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  • Mr Mike Connor - General Manager


Fibet Rubber Bonding UK Ltd is a Lancashire based business that specialises in the manufacture and supply of rubber to metal bonded parts for a wide range of industries. The company has been operating since 1952 and has continually researched and developed its production capabilities in order to produce high quality components for a wide range of applications.

Alongside our standard product range we work closely with customers to provide first class solutions to problems that are presented by those in various industrial fields such as automotive, earth-moving and off road machines, generators, air-conditioning, naval, aeronautical, agricultural and any other application that demands the isolation of vibration.

We are well respected in the industry for our innovative, successful and reliable design and manufacturing services. We carry out all projects from start to finish from simulation and calculation to the validation and project expedition. We provide all customers with the same high standards of service at all times and our technical team is on hand to provide advice and support at all stages.

Please visit our website to view our online catalogue and contact the team at Fibet UK with your project requirements or for further information and advice.

Digital Catalogue

We Invite you to view our full product range by clicking on our new digital catalogue.

Universal Mounts

Fibet offer a significant range of universal Mounts that are designed to solve any vibration issues on any application. Our range is too extensive to include on these pages, but please refer to our catalogue to see what we offer as a standard isolator.

If you can’t find anything within our catalogue, please still feel free to contact us to discuss your specific project, as we will be more than happy to support you in anyway required.

Bobbin Mounts

A comprehensive range of Bobbin Mounts (Fivistop) for use in applications that require isolation of vibration in compression or shear axis.

These AVM’s can be supplied with male, female or a combinations threads in a wide range of sizes and load capabilities and we hold a substantial amount of stock within the UK for next day delivery.

The Bobbin Mounts are supplied as standard in Natural Rubber. However, we can also offer any of these in other Elastomer compounds for appliances in more arduous environmental conditions.

These products are used in a considerably wide range of applications including Automotive Exhaust Mounts, Machinery of all sizes, Instrumental Devices, Engines, Pumps, Radiators, Measurement Equipment, etc.


Fibet offer an extensive range of Buffers / Resilient stops (Fivistop) from stock, which are mainly designed to prevent shock or impact forces or damage to the associated machinery/ equipment.

These are offered with male or female threads in a range of profiles to suit the required level of progressive absorption.

Bell Mounts

Fibet offer a significant range of Bell Mounts (Fivistop) which are available in circular or rectangular designs, different load capabilities and thread sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

These are designed to be low profile, and are offered either with fail-safe (or captive) functionality to provide shock and failure protection, or as a lower cost non fail-safe (non captive) standard Engine Mount design.

The fail-safe (captive) range are used by a wide range of OEM’s and are also compatible with all other OEM Engine Mounts that can be sourced from other suppliers. The Fibet CCF/ CFE/ CFB/ CFAB & CCFQ ranges are all manufactured to a high quality that will perform to the same isolation levels and lifespan required by the OEM companies – and most are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Our non fail-safe (non captive) ranges are a lower cost solution where there is no requirement for a fail-safe solution. We offer these in a wide range of variants including the standard Bell Mounts CF range – through to the more traditional Flanged Bobbin design that are available with male or female threads – and either with a metal interleaf ( VBLR/ DBLR) to provide increased load capacity and support high impact load charges, or alternatively without this interleaf (VBL/ DBL).

Finally, we have a range of Low Frequency Mounts (SEM range) appropriate for use on light duty applications such as instrumentation panels . All of these products are suitable for use on a wide range of applications including Engines, Gen Sets, Pumps, Compressors, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units, Marine equipment or any equipment that requires a solution to isolate vibration. 

Cone Mounts

The Fibet (Fivistop) range of Cone Mounts are low cost vibration isolators that have a high load capacity within a compact size and provide a stable solution for a wide number of applications. They are designed to provide excellent operation in compression and shear forces, but also provide excellent axial deflection. This range of Conical Mounts ( CN range) are ideally suited for isolating Cabs of Trucks & ground moving equipment, Automotive Engines (Domestic and Commercial), Agricultural Machinery, Earth Moving Machinery, Radiators, Car Engines etc. They can also be supplied with voids within the Rubber (CNA range) that allows the Mount to operate with two different radial loads for certain specific applications that require this design.

