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Flying Pictures is the world leader in the provision of aerial filming services for feature films, commercials, television, live broadcast events and surveillance. Based in the UK, we operate worldwide, so if you need something done in the air; we do it professionally, safely, cost effectively and with spectacular results.

For more than 30 years Flying Pictures has worked on hundreds of films, commercials and TV productions including the recent releases: "Trance", "Jack the Giant Slayer", "Welcome to the Punch" and "Skyfall". Flying Pictures can provide a range of services to the film and television industry: from complete aerial units including helicopters, aircraft, specialist pilots, award winning cameramen, Directors of Photography, technicians, camera equipment, ground coordinators & air safety equipment, engineers, sequence co-ordination and stunts; to just simple aircraft charter - whatever suits your needs.

We have an extensive inventory of state of the art aerial camera systems including the latest Cineflex Elite with the Alexa M camera and Canon lenses, the Eclipse™ (for HD, 35mm and 3D), Wescam (for 35mm and HD including Alexa, Red and Genesis), Cineflex V14 mounts, Ultramedia SD mounts, Tyler and tethered aerostats. We can also provide the Super G and StabC systems and a variety of other aerial camera mounts.

Although largely known for our helicopter filming work in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, we have year round contracts for live broadcasting of sporting events from airships. We have also provided live broadcast and surveillance from our Top Shot system from Tethered Aerostats for various sporting, musical festivals and Summit Meetings. In addition we are the sole reseller in UK and Scandinavia for Cineflex camera systems, including multi sensors for surveillance use.



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  • Cineflex Highly acclaimed state-of-the-art High Definition stabilised camera system has become the system of choice for users in the United States and Europe.