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Based in the UK, Dustair Ltd offer a complete dust extraction system solution, from design and manufacture, through to installation and after-care service. We are proud to have worked with many different brands, across the globe, providing effective, reliable and completely tailored solutions. As well as complete systems, we can also provide individual components for dust and fume extraction, including cartridge filters, fabric filters, scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators, just to name a few. As well as systems and products, we can also offer designs, which can then be utilised by our customers in their own manufacture, saving valuable the time and money it takes to transport large plant. This service is particularly suited to smaller businesses and those who are based oversees and will therefore face steeper delivery costs. 

Alongside our products, we also provide expert services in the form of maintenance, servicing and testing. We can offer COSHH surveys on all our plant, ensuring that everything is safe and meets the relevant regulations. Our customers are incredibly important to us and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you have any questions or you'd just like more information on everything that we have to offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch, either via email or phone. Alternatively, you can visit our website for further information, including full case studies on previous work.


Bespoke Fabrication - Visit our website

We are also pleased to provide our customers with a bespoke service whereby we can design and manufacture a wide range of equipment in fast turn-around times while maintaining incredibly high standards. We use state of the art equipment including CAD facilities and can work with all kinds of design formats to suit different customer requirements.

We largely tailor our design and production services to suit overseas requirements and supply full design drawings accordingly for overseas manufacture.

Please contact the team at Dunstair with your project requirements to find out more.

Cyclones - Visit our website

Over the years, Dustair has been producing a comprehensive range of cyclones from low, medium to high efficiency and in single or multiple form for different applications. Although nowadays cyclones are usually only used as pre-filters to reduce loading before filtration, some applications may only require a cyclone as a standalone unit. Our diverse range of cyclones are manufactured from various materials, including stainless, mild and galvanized steel. For an even more efficient operation, additional accompanying equipment is supplied for cyclones, including dust collection facilities, surge bins and rotary discharge valves.

Ductwork - Visit our website

Dustair can provide any size or form of duct system which is manufactured in varying grades and materials. Our ductwork range includes flanged, slip jointed and clip together systems made from a range of steels and plastics from 1mm up to 6mm thick. We can install ductwork in the form of lockformed or welded construction. We also have the facilities to supply all forms of fabricated structures in thicknesses up to and including 10mm plate. This includes hoppers, filter cabinets, steelwork structures, platforms, walkways, brackets and noise control equipment (these include in-duct silencers and acoustic enclosures in various materials).

Envelope Filters - Visit our website

Dustair's envelope filters have a modular size range of 50ft sq to 1100ft sq and are capable of dealing with common dust problems. A variety of fan options are available to cater for the wide range of air volumes which are encountered in ducted systems. Dustair will not leave you in the dark when it comes to choosing the correct fan-our engineers are available to help you select the correct fan for your circumstances. The filtration of air in an envelope filter is achieved by passing it through fabric arranged in a multi-pocket, envelope form. Fabrics are usually made from cotton. However, other types of material are available for greater efficiency, if required. They include needle felt, felts with surface treatments or membranes, or felts that incorporate epitropic fibres which have antistatic properties.

Fans - Visit our website

We offer expert, reliable fans for every application, including centrifugal, bifurcated, axial, plate mounted and belt driven, just to name a few. We understand the importance of bespoke solutions and can provide components to meet every need, for example high pressure systems. It's also worth noting that customers can choose from a range of different materials, including steel, stainless steel and plastic. Don't hesitate to visit our website for further information on these products, including detailed case studies. 


Gas Scrubbers - Visit our website

Gas scrubbers are important components as they help to remove pollutants from the air stream before it's released in to the wider environment. We offer a range of scrubbing units, including both horizontal and vertical packed systems, as well as those that use multi-vane elimination systems. Customers are reminded that we can provide both standard and completely bespoke scrubbers, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to visit our website for further information on this range. 


Linisher Applications - Visit our website

Processes such as linishing, polishing and grinding can produce dust, fumes and odours, which can be harmful to the workplace and wider environment. We offer filtration systems, abatement system and ductwork, all of which can be utilised in the removal of dust and fumes. Whilst many applications will produce basic dust, certain materials can require specialised treatment, for example aluminium particles can be flammable and titanium can produce an unpleasant odour. We can provide expert, tailored solutions for all customers.  


New Rolling Mills - Visit our website

We have many years of experience in providing new rolling mill extraction systems for a variety of manufacturers, all over the world. We offer both complete mill exhaust systems, as well as individual components, including filters, ductwork and fans, just to name a few. Transporting large machinery can be both expensive and difficult, therefore, we can provide solutions on a "design only" basis, allowing the customer to build the equipment closer to home. Further information can be found on our website, alternatively you can give us a call with any specific queries.


Reverse Jet Filters - Visit our website

Dustair's range of reverse jet filter units are capable of dealing with specialist dust that cannot be dealt with by standard shaker type filter systems. These units are suitable for when a constant air volume is needed without possibility of the equipment being shut off for maintenance. In order to maintain the air volume at pre-determined intervals, a burst of compressed air is discharged from the reservoir. This blast of air breaks free the congealed dust that has formed on the outer surface of the cartridge or bag. The dust then falls into the hopper at the base of the unit. The reverse jet filter is controlled automatically with an electric panel mounted to the unit.

