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Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd.’s solutions have appeared in the premises of leading names all over the globe including salons, shopping centres, banks, museums, governments and many others.

With offices as far-reaching as Holland, Germany, and the USA, Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd have an expert team of over 80 employees.

Our expertise in providing display and lighting solutions has accredited our name with a finalist position in the 2007 Shop Fitting and Display Awards. Additionally, the Chairman of Fairfield is the President of the Shop Fitting and Displays Equipment Association.

These respected titles reflect our team’s dedicated approach to complex display briefs. The years of expertise we have delivers high-quality and individual solutions no matter how challenging.

We have an all-inclusive range of services comprising of: estate agents displays, display kits, digital signage, LED Light Pockets and boxes, rod displays, acrylic poster displays, acrylic leaflet displays, banner holders, display lighting, display stands, and glass displays.

Please take a look at our website for more details about each of our products and services.

A4 Portrait Brochure Holders

We supply a kit designed to display A4 portrait brochures, enabling you to elegantly present your brochures in reception areas, information points and office interiors.  The sloping shelving with lip on wall-mounted cables provides a perfect way to show your brochures.  With a display width of 825mm and a shelf size of 234mm (w) x 330mm (h), there is plenty of room to arrange brochures attractively and effectively.   You can see this kit on our website, along with further product details.

Wall-Mounted Suspended Glass Shelving Display

Our wall-mounted suspended glass shelving measures 391mm (w) x 330mm (d) and features two toughened safety glass shelves which you can position at any height.  This unit is the ideal way to display products and perfect for use in hairdressers, spas, beauty salons, shops and museums.  Anywhere, in fact, where you want to show off your products in an elegant yet efficient shelving display.  The kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and Allen keys.  Alternatively, we can install the unit for you – just ask for quote.  See our wall-mounted glass shelving on our website.

Table Top Displays

Our ultra-bright table-top LED light pockets will illuminate any flat surface, whether that be a desk, windowsill or shelf. The device itself has been designed for use with A4 paper in both portrait and landscape positioning. The system is incredibly versatile and can be used to display both graphics and information. It is also worth noting that thanks to a new design our table top displays now feature silver legs, which are both attractive and practical. 

Media Players with High Definition Screens

Our digital media players benefit from high definition screens and allow users to display a wide range of promotional materials, including images, videos and information. The screens themselves are available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 7" to 55". Just some of the different types of media players we have to offer include, freestanding poster, suspended, mini, peach and sunlight readable varieties. For further information feel free to visit the website where you will find details on product features. 

Paper for your Light Pockets

We can offer specialist paper which has been chosen for its excellent presentation qualities. It is worth noting that this range of paper is available in two different types, including varieties which are suitable inkjet printers and suitable for laser printers. Furthermore, as well as being aesthetically pleasing our light pocket paper is also incredibly cost effective. To find out more, please visit the website or you can contact us directly. 

Ceiling Suspended Light Pockets

Our ceiling suspended light pockets feature a novel and interesting design. The displays are attached to the ceiling using 3mm rods which appears to observers as if they are floating. As well as being incredibly attractive, our ceiling suspended light pockets are also extremely space effective and can therefore be used in smaller environments. It is worth noting that when it comes to moving the displays, whether to change them or due to window cleaning the pull out mechanism is quick and simple to use. 

Low Level Window Displays

Our low level window displays are less than a metre high and offer an effective and versatile solution. The units can be used to showcase A4 portrait or A3 landscape graphics. The stands which elevate the displays are strong and reliable but also benefit from a modern silver finish. If you would like further information on these or any of our products please visit the website, alternatively you can contact us directly. 

Coloured LED Light Pockets

We can provide a range of LED light pockets with coloured borders. The displays can be attached to the ceiling using either rods or cables and can utilise different graphic configurations, including A3 Landscape and double A4 portrait layouts. The additional option of a coloured border can help in making your displays even more eye catching and attractive. Although the standard border colour is black we can accommodate other colours on request. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email. 

LED Light Pockets

Posters and many other forms of graphics can be illuminated with LED Light Pockets. These are a great way of making promotional massages and products more attractive for customers.  Particularly during the evening time, LED Light pockets can create a spectacular window display so that your advertising continues even after closing time. 

Shop interiors also benefit from LED Light Pockets which can enhance floor space, displays, and provide more light in dull areas.

This stylish but simple lighting and display concept avoids a complicated, messy wiring system and most importantly, is very energy efficient.

Sizes available range from A1 to A4.  Other sizes may be available on request so don’t hesitate to contact Fairfield team directly for more information.

