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Established in 1984, Data Physics has over 35 years of experience in providing cutting edge vibration test solutions. We are incredibly proud to be recognised worldwide as a provider of innovative, high-performance noise and vibration solutions, including shaker systems, power amplifiers, dynamic signal analyzers and vibration controllers. We also understand the importance of effective software, working alongside hardware and it's for this reason why we provide sophisticated software packages and expert applications support and service. 

Our goal is to provide expert solutions to a wide range of applications and industries. In fact, we have worked with many different industries, ranging from aerospace and defense, to civil engineering and oceanography, just to name a few. However large or small the application may be, from a single product, to an entire building, we can provide high quality, reliable vibration and sound testing. 

Customer service is extremely important to us and we urge anyone who may have any questions about the company or a product or service that we offer, to get in touch with us directly. Of course, you can contact us via phone or email or you can visit the website an fill in the product inquiry form. You can also visit the website for regular updates on news, blogs and any events we have coming up. 


Dynamic Signal Analyzers - Visit our website

The 900 Series of dynamic signal analyzers features a compact and durable hardware, running a powerful, versatile software. The devices themselves benefit from cutting edge technology and can be used for a wide range of applications, including general FFT Analysis, Structural and Modal Analysis and Sine Data Reduction, just to name a few. As well as being sophisticated, the 900 Series is also easy to use, making it ideal for use in the field. Further information, including full technical details can be found on our website.


Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) - Visit our website

Fast Fourier Transform analysis is invaluable as it allows for the conversion of dynamic signals, from the time domain to the frequency domain. This allows for the understanding and analysis of signal frequency control and it’s for this reason that it’s used in so many different applications. Whether automotive, aerospace, defense, power or manufacturing, FFT is a useful tool across many different industries. A full breakdown of FFT, including details specs, can be found on our website.


Recording & Playback Analysis - Visit our website

The 900 series features comprehensive recording and playback functionality. Not only can users record data at samples at up to 216k samples per second but this data can also then be used for reviewing, exporting, post processing, or driving a shaker. It's worth noting that recording can be done in real-time, offering instantaneous measurement and control. The subsequent data that is collected can be analysed with any analysis type. For full technical information on the recording and playback analysis features of the 900 Series, please feel free to visit our website. 


Structural and Modal Analysis - Visit our website

The SignalCalc 900 features sophisticated functionality and offers complete solutions for both small and large structural tests. When it comes to modal measurements, specific processing features are required- such as source triggering, preview capture, pre-triggering etc. Fortunately, the SignalCalc 900 accommodates all of these functions, allowing for precise, reliable modal measurements. It's also worth noting that the software provides an automated bookkeeping scheme, ensuring that data is tagged and stored. 


Rotating Machinery Analysis - Visit our website

Rotating machinery cause vibrations and this can be analysed. Analysis includes the triggering and normalising of key data, using the rotating speed of the machine in question. Users can choose from a wide range of RPM detection modes, including sweep, stepped, steady, delta, auto and multi tach support and data export. There are also a variety of different analysis options, ensuring that users can get the most out of the data that they collect. Further details on the rotating machinery analysis can be found on the website. 


Sine Data Reduction - Visit our website

SignalCalc Sine Data Reduction provides a variety of capabilities, including offering additional measurement channels and acting as a critical safety system for high value test articles. Users can also take advantage of a range of advanced features, including gap-free math data which can be applied over live data, offering simultaneous multiple measurements. Sine data reduction is a powerful tool, offering a unique and reliable solution for many different applications. To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit the website- alternatively you can contact us directly.


SRS Analysis - Visit our website

Streamlined Transient Synthesis (SRS) analysis is a measure of damage. More specifically the damage caused by a transient pulse and the effect this has on resonances. The SignalCalc 900 offers comprehensive SRS analysis capabilities and users can even reanalyse a single transient capture, multiple times. This means different damping factors, octave spacing and octave placements, can all be tested. Full technical details on the SRS Analysis capabilities of the SignalCalc 900, can be found on our website. 


