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At All Seasons Hire Our aim is to provide all sectors of business with short medium or long term Cooling, Heating, Drying and refrigeration solutions. Our extensive and modern range of hire equipment includes:

Air-conditioning, Heating, Dehumidification and Drying, Ventilation and Cooling Fans, Carpet Dryers, Commercial Refrigeration including Display Cabinets, Cold Storage, Ice Cream and Food Display units.

We also provide for hire larger Process and Air-conditioning Chillers and Air Handling units, Mobile Boilers and Portable Plant Rooms.

Our Fixed Air-conditioning Division will be pleased to provide advice and guidance on Installation, Service and Regular Maintenance for all types of fixed air-conditioning for any environment including Retail, Offices, Call Centres, Manufacturing Facilities, Showrooms; in fact all commercial and domestic environments.

The Team at All Seasons Hire are committed to providing First Class Service Matching Customer needs in every way possible. Our price promise is a genuine offer! We do everything in our power to gain business; we match service and quality expectation with realistic market pricing. However, if we "miss the spot" tell us and we will do everything we can to satisfy you business needs

Chiller Hire

We offer a wide selection of chillers to hire from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the world, including MTA, Trane and Aquastream. Our speciality is energy efficient rental chillers that can be used for all kinds of purposes including air conditioning and process cooling. We supply heat pumped chillers and air cooled chillers in 5kw, 10Kw, 20Kw, 50Kw, 100Kw, 160Kw, 260Kw, 320Kw, 550Kw and in all cooling ranges right down to -12°C. You can connect our chillers to your existing pipe work using our robust, pliable hoses or we can link the air condition for the chillers to air handling units and fan coils.

Air Conditioning Hire

All Seasons Hire excel in the supply and hire of top quality air conditioning units, they can be used in a huge assortment of areas including, offices, shops, server rooms, warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing, marquees and events. Our units are all energy efficient and are the latest models the work on a 13 amp single phase plug, with our portable units available in ranges from 4kw to 10kw. 

You can hire or purchase our units and we offer a speedy installation and service as well as price promise guarantee to match any like for like air conditioning hire quote.

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner

For portable air conditioning, an exhaust tube air conditioner is a fantastic solution. Available in from 3.5Kw to 10.3Kw, the units are easy to install and operate a size to suit every need. Exhaust tube air conditioners cool the room by blowing the air out from a tube and circulate around the room, quickly brining the temperature down. We stock CoolAir and CoolBreeze units, which are both efficient and reliable.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are especially useful in areas where there is a lot of humidity in the air as it uses the evaporation of water to cool the air temperature. This is also particularly beneficial in industries that generate a lot of water based heat such as industrial plants, commercial kitchens, laundries, dry cleaners, greenhouses. Evaporative coolers are incredibly energy efficient as they use a lot less electricity than standard air conditioning units and don’t use refrigerants like CFC’s and HFC’s. They are also used in environments where it is hard to duct away the heat generated by conventional air-conditioning split or exhaust tube units.

Split type Air Conditioners

Split type air conditioning units come as two parts; the room unit and the condenser unit, which are connected by a flexible hose. The spare condenser unit can be placed several metres away from the main unit for added ease of use and to prevent room clutter. These units are compact, powerful and quiet making them ideal for use in many areas, regardless of size, as they work just as well in a single room or in an office block.

Electronic Cooling Fan

Sometimes you just need to be able to circulate the air on a hot day or in a confined space. We are able to offer an incredibly reasonable hire service on wide choice of electronic cooling fans. Easy to install, operate and move around, our fans come in different sizes to suit any application and are very safe to use.

Boiler Hire

At All Seasons Hire we are able to rent out a selection of top of the range boilers, including mobile boilers, towable boilers, or fully self contained containerised boiler units. Should you require temporary heating or hot water for any reason, regardless of the amount, we have a unit to suit you. We stock, gas or oil fired boilers in a choice of Kw, depending on the application and the fuel type can be changed to suit your needs. For our larger boilers, over 100Kw we offer the option of natural gas or diesel oil fuel burners.

Electric Boiler Hire

A handy boiler, normally used low output applications, it is also particularly useful for to aid in the drying of floor screed during building projects. This boiler works with the under floor heating system when drying out floor screed to speed up the process and save time and money.  Using this boiler also means that there is no need to wait for the permanent plant room to be installed before making use of the under floor heating.  Using a 415 volt, the boiler can produce a heavy duty 22kw.

Containerised Boiler Hire

Our containerised boilers are available in a range of sizes that are suitable for areas that are short on space or in situations where a large contained unit is necessary. Our sizes start from 100kW and go right up to 1220.0kW, which can heat large buildings or be used temporarily in areas where refurbishment is taking place. All our boilers come in thermally insulated steel containers that are vandal proof and provide an efficient hot water supply. The boilers can be quickly installed on site and are equipped with lifting lugs for easy transportation.