Cable Display

Fairfield’s cable display systems are available wall-mounted or as a suspended display. Both of these types are manufactured from robust materials such as galvanised steel and solid brass.

Our cable displays provide businesses with an exciting avenue for their shop displays. An avenue which will inevitably be unique due to the vast range of customisable possibilities including the addition of acrylic pockets, LED Light Pockets, and shelving.

The cable displays are available suspended in a range of ways.  This can be floor-to-ceiling or hanging from the ceiling alone.

Rod Display

Accompanying our cable display systems is a range of rod display systems.
Fairfield design these to bespoke requirements so that whatever display size or poster size, customers acquire their own suspended rod display system.
These are flexible display forms that can fit a variety of ceiling types and wall types.
The standout quality of our rod displays is their plentiful durability. More durable than cable displays, these are frequently used for signage and partitions as well as displays for shop windows and interiors.
Like our cable displays, our rod systems can incorporate acrylic cubes, LED Light Pockets and Boxes, shelves, and acrylic pockets.

Wall Sign Supports

The wall sign supports available here at Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd are fantastic finishing touches for all kinds of signs.

Manufactured from durable solid brass, our sign supports are available in a whole variety of finishes including satin chrome. We also have sign supports which we describe as ‘every day’; these are manufactured from aluminium with a satin finish.

Most of Fairfield wall sign supports can be delivered with a next day delivery option.

Please visit our website for more information about our sign supports, or you can call us directly.

Digital Signage

Digital signage provides businesses with a dynamic form of communication to engage with customers and even employees.

Fairfield has more than 15 years of experience in delivering digital signage solutions. We have developed digital signage for both cloud-based communication and single media.

Whether it’s a basic information sign or solely a form of digital advertising, there are many worthwhile benefits of embracing digital signage: strengthen brand identity, influence the behaviour of customers, optimise customer experience, provide external and internal information, and save on printing costs.

Estate Agent Displays

After 30 years of designing the window displays at estate agents, Fairfield fully understands the importance of the opportunity that these seemingly inconsequential presentations create for estate agents.

A stylish and impactful estate agent window display grabs business and prevents it from strolling straight past your premises. Window displays say a lot to customers about your brand and possess the strength to dictate how it is perceived.

Fairfield brought the innovative cable and rod system to the shop windows of estate agents. This design feature transformed this industry’s window presentation and continues to produce outstanding displays of properties.

Poster Holders

Many different types of businesses utilise our poster holders to create interesting spaces and displays within their premises. Museums, banks, estate agents, and restaurants; the list is extensive.

Available, Fairfield has A1, A2, A3, and A4 poster holders. All of these can be hung on rods or cables in either landscape or portrait form.

Our A3 and A4 poster holders can be suspended from floor to ceiling, wall mounted, or alternatively using suction pad kits. The A1 and A2 poster holders are commonly used to display large graphics. The potential for poster damage is reduced with the acrylic pockets that encase the fragile poster.

Hook-on Acrylic Displays

If your shop displays are regularly changing then a hook-on display solution will suit. The hook-on acrylic display boasts flexibility with its ability to easily and quickly have the leaflet dispensers and acrylic pockets detached.  Other sizes can be simply added too.

These displays can be wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling. Additionally, a custom design can be created with different combinations of different sized leaflet dispensers, poster holders, and sloping shelves.

Fairfield also offer hook-on ladder acrylic displays. This features horizontal bars with square-hanging pockets.  Also available are angled pockets to ensure information lower down on the ladder is still visible.

Display Stands

Fairfield also offer freestanding display units as part of our wide selection of business display solutions.

As a freestanding form of display, these display stands create 3D access so customers can walk all the way around to view your products/ information. Display stands like these offer an innovative way to promote your products and services as they are stylish and eye-catching.

Our freestanding displays units are available in various sizes and with different types of shelving.

Banner Holders

Having taken over Annequin Signware Solutions, Fairfield are now offering display solutions for banners and signs that are both fast and economical.
As with all of our product ranges, there are several options to choose from. The banner holders can be freestanding, wall-mounted, suspended, linked, or single.
Our banner holders are available in custom sizes for whatever your space requirements may be. Select from an assortment of accessories to fix the banner holders to surfaces.

Acrylic Leaflet Dispensers

Whilst considering leaflet dispensers as an important part of your shop interior might seem curious, it is infact one of many key shop features.

Leaflets often contain imperative details and promotional information, and how you showcase this is vital to consider.  Undoubtedly, you want to encourage as many customers as possible to pick up a leaflet; the dispenser is a good place to start.

Fairfield offer several high-quality acrylic leaflet dispensers: counter top individual dispensers, wall-mounted individual dispensers, and suspended cable dispensers in the form of wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling.

