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Flo-Dyne Controls (UK) Ltd is based in Princes Risborough and since being established in 1982 has grown to become experts in the field of noise and pulsation equipment with industrial companies across the world relying on our expertise to assist with compliance to directives and regulations in relation to noise and pulsation levels.  Our solutions are custom designed by our expert team of engineers to address the unique requirements of each of our clients’ applications, keeping onsite workers and people within the local vicinity protected by attenuating noise, vibration and pulsations. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Vent silencers
  • Suction and discharge pulsation dampeners
  • Diffuser silencers 
  • Surge arrestors and tanks

More recently, we expended our operations to incorporate offices in India, which enables us to extend our services to cover the Middle East and Asian markets and better service our international clients.

If you require more detailed information about our services, please take a look around or website or contact one of our friendly and experienced team who would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Blow Down Vent Silencers - Visit our website

The Flo-Dyne blow down vent silencer can be installed as an effective way to reduce noise levels in ‘blow down’ set ups - where vents are used to reduce pressure in fixed volumes and pipeworks. The noise created as a result of the pressure release has the potential to cause injury to onsite personnel and anyone in the locality of the plant.  Our silencer consists of two parts: an inlet diffuser and an absorptive pack.  These components work collaboratively to distribute and redirect the flow of pressure using acoustics and absorption.

Steam Vent Silencers and Atmospheric Vent Silencers - Visit our website

The release of air, natural gases, nitrogen, oxygen or other process gases often generates high noise levels which can become dangerous to plant personnel and which may also be environmentally unacceptable. If this is the case at your plant, Flo-Dyne can help. After analysing what is required, we’ll design and build a vent silencer that is tailored to your needs, selecting the relevant pressure drop and flow velocities to ensure an effective, economical solution. Find out exactly how our atmospheric vent silencers are built by visiting the Flo-Dyne website.

In-Line Silencers For Steam, Gases and Vapours being conveyed in pipework - Visit our website

In-Line Silencers are designed to reduce high noise levels caused by gas compressors and ejectors - levels which can reach such peaks that they may, if left untreated, cause acoustic fatigue damage to downstream pipework. Each in-line silencer that we produce is custom designed using a highly specialised computer programme that enables us to match the silencer components, the packing, and the acoustic passage with the acoustic and flow characteristics of the system.  Our ability to predict and meet noise levels ensures that our equipment fulfils its intended function of suppressing noise and thereby safeguarding plant pipework.

Silencers and pulsation dampeners for Roots type blowers - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne is pleased to offer a choice of both Inlet and Discharge type silencers and pulsation dampeners for roots type blowers, the designs of which differ greatly in order to cope with the demands of their unique roles.  Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced with designing solutions from the simplest of set ups to the most complex, such as can be found with Vapour Swing Absorption plants where noise levels can be harmful due to the size and nature of the machinery involved.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Compressor Silencers - Visit our website

Our choice of compressor silencers comprises Compressor Suction Silencers and Compressor Discharge Silencers both of which are designed to be positioned in line either before or after the compressor.   

Flo-Dyne compressor silencers can be manufactured for use with turbo, axial or centrifugal compressors and provide outstanding acoustic performance.  We have experience in the fabrication of silencers for operation of up to 200 BarG and impressive noise reduction in excess of 40 dB(A).  Each silencer is made bespoke to your individual set up by our expert engineering team.

Steam and Gas Ejector Silencers - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne’s experience covers bespoke steam and gas ejector silencing solutions.  Our team of engineers will work with you to design suction (LP) silencers and/or discharge (HP) silencers, that are placed inline to reduce noise levels created by the flow of liquids and gasses through steam ejectors. Our engineers can recommend the most appropriate materials based on the unique temperatures and process fluids involved in your individual application and with our silencing solution in place you can achieve the correct attenuation and pressure drop for your set up.

Compressor Type Surge Tanks - Visit our website

Surge control tanks are designed to inject a pre-determined amount of gas and liquid at the moment a surge event occurs. The required volume of air and water is usually calculated by a hydraulic analysis which examines the hydraulics for the whole pipe system. A sufficient amount is chosen to mitigate the transient pressures during a surge event. An incorrect volume of air or water could potentially lead to burst or collapsed pipes during a surge in pressure. This is avoided using a sophisticated control system that regulates the amount of air and water required. Find out more about our surge control tanks and the various control options available by visiting the Flo-Dyne website.

Bladder Type Surge Tanks - Visit our website

Whether you are looking for an air-in bladder type or a liquid-in bladder type surge tank to assist in the reduction of pressure surges in pipelines, Flo-Dyne can custom a solution to meet your requirements.  Our high quality tanks come with a range of standard features that you would expect to find, including: air fill valve, anti-extrusion plate, drain connection, internal bladder membrane (often fabricated from highly elasticated rubber), pressure gauge and safety relief valve.  

As with all our solutions, our bladder type surge tanks can be customised allowing us to tailor extras to the set up, should your needs require it, with options such as leak detection systems, level gauge, level transmitter, pressure transmitter and drain valve.

