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East Midland Coatings Ltd specialises in the supply of performance coatings to customers throughout the UK. Established in 1984, East Midland Coatings Ltd has built a fantastic reputation for its supply of high quality products combined with its first class customer services and support.

Here at East Midland Coatings Ltd we are dedicated to providing customers with the very best service. In order to remain at the forefront of the industry we are continually researching and developing our products and services in order to provide solutions to common problems such as corrosion, sticking, friction and temperature on various substrates.

We provide coatings and associated products to customers in a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical, electrical, engineering, fastener industry, food industry, military, offshore, moulding industry, offshore, petrochemical, printing, plastics, rubber, tool making and white goods.

Our coatings may be recognised by a variety of titles such as PTFE, Flouropolymer, Organic or plastic and can transform customer components by:

• reducing the coefficient of friction
• aiding chemical and corrosion resistance
• creating non-stick/release properties
• reducing noise
• Improving stick/slip properties
• Increasing abrasion and wear resistance
• combating extremes of temperature
• providing electrical insulation or
• conductivity
• colour coding

Please visit our website to find out more about our services. Or, alternatively, please contact us at East Midland Coatings Ltd for further information.

Non-Stick & Release Coatings

East Midland Coatings Ltd is the company to call for all of your non-stick and release coating requirements. Our non-stick and release coatings are expertly designed and manufactured to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce downtime in moulding and manufacturing processes. Our non-stick and release coatings including Teflon and Xylan are widely used in industries such as food, tyre, plastic, rubber, oil and gas and more. Please contact us at EMC for further information regarding our non-stick and release coatings.

Friction Control Coatings

EMC also provides top quality friction control coatings. The friction control coating features a dry film lubricant designed to extend life, reduce wear, improve stick/slip properties, eliminate noise and create a low friction surface. Friction control coatings such as Teflon, Xylan, Molykote, Emralon and Berucoat have been used successfully for many years in industries such as automotive and fastener industries. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our friction control coatings. Or, alternatively, please call our friendly team at EMC who will be happy to provide all the information and advice you may need.

Chemical & Corrosion Resistance Coatings

Our chemical and corrosion resistance coatings are designed to eliminate chemical attack and slow down the rate of corrosion. Benefits of chemical and corrosion resistance coatings include greater efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Xylan, Molykote, Nylon and Suncorite have been used in industries such as oil and gas, nuclear and water for many years for their excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties.

Abrasion & Wear Resistance Coatings

EMC also supplies top quality abrasion and wear resistance coatings such as Xylan and Molykote. These coatings are designed to reduce the effects of abrasion and wear on components to improve performance and extend shelf life. Please contact EMC to find out more about our excellent abrasion and wear resistance coatings. All coatings are supplied at competitive prices.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

EMC supplies extreme temperature resistance coatings for components that are to be used in demanding environments. Such coatings may include Xylan or Senotherm that can withstand temperatures from as low as -195 degrees C up to +850 degrees C.

Cosmetic & Colour Coding Coatings

Using PTFE and MSo2 based coatings we can create cosmetic and colour coded components. Various colours are available to enhance appearance, visibility and traceability of components. Please contact the team at EMC with your requirements or to find out more about our cosmetic and colour coding coatings and capabilities.

Electrical Insulation or Conductivity Coatings

Please also contact EMC for your electrical insulation or conductivity coating requirements. Various plastic coatings have been successfully used for a number of years to insulate electrical components. Some PTFE coatings may also improve conductivity of items such as photocopier rollers.

Noise reduction & Stick Slip Coatings

Our noise reduction and stick slip coatings feature a dry film lubricant to extend life, reduce wear, improve stick/slip properties, eliminate noise and create a low friction surface. Xylan, Teflon, Molykote, Emralon and Berucoat have been used for many years in the automotive and fastener industries as a result of their excellent noise reduction and stick slip qualities.


Here at EMC we provide the market with an excellent range of coating solutions to suit a vast range of application requirements. Benefits of our coatings may include any of the following: non-stick release, friction control, chemical and corrosion resistance, abrasion and wear resistance, extreme temperature resistance, cosmetic and colour coding, electrical insulation or conductivity, and noise reduction and stick slip. We also offer a range of in-house pre-treatments such as degreasing, zinc phosphating, chromating, blasting and metal spraying. Please contact us at EMC to find out more or to request samples.

NVQ Quality Management System

Our experienced team is on hand to provide customers with all the support and guidance necessary to design, prototype and pilot batches to achieve high quality coating finishes. We are pleased to boast an NQA recognised Quality Management System to ensure the highest standards are reached at all stages of production. EMC is continually researching and developing its products and services in order to provide customers with first class coating solutions. We also offer in-house testing services for testing adhesion, cure, salt spray and thickness of coatings.


Our location in the East Midlands enables us to provide products quickly and easily to customers worldwide. We are close to major motorway networks as well as the Birmingham and East Midlands airports. Please contact us at EMC if you would like further information or advice on coatings suitable for your application.



Registration Number: 01825193
VAT Number: GB455 6191 76
Registered at Companies House:15 June, 1984 (39 years and 8 months ago)
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  • Service Providers

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Acheson
  • Emralon Low friction coatings
  • Henkel Loctite Suncorite anti corrosion coatings
  • MacDermid
  • MolyKote Low friction and corrosion resistant coatings
  • Rilsan nylon Protective coating
  • Teflon Non stick coatings
  • Xylan Low friction and corrosion resistant coatings
  • Zinga Zinga is a one-component anti-corrosion zinc coating system.

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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