We also have horizontal rod leaflet dispensers, sloping shelves leaflet dispensers, and display stands.

Acrylic Display Ideas (Digital Acrylic Art)

Fairfield offer digital acrylic art with digital printing and design services.
We combine digital printing with an assortment of acrylic panels to produce attractive acrylic display solutions for our customers. The acrylic panels we use embrace many different textures and shapes. This helps to deliver creative digital acrylic art.
All Fairfield requires for this service is a high-resolution JPEG image from the customers. Once we have this we can then enlarge it onto the chosen style of panel.

Acrylic Poster Holders

We have standard acrylic poster holders available in sizes ranging from A0 to A5.
They are easy-access and come as a wall-mounted display or a frameless display.
Acrylic Poster holders provide businesses with a stylish and professional way to display information and product graphics. Our frameless poster holders in particular are always a popular choice among our customers. The front of the holder which is a hook-on forms the highly attractive frameless design.
For full poster holder kits, please take a look at our A1, A2, A3, and A4 poster kits.

Cable Lighting

Like our range of rod lighting, cable lighting is an efficient lighting solution for the illumination of graphic panels and shop displays (both interior display features and window displays).
Our cable lighting systems are available as a double spotlight or as a single spotlight. Whatever option you choose for your display these enhancing lights are positioned just above the graphics.
Fairfield’s cable lighting can be used for graphics/poster displays up to 1000mm in width.
With this range, unsightly cables are avoided as the power is channelled through the rod.

LED Light Boxes

LED Light Boxes are frequently used to display posters and other similar small or large format graphics.
Light boxes that use fluorescent tubes use 33% more energy than our LED light boxes.  Moreover, this lighting solution lasts for many more years than standard fluorescent lights, approximately 100,000 hours compared to 18,000 hours.

Please visit the LED Light Boxes and LED Light Pockets sections of the Fairfield website to find out more details about these products.

Banner Display System

Our banner display systems can be found in the foyers of hotels, office buildings, exhibitions, shopping centres, and stairwells.
Our banner display systems give the impression of floating graphics. These are frequently displayed suspended from ceilings to create magnificent presentations and displays of product graphics and information.
Our banner displays can be freestanding, suspended, wall-to-wall. Fairfield also have banner rails available as ‘gotcha strips’ and for rods and cables.
The banners can be any length.

Shelving Units

Made from toughened safety glass, Fairfield’s shelving units are a durable, secure storage and display solution for businesses.
Our shelving units are suspended glass shelves and can be merged with standard sizes of posters and acrylic display cubes.
Glass shelving units like the selection here at Fairfield are a highly stylish way to showcase products, both small and medium, in shop and window displays. These are frequently installed in salons, shops, and medical centres.

Glass Shelves

Here at Fairfield, shelves are often an essential component of the commercial displays that we create.
Our suspended glass shelves are available either slotted or drilled. Unimposing supports hold the shelves when they are ‘slotted’.
The shelves are manufactured from toughened glass to ensure stability and durability. Their aesthetic qualities have made our range of glass shelves a top choice for use in a whole variety of businesses including hair and beauty salons, receptions, offices, and shops.

Freestanding Display Stands - Freestyle

Amongst Fairfield’s large range of freestanding display stands is a selection of versatile, lightweight freestyle designs.
Display solutions of this type create more exciting ways of exhibiting graphics and information.
Our freestyle freestanding display stands are commonly used in estate agents, airports, banks, restaurants, cafes and a number of other businesses and types of organisations.
Graphics sizes of A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 can utilise our freestyle display stands.

Freestanding Display Stands - Infoposts

Fairfield’s infoposts are an interesting way to display A4 graphics, A4 brochures, and A4 leaflets.
A wide-ranging assortment of companies and organisations make good use of freestanding infoposts in their reception areas, foyers, conference rooms, stores, exhibitions, and presentations.
The structure and height of these kinds of display stands greatly enhance graphics in a large or busy room and draw customers’ attention towards them.
Our infoposts are available as a double frame with a hinge. These often become useful dividers when not being used for display purposes. Alternatively, these can display and divide at the same time.

Acrylic Display Cubes

Fairfield acrylic display cubes have been used in all kinds of businesses, window, and in-store shop displays. 

Particularly, salons, retail, and hairdressers use this form of presentation for their products.
Our acrylic display cubes are a great way to create a stylish interior as well as window displays. Suspended on either cable or rod these cubes can instantly modernise.

They are also ideal for drawing attention to small products; an innovative form of promotion for items that would otherwise get easily lost amongst a large display.



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