An effective method for giving a dwelling more elegance and style is to frame the doors with raised door surrounds and to decorate the doors themselves with raised door panels. We sell a range of easy to install raised door panels and door surrounds. Our products can be used in conjunction with ceiling roses, covings and panel mouldings, to create a harmonious aesthetic appearance in a residence. Please visit our website for details.

Exteriors – GRP Chimneys

We sell a range of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) chimneys for an incredibly realistic effect, with a range of different finishes, suitable for satisfying your need and desire for a chimney while meeting various planning requirements. Our chimneys are built to standard heights and can suit standard truss details. These GRP models offer advantages over brick slip alternatives. They can also be installed in many different kinds of roof situations – from mid-ridge, to gable end, or mono-pitch roofs. Please visit our website for more details of these chimneys.

Exteriors – Canopies

House Martin sells a wide range of canopies – flat top canopies, bay canopies, duo-pitch canopies, lean-to canopies, and special or portico varieties – to give you a number of choices when erecting a canopy over a door or window. Canopies offer both a decorative feature and protection against the weather. We also sell Regency-style canopies and mono-pitch roofs suitable for lobbies. Our canopies can be surfaced with different tiles or slate to fine-tune your particular stylistic choice. Please visit our website for more details of our selection.

Exteriors – GRP Coping

Coping is the top surface of a wall – often angled or curved. We offer GRP coping for a lightweight and yet resilient alternative to traditional stone copings. GRP coping is ideal when developers need to worry about potential storm damage or injury to passers-by from falling stonework. Our GRP coping is built with a tough baseplate and a stone effect GRP top moulding for weatherproofing and decoration on the top. Please visit our website for full details on how we build are install our GRP coping.

Exteriors – Dentils

We offer a range of solutions for attractive eaves detailing on exterior structures. Dentils are small decorative blocks that create a teethed effect that can be used to install attractive and stylish features under the eaves. These spaces could otherwise look spare and exposed without appropriate decoration. Dentils (also called corbels or modillions) are low-maintenance solutions, which we build in polyurethane or GRP materials, for a durable and decorative touch. Please visit our website for details.

Exteriors – Decorative Corbels

Corbels are used to offer ornamental support on exterior walls to structures above the walls. We offer a range of corbels, with a variety of decorative patterns such as leaf effects or scrolling effects, to offer support and ornamentation around windows or under flat-top canopies. Please visit our website for more information about our corbels, the various styles available, and the typical applications for external decorative corbels.

Exteriors – GRP Box Gutters

We produce tailor-made box gutters, in either straight or radius configurations, with a higher capacity than standard gutters. Our box gutters are ideal for larger roofs – in these situations high water capacity is a more important feature than elegant style. We build our box gutters with GRP materials – the product comes with stiffened side walls that eliminate the need for gutter brackets or other high maintenance features. Please visit our website for more details on installation and the various box gutters available for sale.

Exteriors – Ogee Radius Gutters and Curved Guttering

Guttering is an essential feature for most dwellings – especially in the UK where angled or sloped roofs are standard to deflect the rain. We supply ogee radius and curved guttering to match the contours of curved buildings; this saves a building from an unsightly stitched-together mix of straight gutter parts. And our ogee radius product has extra benefits: high water capacity and a style that is reminiscent of an old cast iron gutter. Please visit our website for more details on our ogee radius and curved guttering products.

Exteriors – Gallows Brackets

We sell gallows brackets, as well as larger feature corbels, to create a decorative and durable detail that can be installed under bay or oriel window canopies. Our gallows brackets are built from strong Duropolymer® – the effect is one of fine and crafted timber but without the maintenance issues or higher cost of actual timber products. Our various gallows brackets variously offer sweeping curves, structural rigidity, woodgrain effects, and other stylistic and structural benefits. Please visit our website for details.

Exteriors – Decorative Barge, Tudor Boards, Eaves Details

Many buildings in the UK are built with steep pitched roofs – this is a common design choice to deflect the rain. The gables of a building are the triangular parts that face outward, underneath a pitched roof, and with many dwellings the gables are left featureless and blank. We sell a range of decorative features to beautify your gables and to give your home an extra touch of style and elegance. Please visit our website for details.

Exteriors – Decorative Pilasters

Pilasters are rectangular decorative columns that project from a wall. Often used to frame a doorway, we sell pilasters in Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian designers, as well as segmented columns. Most of these products are decorative rather than structural. But their decorative features can prove essential to create an impressive space. Please visit our website for more details.

Exteriors – Quoins

Quoins used to be exposed stone details cut into external corners of large homes and public buildings – a way to give a structure some personality and edge. Many buildings today reproduce this classic effect. Modern quoins use lightweight and easy-to-install alternatives that offer the same decorative effect but without the health or safety issues of heavy cast stone versions. We offer a number of designs for a range of quoins; these are suitable for park homes, mobile homes, and other dwellings. We build our quoins from fibreglass and we mould them using real textured sandstone blocks. Please visit our website for more details.

Exteriors – GRP Rafter Boots and Rafter Sleeves

Open eave roofs often need some detailing – our GRP rafter boots and sleeves are ideal solutions for a low-maintenance detail that decorates otherwise bare and open eaves. Please visit our website for application and installation details and for size and specification details of our various rafter boots and sleeves.

Exteriors – Stonecoat Architectural Mouldings

We offer stonecoat architectural mouldings as an easier and stronger alternative to traditional GRP decorative solutions. Stonecoat mouldings can be built with realistic stone effect finishes, in any RAL colour.  They can be easily installed and custom-designed at short notice. Maintenance is low over a 10-year warrantee period.  The solid profiles of our stonecoat mouldings resist water ingress. Please visit our website for more details on this product.

Exteriors – Cornice, Label Moulds, and String Course

A cornice is a moulding that projects along the top of a building – typically to decorate an eaves feature. Our cornice range, made with low-maintenance and high quality GRP, adds a distinctive quality to any dwelling or property; especially to higher-profile buildings where a classical elegance is needed. We supply cornices in a variety of colours and styles.  The fact that our cornices are built with GRP materials means that the dangers of heavy masonry are eliminated. Conservatories or orangeries are ideal venues for our cornices. Please visit our website for more details on the range.

Exteriors – GRP Towers and GRP Turrets

Towers and turrets are sometimes needed to give a property a sense of focus. We assist customers in designing and building a tower or a turret, to specifications, using GRP materials built on a steel space frame. Our towers also come with an electronic pulse clock that adjusts automatically as the seasons change. Please visit our website for more details of this unique product range.

Exteriors – Window Shutters

Window shutters are an inexpensive way to beautify and decorate the external facade of a home. We offer a range of shutters, in sixteen colours and twenty-eight sizes, and most of our shutters can be delivered to your home in just a few days. Installation is quick and easy. Please visit our website for more details on styles, colours, sizes, and installation.



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