Acoustic Analysis - Visit our website

Whilst we focus on vibration control, it can be difficult to separate acoustics and vibration as they’re often linked. In terms of acoustic analysis, this is used to quantify noise or sound power that is being emitted from a product. Devices benefit from sophisticate functionality, including real-time octave measurements thanks to customisable octave bank filters, as well as synthesis from narrowband FFTs. Feel free to get in touch with us directly, if you have any questions about acoustic analysis.


Vibration Controllers - Visit our website

The 900 Series benefits from cutting edge technology, completely transforming aspects of signal analysis and vibration controllers. Current vibration controllers from the 900 series feature sophisticated hardware, a new software interface and unbeatable shaker control algorithms. The vibration controllers themselves can be used in a wide range of applications, including random vibration control, SRS Synthesis Control and Time History Replication, just to name a few. To find out more about this solution, full details can be found on our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call if you have any specific queries.


Sine Vibration Control - Visit our website

Sine vibration control uses sinusoidal excitation to excite resonance within a test article and therefore test its durability. This data can then be used in the creation of custom reports, reviews and exports. Just some of the unique analysis that is available to users, includes data overly from multiple runs, image attachment, custom report templates and report generation on any computer. Further details on our sine vibration control, including technical information, can be found on our website.


Time History Recording Editor - Visit our website

The time history recording editor is a useful tool that allows for the editing and subsequent analysis of time domain data files. Users can utilise files from the 900 Series itself, or from another external source and then modify time histories graphically. As well as incorporating different events, editing can also include files being trimmed, resamples, filtered and scaled. To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit our website.


Random Vibration Control - Visit our website

Often vibration testing will involve very specific circumstances but in the field, products will face a wide range of vibrational stress. Random vibration control attempts to simulate the environments that a product will face in real-world settings. These tests can be either short or long-term and will excite all of the structure’s resonant frequencies at the same time. With such stringent testing and real-world validity, users can ensure that the products and structures in question are put through their paces.

Classical Shock Vibration Control - Visit our website

Classical shock control has a number of advantages when compared with other alternative forms of testing. For example, classic shock testing on a shaker is an extremely efficient, accurate and reliable way to test products against high-acceleration transients. Users who choose classical shock control will also have access to a wide range of classic pulse types, ranging from rectangular, triangular and half sine, to sineburst. For more information on this form of testing, customers can visit our website.


Mixed Mode Control (Sine on Random, Random on Random) - Visit our website

There are circumstances in vibration testing when a more unique approach is required and this is where mixed mode vibration control comes in. Mixed mode testing simulates environments in which there are two different types of vibrational energies—broadband and cyclic. A real-world example of this would be helicopter operation, as the turbulence causes random vibration and the rotor shaft causes sine vibration. If you’d like to lean more about this type of testing, don’t hesitate to visit our website.


Sine Resonance Search and Dwell Control - Visit our website

Testing the fatigue life of a product or structure is extremely useful as it allows you to identify weaknesses and improve quality and reliability. One of the best tests for ascertaining fatigue is resonance search and dwell, as its repeatable and tests for both low and high cycle fatigue. It’s also worth noting that these tests offer validity as the stress is applied to the locations on the subject that would experience in its natural lifetime. If you have any questions on this type of testing, feel free to get in touch with us directly, via prone or mail.


SRS Shock Synthesis and Control - Visit our website

Whilst much vibration control testing is used to simulate relatively normal environments, such as workplaces, there are more extreme alternatives. SRS shock control is a specialised form of testing which simulates the vibration environment during an earthquake or pyrotechnic shock. Alongside simulation and measurement, users can also benefit from many advanced features. These include fully customisable plots, data overlay, data export and the ability to access this data from any computer.  


Time History Replication Control - Visit our website

Replication of data is a powerful and useful tool but it can be difficult to achieve with existing methods. Fortunately, the 900 Series Time History Replication software makes the process much easier, minimising the amount of data acquisition and control hardware required. For example, you could record data in the field using a device such as the Abacus 901 and then replicate this data on your shaker. Full technical details on our time history replication control capabilities can be found on the website.