Mobile Boiler Trailer Hire

From 250.0kW to 550.0kW, our All Season Hire trailer mounted boiler system is perfect for supplying hot water in an emergency situation or if you are having planned boiler maintenance work. They can also be used for outdoor events and shows as well as on building and construction sites. The boilers comes housed in a strong aluminium trailer and can be used concurrently with any of our air handlers and fan coil units to used to deliver large volumes of warm air when required.

Boiler Service and Maintenance

Our skilled and highly qualified team are able to build new, permanent and portable boiler plant rooms, refurbish your existing plant room and carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance. We can build boilers from 50kW to 2000kW and can construct a temporary boiler plant to any requirement, including providing full turnkey services. Our team consists of experienced boiler makers, coded welders, pipe fitters, and combustion engineers and we are able to work with consultants, M&E contractors and facility management companies to provide the optimum level of service and quality for our customers.

Fan Coil Hire

We stock four, high powered, efficient air handling units in sizes of 15.0kW to 20.0kW. These fans are ideal for all kinds of events and when used with our boilers or chiller provide am ideal solution to maintaining the desired temperature. Our smaller fan coils come in either black or cream and can be discreetly placed around the venue at small events. Our large fan coils can be installed at more permanent events at the same time as our heat pump chillers in order supply both a perfectly balanced heating and cooling system.

Industrial Air Handler Hire

All Seasons Hire industrial handlers are extremely durable and robust, with all the metal work having been galvanised, making them ideal to use no matter what the conditions are. With the choice of being able to situate the unit inside or outside the area being cooled or heated as well as the option to connect the air handler using the building’s existing ductwork, they are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. Perfect for bigger venues, as they effortlessly pump vast amounts of hot or cold area around large areas.

Fuel Management Service

No matter what your industry, All Seasons Hire is able to assist with all your fuel management needs. We provide a reliable and competent service whether you are having planned work done or are faced with an emergency. We only use the best quality fuel in the UK and can provide services that range from a weekly top up or an emergency call out. All our tanks adhere to current environmental agency legislation and fuel is stored above the ground, in spillage proof bunded tanks.

Electric Heater Hire

Our electric heaters for hire suit a wide array of needs from heating offices to private rooms and are available in everything from 2.5kW oil fired radiators to the extremely effective 42kW three-phase electric fan heaters.

Many of our electric heaters, like the Hot Cube 25, are easy to move around and can be positioned near anywhere that has a plug, making them incredibly adaptable. We also stock infrared and ceramic heaters that will only heat the object directly in front of the making them useful for keeping individuals warm, especially those that work in large areas that are difficult to heat.

Available in 6kw electric space heaters up to 42kW industrial heaters our three phase heaters provide clean air, they are easy to install and do not need to be refuelled. 

Direct Fired Heaters

Direct Fired Heaters come in a choice of gas or diesel and are a more cost effective alternative for hire than some of our other products. Their practical three space heater design means that they can supply large amounts of air and are an effortless way to heat spaces of all sizes. As there is no option to duct the units they must always be used in well ventilated areas.

Indirect Fired Heaters

All Season Hire provide indirect fired heaters that use either diesel oil or LPG gas as fuel. These heaters can be ducted as there is no flame so the unit can be situated outside the area that us being heated. Their enclosed chamber construction means that they generate large amounts of heated air without increasing the humidity.

We are also able to provide additional accessories with these units that in ducting, thermostats, extension power cables and terminal plugs including 13amp, 16amp, 32 amps, 3 phase, 110 and 230 volt as well as fuel and double bunded fuel tanks f required.

Marquee Heaters

We have three marquee heater options available to hire, for all sizes of events. Our Eurohobby heater has a 15kW output and is ideal for small marquees or events, also available to hire we have the Premier Marquee Heater 80 Heater Hire and the Premier Marquee Heater 170 Heater Hire at 25kW and 53kW respectively. All of our marquee heaters are lightweight, making them easy to pick up and move around the venue. They are also all very economical to run and suitable for a range of applications.


Our dehumidifiers can be hired or purchased and unlike old style dehumidifiers, these are lightweight and portable. All units can be run from a 13 amp power socket and many have specific applications, for example use in small, confined areas such as toilets or wine cellars. Some of our models come in 110v format and can be used where there is no other form of power available such as on construction sites. If you are using one of our dehumidifiers to help dry out a building, we are able to advise you on the best model for the job as it is important to bear in mind that the temperature of the area being dried should be as high as possible.

Specialist Carpet Drying

Designed to aid with flood or fire disaster recovery, the Powerblow Carpet Dryer is manufactured in sturdy polyethylene. The Powerblow uses a 13A power supply and can be fitted with adjustable feet and carpet clamps to secure it in place if required. We can also supply Class 1 models for hazardous environments where needed. 

All Season Hire now stock the Hydra cavity attachment to be used in conjunction with the Powerblow, although it does work with most makes of carpet dryer, to speed up the whole drying process. It  is especially useful in hard to reach areas such as false ceilings, behind skirting boards, under floors and inside cupboards. The Hydra comes with a 15m flexible hose that can be easily cut to size.

