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Data Physics UK was established in 1984 and specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance test and measurement solutions for noise and vibration applications. We have been supplying top quality vibration test systems for a number of years and are widely respected for our outstanding products and services.

At Data Physics we are committed to providing our customers with outstanding vibration test solutions. We work closely with customers and listen to their needs and requirements. These requirements drive us to innovate and invent relevant technologies.

Our recent addition of a full line of electrodynamic shakers compliments our ranges of vibration controllers and dynamic signal analysers to allow us to provide complete vibration solutions.

We also supply our:

  • SignalCalc® Dynamic Signal Analysers
  • SignalStar® Vibration Control Systems
  • SignalForce® Shakers, Amplifiers and Accessories
  • SignalSound™ High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics
  • Legacy Products

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more about our excellent, high performance test and measurement solutions for noise and vibration applications.

Shock and Drop Testing - Visit our website

Shock tests and drop tests are widely used to test survivability of products, components or subsystems to a shock event. SignalCalc Drop Tests provides users with a dedicated platform for acquiring shocks, fairing, checking limits and tolerances and performing Shock Response Spectra (SRS) or shock SRS calculations.

There are different types of shock testing including:

  • Drop Testing: widely used for product fragility assessment, prototype testing, package and cushion evaluation and compliance with military standards.
  • Electrodynamic Shaker Shock Testing: brings the advantages of better accuracy and repeatability.
  • Pneumatic Shock Testing: pneumatic shock machines can produce high level shapes and pulses in a repeatable manner.
  • Other types of testing include: Shipboard Shock Testing and Pyro-Shock Capture. Please visit our website to find out more.

Vibration Testing and Shaker Testing - Visit our website

Vibration testing is carried out to introduce a forcing function into a structure. It is usually carried out with a type of vibration test shaker or vibration testing machine. The induced vibrations are widely used in laboratories or production floors for a range of requirements such as qualifying products for design, meeting standards, regulatory qualifications, fatigue testing, screening products and evaluating performance. There are different types of vibration test applications such as: Vibration and Shock Environmental Test Types, Multishaker Testing, Vibration Qualification and R&D, Package Testing, Earthquake Testing, Satellite Vibration Testing, Turbine Blade High cycle Fatigue Testing and Environmental Stress Screening.

Rotating Machinery Diagnostics - Visit our website

There are a wide range of industries that rely on the trouble-free operation of rotating and reciprocating machinery, vibration diagnostics and machinery diagnostics. Machines such as turbines, generators motors, pumps, compressors, aircraft engines and automotive drive trains must operate safely and efficiently.

The SignalCalc family of Dynamic Signal Analysers provide users with a wide range of measurement and analysis options for the measurement and analysis of vibration or rotor dynamics analysis. Examples include: Turbomachinery and Rotor Dynamics Testing, Order Tracking and order Analysis, Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shape, Balancing, Event Capturing and Diagnostic Triggering, Synchronous Averaging, Gear and Bearing Analysis and more.

Structural Vibration Testing - Visit our website

Data Physics offers the fantastic Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers for structural and vibration measurement and analysis. The dynamic signal analyser converts electrical signals from transducers to measured digital signals for analysis. Following the conversion, a range of analysis and displays are possible.

Our Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers provide users with a range of functions that provide fast and accurate time and frequency domain measurements for structural tests. Applications include: FRF (Frequency Response Measurement) Measurement, Modal and Operating Deflection Shape Testing, GVT (Ground Vibration Testing) and Normal Mode Testing, Human Vibration Assessment, Simultaneous Time Data Throughput and Dynamic Measurement and more.

SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers - Visit our website

Our Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers provide users with extremely accurate measurements in time, frequency, amplitude and order domains. Various options are available from a range of vibration analysers to hardware platforms.

  • SignalCalc Ace: an ultra-portable 2-4 channel analyser powered by the Quattro hardware platform.
  • SignalCalc Savant: configured for over 32 channels of input on Abacus, the Savant can feature more than 1024 channels accurately phase matched.
  • SignalCalc Mobilyser: a powerful, portable and scalable dynamic signal analyser configurable from 4-32 input channels in single Abacus chassis.

Please visit our website to view the complete range of SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers.

SignalStar Vibration Controllers - Visit our website

Our complete range of SignalStar Vibration Controllers, Vibration Control Systems and Vibration Controllers feature our powerful distributed DSP hardware in an integrated solution. Software and hardware in these controllers and systems have been expertly designed to work together to provide fast loop speeds and stable control on both electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers.

SignalStar vibration controllers deliver excellent control performance with greater than 120 dB of dynamic range, control frequency ranges of up to 20 kHz and up to 1,000 channels.

The range includes:

  • SignalStar Scalar: a flexible entry-level vibration controller with up to eight input channels on Abacus Lite.
  • SignalStar Vector: industry leading vibration controller configurable from 4-32 inputs on a single Abacus chassis.  

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

SignalForce Shakers and Accessories - Visit our website

Here at Data Physics we supply complete vibration test systems to a global market. The range includes vibration shaker tables, shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders, custom fixtures, vibration controllers and dynamic signal analysers. Our range of equipment has been created to provide customers with all the equipment they may need with almost any type of vibration testing application.

  • SignalForce Shakers: SignalForce electrodynamic shakers available as turnkey vibration test systems from 2 lbf to 50,000 lbf for vibration testing and precision excitation applications.
  • SignalForce Amplifiers: provide high levels of efficiency with superior levels of performance and suitable for driving shakers from all manufacturers.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of SignalForce shakers and accessories.

Aerospace - Visit our website

Here at Data Physics, we are pleased to manufacture and supply premium quality instruments and solutions to clients in the aviation industry. Our knowledge and expertise are called upon by leading names such as NASA, the US space agency, to help test, analyse and reproduce dynamic conditions. Core elements of our services to the aviation industry include Dynamic Measurement (using Data Physics SignalStar Dynamic Signal Analysers) and Vibration Testing (using equipment such as SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers). We also run multishaker tests for extremely large payloads or for multiple degree freedom simulation. Please visit our website or contact us directly at Data Physics for more information regarding our aerospace solutions.

Automotive and Commercial Vehicles - Visit our website

We are also pleased to apply electrical, mechanic and safety engineering processes to the manufacturing of automotive and commercial vehicles. In fact, we have worked with leading car manufacturers for many years to help improve engineering progression. Core elements of our services to the automotive industry include Dynamics Measurement (using SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Anlyser – on Quattro) for NVH, acoustic test, structural test and rotating signal analysis, and Vibration Testing (using SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers) for qualification, product verification and R&D. Please contact our friendly team at Data Physics for more information regarding our automotive solutions.

Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers - Visit our website

Our new range of Dynamic Signal Analyzers are part of the 900 series and boast both extensive signal analysis capabilities as well as a real-time signal processing engine. In terms of build, the 900 series benefits from a durable design, making it ideal for use in challenging environments such as those found in the field. Much more information, including full technical specs and features can be found online. Alternatively, if you have any specific queries please feel free to get in touch with us directly. 



Registration Number: 01092478
VAT Number: GB191 3159 65
Registered at Companies House:25 January, 1973 (48 years and 7 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 2-5m
Parent Company: Noise and Vibration Technologies LLC
Company Type:
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  • Service Providers

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