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Naturally hard water effects 70% of the United Kingdom and just about every other country in the world. It is good for our bodies but calcium carbonate, or limescale as it is better known, isn’t good for water systems.

It narrows pipes, blocks jets, reduces thermal efficiency and is expensive to remove.

Research shows that just 6mm of limescale can reduce energy efficiency by a staggering 40%. In a moderately hard water area, 3mm of limescale can form in just 12 months.

In the United Kingdom alone, it is estimated to cost industry around £1billion a year just in descaling. Further £billions are wasted in lost production, early renewal of capital equipment, chemicals and increased energy bills.

Scale need no longer be a major problem or cost to industry. In recent years modern technology has been developed which can permanently treat hard water scaling without chemicals, acids or expensive softening equipment.

The ENiGMA Electronic Descaler provides a proven simple solution to hard water.

ENiGMA overcomes the shortcomings of other physical water treatment systems by electronically generating the full range of frequencies required, at just the right intensity, thus ensuring consistent results over the full range of applications. In the newly developed second generation units, industrial microprocessors ensure reliable signal generation and control.

Independent university tests have confirmed the ability of ENiGMA to remove existing limescale and prevent formation of new deposits.

The ENiGMA provides a simple and economical solution to the limescale problem. It has been successfully installed for customers from all sections of commerce, industry and government.

Wherever hard water is used, the ENiGMA helps to maintain maximum efficiency in water heating and cooling systems.



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