Floor Screed Drying

We can supply 22kW electric boilers to assist in the faster drying of floor screed when used in conjunction with an existing under floor heating system. The boiler can be hired to dry the screed even before the fixed plant room of the building has been put in place. We have had many years of experience in both supplying and installing these systems and are able to offer expert advice on setup and fitting.

Fixed Air Con

All Seasons Hire are able to supply and install a range of fixed air conditioning units for industrial and commercial use. We have over 40 years experience dealing with these kinds of units and our experience and knowledge in this area is second to none. We will project manage the installation of your unit from the initial design stages right through to the completion of the installation, providing you with an efficient reliable service at all times. We only use the top of the range manufacturers for our air conditioning units and guarantee quality and longevity of your system.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Once you have had your air conditioning unit installed it is important that is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure a long, trouble free life span. Regardless as to whether we installed the unit for you or not, we are able to offer competitive maintenance and servicing packages that can be tailored specifically to your company and needs. We will service your air conditioning unit as often as is required and we guarantee that our service will cause the minimum amount of disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Toshiba Air Conditioning

Using Toshiba’s VRF technology, with its dual inverter compressor, provides higher levels of efficiency, an easy to use operating system and a reduction in the need for maintenance. It’s new, ground breaking technology, means that the unit is more reliable, the dual compressor allows the system operation load to be distributed more evenly and a special controller enables the operating sequence to be regulated on outdoor units and individual compressors. It is ideal for large commercial and industrial buildings; the VRF system is available in a selection of units making it perfect for hospitals, leisure and shopping centres and large hotels.

Daikin Air Conditioning

With over 70 years experience in the technology industry, Daikin are acknowledged worldwide as experts in their field. All Seasons are D1 partnered with Daikin and our engineers have been fully trained by them in the installation their products as well as having an in depth product knowledge of each item. As a partner we also have access to any necessary tools and information needed to repair or maintain the units. We are happy to offer you advice on which Daikin product would be most suitable for your needs.

Sanyo Air Conditioning

Sanyo’s rapid growth as a trusted supplier of air conditioning and heat pumps around the world is partly due to their commitment to deliver an environmentally friendly and energy efficient product to their clients, which is something that All Seasons strive to fulfil. Sanyo’s range includes an electric VRF unit and a state of the art gas driven VRF unit as well as room air conditioning systems. Our partnership with Sanyo guarantees our customers, long lasting, effective, quality equipment combined with superb installation and after care.


As the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, Carrier have over 100 years experience in the manufacturer of air conditioning units and their outstanding reputation for providing durable, efficient, reliable equipment is known in every corner of the globe. Carrier units meet all industry regulations and they cater for every use from small split systems for the home or small offices, to large chilled water systems that have a range of industrial uses and are fantastic for large commercial work, hospitals, stadiums or arenas.


Rhoss have a vast number of air conditioning units and industrial chillers available and All Seasons Hire are proud to be associated with them. They can supply products that include micro systems, unit systems, Macrosystems, and split systems. Rhoss’ reputation is built on the quality and long term performance of their products and customer satisfaction has been the key in ensuring their continued success. It is these aims that All Seasons and Rhoss share, which is why they are a perfect partner for us, we are able to install and maintain the entire Rhoss product range and have many years experience in providing this service to our customers.

Temporary Ice Rink Chillers

Ice Skating Rinks are becoming increasingly popular attractions to visit all year round, not just at Christmas. At All Seasons Hire we are able to use our portable chiller range to create ice rinks for commercial and professional use and we have already worked many well known venues to create hard wearing rinks, including London's Bluewater shopping mall, Bournemouth International Centre and Hop Farm in Kent. Installing a rink, takes skill, planning and a high level of expertise and we are able to work with you to come up with a plan that fits into your time scales.

Commercial Refrigeration Hire

In partnership with Fridge Rental, we are able to provide customers with a complete range of refrigeration equipment for long or short term purposes. We have a wide selection of products available for all types of application, whether you are just looking for a simple back bar to keep drinks cold in a marquee event or a full size, wall site combi-freezer, we have just what you need. All our products are back by expert knowledge and service from our highly skilled team of professionals as well as excellent value on our hire options.


In addition to our vast selection of equipment to hire or buy we are also able to provide a complete range of complementing accessories to help with easy installation and operation. Our range includes every conceivable item you might need including adaptors, generators, fly leads, distribution units, plug, sockets, transformers, leads and pumps. All of our accessories are available at competitive prices and we can advise you on the right product to use with your equipment.

Server Room

It is essential to keep server rooms and data centre computers cool at all times to ensure that they work correctly and don’t break down. At All Seasons Hire, we have a wealth of experience in supplying emergency air cooling services, we are able to quickly provide you with the right air cooling solution, whether it be a portable air cooler or a completely new chiller installation. Additionally we can also offer a contingency plan service for recovery in case your server room cooling ever fails.

We are also able to provide hire for extra air cooling for your server room that can be particularly useful in the warm summer months when computers have a tendency to overheat. Having access to this extra level of cooling can extend the life span of your computer and save you money in the long term.



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