Multi Shaker Vibration Control - Visit our website

The 800 Series is a MIMO vibration controller boasting a wide variety of features. It benefits from 2-16+ shakers, allowing it to replicate any type of vibration and adapt to any multi-shaker configuration. The 800 Series also benefits from gap free time history recording in all MMO test types, support of up 80 channels in a single chassis and Microsoft Word based reporting. To find out more about the full functionality of the 800 Series, including technical details, you can visit our website.

Shakers and Accessories - Visit our website

We can provide a wide range of shakers and accessories, with options to suit current and future needs. Just some of the products we have to offer include, electrodynamic shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders, fixtures and thermal barriers for environmental testing. SignalForce’s test systems, shakers and accessories are manufacture in the US and UK but services can be provided worldwide- either directly or from a partner. Customers who have any questions about our products ands services can contact us directly, either by phone or email.

Air Cooled Shakers - Visit our website

Electrodynamic air cooled shakers are hard-working and versatile, with many different advantages over similar solutions, such as water cooled shakers. Not only are air cooled shakers relatively cheap, easy to install and easier to maintain, they can also be used in almost every vibration test, from sine and random, to shock and long time history replication. It’s worth noting that customers have the option to choose high displacement options, better suited to classical shock testing and transportation testing, if required.


Water Cooled Shakers - Visit our website

Water cooled shakers are ideal for applications with larger payloads or those with more demanding structural testing. There are other unique benefits offered by water cooled shakers, including a sealed body making them particularly suited to clean room and hazardous environments. Furthermore, water cooled shakers generate lower acoustic noise and lower demand on HVAC systems. To find out more about our water cooled shakers and everything they have to offer, don’t hesitate to visit our website.


Modal Shakers - Visit our website

Modal shakers offer a unique testing technique in which energy input directly affects the response of the structure, without any cross contamination from the mass or dynamics of the shaker. This is achieved through an interaction in which the structure is excited via the central spigot, with a connecting rod. Customers can visit the website where they can access literature on this range or make a product inquiry, if necessary.


Inertial Shakers - Visit our website

When testing large structures, specialised solutions are required and you can find that in inertial shakers. Inertial shakers can be utilised across a variety application in which large structures are being tested, including ship decks, helicopter loading and rotor simulation, rattle testing in cars and even buildings. For more detailed information on these devices, including standard features and typical applications, feel free to visit our website.


SignalForce Amplifiers - Visit our website

We provide a range of Signalforce amplifiers which offer exceptional efficiency, whilst maintaining high performance. The amplifiers themselves are compact and space-saving but can be used to power shakers from a variety of manufacturers. As well as being effective, our amplifiers are also reliable and benefit from safety interlocks and protection against high currents and high temperatures. If you have any queries about this range, feel free to get in touch with by phone or email.


High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics - Visit our website

When building aerospace structures, engineers must keep in mind the potential damage that can come from rocket and aircraft noise. However, the only way to test these components is underwater, in a reverberant acoustic test facility or a progressive wave tube. High intensity acoustic testing is not only ideal for aerospace applications but also, sonar range calibration, ship signature generation and mine detonation. Further details can be found on our website.


High Intensity Acoustic Test Capabilities - Visit our website

We provide a comprehensive range of acoustic test products and services, providing both equipment and expertise. Whether it’s RATF, PWT or DFAT testing, our capabilities range from preliminary design and supply of speciality equipment to construction, testing, training and documentation. If you or your organisation would like to find out more about our acoustic test products and services, you can get in touch with us directly.


Underwater Acoustic Test Capabilities - Visit our website

We are proud to offer a comprehensive solution for underwater acoustic testing. This includes sound sources, transducers, drive electronics, towfish, trial support and service, just to name a few. This service is utilised across a variety of different applications, including command team training, sonar operation training, both performance and design proving for new and existing sonars, as well as minesweeping operations, just to name a few. For further information on our underwater acoustic test capabilities, just visit the website. 




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