Surge Analysis and Transient Pressure Measurement - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne offers a selection of pressure management solutions to enable accurate monitoring of pressures within pipelines enabling potentially disastrous and costly incidents occurring as a result of surges within the pipeline.  Our monitoring solutions can be spilt into two categories: surge analysis of liquid pipelines and transient pressure management in pipework.  The software combination we utilise enables  fast results and allows cross validation for greater accuracy.  This, in combination with the vast experience of our engineering team, results in insightful solutions customed to your unique requirements.

Suction Dampeners for reciprocating pumps - Visit our website

The performance of reciprocating pumps can often be affected by pulsation problems on both the suction and discharge side. Many of these problems can be traced to poor suction conditions where the pressure of the pump’s inlet falls short of that required by the pump manufacturer. By fitting a Flo-Dyne Suction Stabiliser you can eliminate these problems, ensuring that the pump continues to perform as expected. Find out how it works by visiting the Flo-Dyne website.

Discharge Pulsation Dampeners For Reciprocating Pumps - Visit our website

Our highly reliable Liquid Pulsation Dampener is a proven design which has kept pumps running smoothly for over 40 years. The dampener will typically reduce discharge pressure pulses by 75%. It is constructed with carbon steel as standard but other materials such as 304/316 stainless steel and duplex or super duplex steels are available for pressures ranging from 50 Bar G to 400 Bar G. Units can be manufactured to suit British, European, American and Indian pressure vessel codes and can also be CE marked to comply with European Pressure Equipment Directive requirements. Fluids which can be handled by our dampeners include water, ammonia, carbamate, hot oils, bitumens, CO2 and TEG.

API674 Pulsation Analysis and Pulsation Measurement - Visit our website

Accurate measurement, recording and analysis of pulsation is imperative to comply with AP1674 and you can trust Flo-Dyne to deliver a range of services to ensure your adherence including:

Pressure pulsation measurement 

Pressure pulsation analysis

Mechanical response analysis.

We use empirical and computer aided analysis, or a combination of the two, and our engineers are also available for site visits, as necessary, to conduct site measurement services. We have detailed information of each of these services on our website where you can establish which of these services is best suited to your needs, alternatively please contact us to find out more.

Acoustic Filters Gas & Liquid duties - Visit our website

Acoustic filters can be applied to multi-plunger hydraulic pumps, gear pumps and refrigeration compressors to eliminate the tones and pulses which can be harmful to connecting piping systems and which can create extremely districting sounds/vibrations. A multiple chamber design with connecting choke tubes aids acoustic attenuation, suppressing the dominant frequency and the most significant harmonics. Acoustic filters may be built for direct welding into the pipework or may be supplied with couplings or flanges to match the mating connection.

Simple Acoustic Enclosures - Visit our website

Acoustic enclosures provide a straightforward solution for trapping and preventing the transfer of noise from various types of machinery and noise emitting devices.  We utilise a multi-layer panel configuration made of materials that both contain and, importantly, absorb noise.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

General Fabrication Services - Visit our website

With a workshop in Baroda, India, we are able to manufacture a range of structures, frames, tanks and equipment from carbon and stainless steel and ship to our customers through India. Baroda benefits from excellent shipping links as well as being having a host of other manufactures within easy reach, enabling us to meet your requirements, even if we can’t do everything ourselves.

Pressure Vessel Design - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne has extensive experience in designing pressure vessels to various industry specifications including PD550, ASME VIII and EN13445.  Our design team will gain a thorough understanding of your requirements before delivering a choice of 2D AutoCAD or 3D AutoCAD Inventor design documents for approval. Where circumstances dictate, Flo-Dyne is pleased to provide a Finite Element Analysis service to assist with the design process and take into account any optimisations that need to take place in relation to flow rates, pressure drops and applicable dynamic forces.

Flo-Dyne Spares - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne designs and manufactures all of our equipment with longevity in mind, which can particularly be seen with our fit-and-forget pulsation dampeners.  However, should the need arise we can arrange for spares, as well as items such as parts for repacking silencers and updates to control panels.

Noise Measurement Services - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne’s Chief Engineer has accrued an excess of 25 years experience working in noise control and we make the most of his knowledge with our noise management service offering.  We use Bruel & Kjaer’s high quality and highly accurate noise and vibration measurement equipment and sift through the often excessive amounts of data to deliver meaningful and pertinent information that can be then used as part of a noise study or for procurement specifications.

Mechanical Response Analysis - Visit our website

Flo-Dyne’s engineers are able to conduct detailed mechanical response analysis in order to gain accurate data regarding frequencies and magnitudes of resonance within piping systems.  This analysis is imperative to gain an understanding of where supports and restraints are best placed within the piping system to eliminate resonance as fully as possible. Flo-Dyne utilises computer technology for faster, more accurate results and we also undertake cross checking of our results using CEASAR or Bentley software.



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