Rolling Mill Upgrades - Visit our website

Metal rolling can generate fumes which can be both hazardous and flammable and therefore dangerous. We can work with manufactures to upgrade their rolling mill exhaust systems, ensuring that these fumes are extracted safely. It's worth noting that in many instances, these upgrades are necessary in other to meet local regulations. Apart from the safety considerations, exhaust systems will also improve visibility on the site. If you have any questions about this service or any of our products, feel free to get in touch.


Rotary Valves - Visit our website

Dustair's range of rotary valves are designed and manufactured specifically to discharge wood shavings, sawdust, paper dust and other similar low density, non-abrasive materials from cyclones, shaker and reverse jet filters. The body of the valve is fabricated from sheet steel and is fitted with a six blade rotor that is coupled to a geared motor. The rotor blades are made from a robust and hard wearing nitrile rubber or polyurethane. Rotary valves are built by Dustair to a standard design, but we can also manufacture them to suit your individual applications.

Specialist Dampers - Visit our website

Dustair produces specially made dampers for volume and fire control for a variety of exhaust systems. Produced in a range of materials, these dampers can utilise either manual or automatic control. Actuation of fire dampers is provided through integration into the existing fire suppressing equipment onsite, or by providing pneumatic CO2, electronic or mechanical installation. Smaller systems are usually composed of a multi-leaf or single blade fabricated in circular or rectangular section, depending on your preferences. Larger systems have a multi-leaf blade and are fitted with suitable linkage to provide easy control and functionality. Equipment can be manufactured to suit the conditions of the environment, and Dustair also has the capabilities to provide the interlocking of the equipment.

Tubular Filters - Visit our website

Dustair's range of tube filters offers larger types of unit which are suitable for heavier dust loadings and air volumes if required. Our units are of the modular type so that large permutations of filter cloth area can be attained based on six sizes, from 710 sq ft to 1995 sq ft. Because these units suit a variety of applications, no fans are included as standard: we give you the option of selecting them separately according to the requirements of the application.

Weld Fume Extractors - Visit our website

If you need standard weld fume extraction equipment, come to Dustair. We supply and distribute high quality extractors which are manufactured by EUROMATE, Holland. The equipment we offer includes electrostatic and mechanical filters (mobile and fixed), multiposition extraction arms, and centralised filtration systems.

Wet Dust Arrestors - Visit our website

Available in sizes from 1,000 cfm to 20,000 cfm (and larger to suit specific applications), our wet arrestor is probably the most efficient wet scrubber/dust collector on the market. Although the operating principle is simple, these arrestors are well proven to utilise the negative pressure of the fan to induce a water spray that passes through the internal scrolls of the wet collector. The result-an efficient water scrubbing system without the usual problems of pumps, pipework and spray nozzles. The unit therefore self cleans and requires very little maintenance. Although it is a simple structure, it is easily accessible and therefore easily cleaned and maintained. To clean the air, the scrubber drives the dust into a plenum chamber before forcing it at high speed through narrow slots where it picks up water. Centrifugal force is then applied to induce constant wetting of the dust before it is trapped in the clean side of the filter.

Woodworking - Visit our website

The processing of wood within the woodworking industry can produce many dangerous dust particles which can affect the skin, lungs and lead to serious conditions such as asthma and cancer. Another safety consideration with wood dust is it's flammability and explosive nature. It's therefore incredibly important to have infrastructure in place to capture and filter this contaminant. We can provide high quality, expert filtration systems, which remove this dust from the environment, protecting your workers.

Design Only Services - Visit our website

The shipping of heavy equipment can be expensive, particularly for those who are based overseas. With this in mind, we offer a design only service in which we can provide electronic drawings in AUTOCAD format, allowing customers to manufacture these designs closer to home. Alongside the designs we can also offer costings, so clients can make informed decisions on the process. Furthermore, whilst we default to metric measurements, we can also provide imperial measurements, if required. 


Installation - Visit our website

As well as providing design and manufacturing services, we can also offer installation of a variety of equipment, including ductwork, fans, filtration plant as well as other structures. Our engineers are highly trained and qualified to use mobile access equipment and scaffolding. We also have specialist engineers who have the training to work in confined spaces, abrasive wheel operations and roof working. Rest assured, we carry both £10 million and £5 million, third party insurance policies, protecting both ourselves and our customers. 


Maintenance & Servicing - Visit our website

We offer expert maintenance and servicing, which includes the dismantling, cleaning and reassembling of equipment. Alongside these services, we can also provide surveys and condition monitoring of plant, ensuring that your equipment continues to perform at its best. We often work with existing plant and can complete maintenance on these components, allowing customers to extend the life of their equipment and saving the time and effort that would come with purchasing new systems. 


Testing - Visit our website

We have the expertise and resources to carry out official inspection and testing of your dust and fume extraction systems. According to section 9 of the control of substances hazardous to health 2002 regulations, all local exhaust ventilation systems are subject to regular testing- every 14 months for normal equipment and every 6 months for specialist equipment. Considering this is not only a matter of safety but also regulatory, testing services are incredibly important for those who utilise this type of equipment. 




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