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Prolec Ltd is a well-established UK company offering over 30 years of experience in supplying safety systems and machine productivity solutions for the construction industry.  We manufacture and supply an extensive range of machine control and equipment safety solutions, all of which are compliant with EU and UK (LOLER) regulations. Over the last 30 years we have built a reputation for our innovative products and services, and our long-term customers return to us assured that we can provide the right solutions to meet their needs.

Our range of control and safety solutions includes telehandler safety systems, on-board weighing systems, lifting safety systems, rail safety equipment and height limitation technologies. Our safety systems have been used extensively throughout the construction and demolition plant industries with applications including excavator and crane safety as well as road and rail (hi-rail) safety and precision machine guidance. For more information on our range of services and products please visit the Prolec Ltd website and contact us directly.

Plant Safety - Pro Safe

At Prolec Ltd we understand the importance of safe and efficient working throughout the construction industry and how this can lead to increased productivity. We have specifically designed our ProSafe plant range of safety systems with increased efficiency and safe operating parameters in mind. Our ProSafe solutions are available for a diversity of equipment including slew and height monitoring equipment, cab protection and excavator lifting equipment. As you would expect from a market leading company in this field our product range is extensive and includes the Heightmaster, Heightwatch 6, Motion Control, Rangemaster, Slopemaster, Total Moment Indicator and our Liftwatch 5; more specifications can be found at the Prolec Ltd website.

Machine Guidance - Pro Grade

Our range of machine guidance systems have been specifically designed to increase the performance of construction plant equipment applications. These applications include road construction, earthworks, quarrying and mining, and dredging and ground engineering. Our 2D and 3D machine control and guidance excavator products are designed to enhance the efficiency and to simplify earthmoving operations. Our ProGrade range has been shown to increase productivity by up to 50% with specialist features including precision sensors, user friendly interfaces, flexible GPS interfaces and state of the art software. The Prolec machine guidance product range includes the Digmaster, Digmaster pro and pcX-Pro, more details and a downloadable PDF can be found at the Prolec website.

On Board Weighing - Pro Load

Our on-board weighing systems range, known as ProLoad, has been specifically designed to maximise the productivity of construction and mining equipment. ProLoad products are also designed to enhance the safety and compliance aspects of a wide range of material handling operations. Our ProLoad products have a proven, successful track record of increasing the efficiency and accuracy of on-board weighing leading to increased profitability. The major benefits of ProLoad include faster loading cycles, improved safety via reduced on-site vehicle movement and right first time vehicle loading as well as features such as track and total products. For more specifications on our ProLoad products including Weighloader and Weighloader ADT please visit the Prolec website.

Prolec Products

Prolec products have been carefully designed and developed over our 30 years of existence. We understand and listen to the needs of our customers in the construction industry and this has been reflected by our product development. All of our machine control and safety equipment has been refined over the years through our platform of four core competencies, which are sensor technology, application software, system integration and plant instrumentation. Our three Prolec product groups, ProSafe, ProLoad and ProGrade provide the most comprehensive range of equipment safety, on-board weighing and machine control and guidance solutions available in the UK.


Our Weighloader is a highly accurate and robust on board weighing system specifically designed for use on wheeled loaders working in range of environments such as waste handling terminals and quarries. The Prolec Weighloader offers highly accurate (typically to 3%) dynamic and static on board weighing, features an operator trim facility, a live fast bucket function and is suitable for use on a range of wheeled loaders and telehandlers with the option to easily configure for other bucket applications. Benefits of our Weighloader include enhanced productivity and site efficiency, ensures correct loading of trucks first time, improved vehicle turnaround time and increased site safety as well as data management functions and a track product totals feature.

3D Machine Guidance Systems

As part of our extensive and highly developed machine guidance product range we offer the Digmaster Pro 3D machine guidance grade control system. The Digmaster Pro 3D provides precise digging control and works via the upload to a computer of a digital terrain model or digital site design of the current project. Precision sensors are utilised to accurately monitor the position of the bucket or blade and the addition of a position sensor ensures that the 3D machine guidance system position is accurately shown in real time on the design model. Benefits of the Digmaster Pro 3D includes up to a 90% financial reduction in staking out job sites as well as being able to ensure task completion is right first time with no need for reworking.

Angle Sensors

Our extensively developed range of Angle sensors are the core of our machine monitoring and machine control systems. Prolec are one of the few companies to manufacture our own Angle sensors and we are the preferred original equipment manufacturer for many of the world’s most recognised machinery manufacturers and machine guidance product suppliers. Our Angle sensors have a proven track record of providing the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and repeatability, and thanks to the benefits we offer it’s no surprise that we have an extensive client list of repeat business customers. More details of the Prolec Angle Sensor range can be found by the Prolec website.


Introducing the Prolec Machine Engine (PME), an all-in-one solution that captures machine data, position and load in a single, easily installed unit. The PME benefits from:

  • High Image Quality – Thanks to powerful processors separate from the controller.
  • Full EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) – To eliminate interference.
  • USB Input – For software updates and data downloads.
  • Flexible Mounting – The PME easily mounts in modern cabs.
  • Optically Bonded Screen Technology – For brilliant daytime viewing.
  • Touch Control – For simple navigation.
  • 3 Board Layout – To reduce the unit size and allow better sealing.
  • Rugged Enclosure – IP67 rated to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture.

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Registration Number: 01689109
VAT Number: GB760 1924 41
Registered at Companies House:24 December, 1982 (39 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: James Fisher & Sons PLC
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Digmaster Entry level 2D machine guidance system that allows contractors to make significant productivity savings. Gives the operator a real-time visual representation of the precise position of the blade, bucket or tool, relative to a known reference.
  • Digmaster Pro Can be used in 2D or 3D mode. Operating in 3D mode allows a surveyed design (also known as a Digital Terrain Map or DTM)to be uploaded into the cab, with the machine located on the DTM using GNSS technology. Grade control of accuracies of 2cm can be achieved anywhere within the DTM map.
  • Heightmaster Advanced height restriction system that monitors the equipments position and prevents the maximum safe working height from being exceeded.
  • Heightwatch 6 Entry level height limitation devise allowing the maximum working height of an excavator boom to be limited.
  • Liftwatch 5 A rated capacity indicator designed to meet UK and European requirements. Ensures maximum legal lifting capacity over the entire working envelope.
  • pcX-Pro Fully customisable machine guidance system. You can create almost any shape that you can design, which is displayed in real-time to allow operators the freedom to configure the system according to their job's particular requirements. This feature is especially useful in underwater or blind cut operations.
  • TMI An excavator overload warning device that ensure compliance with European safety legislation. Ideal for excavators, lorry cranes and loaders that do not require height, depth or slew limiting.
  • Weighloader On board weighing system for wheeled loaders to ensure they achieve maximum productivity - making material handling more efficient and profitable.
  • Weighloader ADT On board weighing system for Articulated Dump Trucks offering unrivalled accuracy. Weighing can be done in real-time as there is no need to move the skip.

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