The Mounts are supplied with rebound washers that minimise overload situations as well as giving a fail-safe functionality. This product range is held in stock for next day delivery within the UK.


The Fibet (Fibel) range of Bushes are extensive, with 1,000’s of size and stiffness variants to suit all applications – the majority of which are available for next day delivery. They are designed to eliminate high frequencies whilst supporting high loads during operation.

They are available in Fully Bonded, Semi-bonded and un-bonded variants, and also with certain options with voids within the Rubber to provide differing isolation in alternate axis. This range of Rubber Bushes enables these products to be used within Automotive, Wind turbine, Earth Moving Equipment & general machinery market sectors.

Levelling Feet

Fibet offer the most comprehensive range of Levelling Feet on the market, covering our own range of feet ( ZAL), as well as being the UK distributor for the Martin range of Levelling Feet.

These ranges cover simple elastomer feet with fixed threads in a variety of sizes and load capacities through to galvanised or stainless steel feet that provide a range of articulations as well as thread size and load capacities. This range of adjustable levelling feet enables these products to be used within the food processing, pharmaceutical, electronic and medical market sectors.

We hold a substantial amount of stock to suit urgent requirements, or can supply any other levelling foot within a short leadtime.


The Fibel range features:

FBNA: a range of bushes designed specifically for the purpose of eliminating high frequencies while supporting high loads during operation. This process is reached via the elastic deformation of the rubber under the effect of the external forces that are being applied to the metal tubes. FBNA bushes feature the rubber bonded to both the inner and outer tubes.

FBNS: a range of bushes designed for the same purpose as the FBNA range however the bushes are manufactured with the rubber assembled to the outer tube and bonded to the inner tube.

FBF: these bushes are designed to extend the service life of suspension components in vehicular applications.


Our Fevistop range features various high quality mounts suitable for different applications. The range includes AMS (versatile mounts for vibration, shock, and noise control), Bobbins (can be fixed in alternative ways and feature internal and external thread), Bell Mounts (to provide shock and failure protect for mobile, marine or seismic stationary applications), Cones (feature rubber section suitable for shear and compression stresses to allow good axial deflections), Resilient Stops (as support for a wide range of plant and machinery), Universal (anti-vibration mountings designed to reduce vibrations and structure born sound), as well as low frequency elastomeric noise and vibration isolators, and height adjusters. Please visit our website to view the complete Fivistop range.


The Fivilevel range features the ZAL series of mounts that are used as supports for various types of plant machinery. All mounts are manufactured to incredibly high standards and are manufactured from high quality materials in order to be tough and long-lasting. They are available in a range of sizes from 8mm through to 200mm in diameter, with loads applied from 500daN to 4.000 daN. Please contact the team at Fibet Rubber Bonding UK Ltd for further information or download our product catalogue on our website to find out more.



Registration Number: n/a
VAT Number: GB607 0467 56
Founded:1 January, 1992 (30 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Fibet Spa.
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor


Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Fibel FIBEL bushes establish an elastic connection between two rigid bodies in order to damp movements and, at the same time, to reduce vibrations and structure born sound.The extensive typology available covers a wide spectrum of applications such as: high frequency elimination, variable axial stiffness, higher axial and conical stiffness, high axial and radial stiffness.
  • Fibet FIBET Group have been producing rubber to metal bonded parts and other elastomer applications for the automotive industry since 1952. In the mid seventies, in addition to the existing range, FIBET started to develop and produce a large selection of rubber to metal bonded anti-vibration components for earthmoving and off road machines, agricultural machinery, generators, railway industries etc. As a result of its design capacity and the extensive range of standard products, FIBET is today reputed to be included as a world leader in the field of mechanical application of elastomer.
  • Fivilevel Range of Levelling Feet
  • Fivistop FIVISTOP antivibration mountings are intended to reduce vibrations and structure born sound.This comprehensive range of mounts has been designed to offer a solution to any vibration problem.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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