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Maris Pumps is a leading hire, sales and service company specialising in the supply of diesel, electric and hydraulic driven pumps. Our product portfolio includes a range of JS-Pumps and Pedrollo submersible, open set, super-silent, hydraulic, high head and high flow pumps covering a wide variety of pumping applications. 

With years of experience in pump hire and sales, you can count on us to provide the best possible pumping solution for your application. Plus we’re always on hand to offer advice and guidance in the selection, set-up and operation of your pump. We guarantee a 24-hour service, 365 days a year – be it for pump hire, service, or just help and advice. 

As well as pumps, Maris supplies a comprehensive range of ancillaries, including various types of hose, fittings, drip trays, filter socks, mechanical seals, pipe stoppers and more. You can find them all listed on our website alongside our complete range of diesel, electric and hydraulic driven pumps. 

Pump Hire & Rental

Our fleet of pump hire units consists of numerous diesel, electric and hydraulic driven pumps covering a range of industrial applications. Years of pump hire experience means we are well placed to offer advice and guidance in the selection of an appropriate pumping solution for your application. Hire pumps can be supplied within 24 hours, 365 days a year. The range includes:

  • Open Set Pumps – For pumping water and liquids containing sand, sewage and small semi solids.
  • Super Silent Pumps – Fully enclosed, diesel driven pump units offering excellent efficiency. Ideal for noise-sensitive areas. 
  • Hydraulic Pumps – Designed to handle wastewater and sewerage. Ideal for deeper applications. 
  • High Head Pumps – Designed for mines and quarries, or where a high lift is required.
  • High Flow Pumps – For river diversions, or where a high flow or large volumes need to be moved quickly. 

More details and specifications can be found on the Maris Pumps website. 

Pumps for Sale

Maris also offers a range of pumps to buy - a service aimed at customers with long-term or ongoing pumping requirements. You can purchase from a full range of pumps in our online store. The range includes:

  • Submersible Pumps – From JS-Pumps and Pedrollo. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications. 
  • Engine Driven Pumps – Powered by diesel or petrol and built within a crash frame for protection. 
  • Surface Mounted Pumps – Ideal for water supply and irrigation applications. 
  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps – From leading manufacturer Graco Husky.
  • Borehole Pumps – Suitable for water supply, irrigation and washdown system applications. 

More details and specifications can be found at Maris Pumps online. 


Maris offers various types of hose and hose accessories for purchase or hire, including:

  • Layflat Hose – In sizes from 25mm to 152mm.
  • Galvanised Steel Hose Clips – For use with Layflat Hose.
  • Medium Duty Suction Hose – In sizes from 25mm to 152mm.
  • Bauer Type Leverlock Couplings – In a full range of sizes and styles.
  • Polypipe Rigid Delivery Hose – Made from high quality polyethylene.
  • Galvanised Rigid Delivery Hose – With Bauer compatible leverlock fittings. 
  • Wire Armoured Suction and Delivery Hose – With Bauer compatible ball and socket fittings. 
  • Kanaflex Suction and Delivery Hose – Made with flexible but hardwearing PVC. 
  • High Pressure Suction and Delivery Hose – 16 Bar reinforced rubber hose fitted with internally swaged PN16 flanges. 

For more details and specifications, please head over to the Maris Pumps website. 


Maris supplies a complete range of Bauer type leverlock and socket & ball couplings in all standard sizes. 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” galvanised hose tail couplings are supplied as complete sets with locking levers and rubber O-rings. 

We also supply a range of Bauer type foot valves. These come complete with filter cages/strainers. To find out more about our pump fittings, visit Maris Pumps online or simply get in touch with our technical advisors on 01246 201111. 

Service Parts

Maris Pumps supplies a complete range of service parts for pump repairs, upgrades or general maintenance. This includes:

  • Filter and Service Kits – For Pegson and Sterling pumps.  
  • Engines – From leading manufacturers Perkins, Isuzu, Deutz and Hatz. 
  • Mechanical Seals – For all types and makes of pump. At Maris Pumps we only supply the highest quality components to ensure a leak-free seal. 

For more information, please visit Maris Pumps online. 

Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Maris offers a complete range of Vetter and Trelleborg inflatable pipe stoppers, pipe plugs and bypass bags. Easy to use and install, inflatable pipe stoppers enable you to quickly seal, blank off or bypass a piping system to allow access for tests, repairs or maintenance. They can also be used to keep sewer systems ecologically clean by guarding them against the inflow of hazardous liquids. Inflatable pipe stoppers and bypass bags are available for purchase or hire. Get in touch to find out more.


We supply various ancillary products to complement our pumps and hoses, including drip trays. These help to prevent environmental damage caused by fuel or oil spillages which often occur when refuelling or maintaining the pump. Many of our pumps come with built-in drip trays and are therefore already compliant with the Environment Agency’s guidelines. However, the use of an additional extra length drip tray will give extra protection. 

Drip trays are particularly recommended when working close to waterways or in situations where there is a risk of ground water pollution. 

Micron Filter Socks

Maris also supplies micron filter socks for separating silts and fines that would otherwise discharge into drains and water courses. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, they are the ideal form of sediment control, helping you to comply with the Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG6) outlined by the Environment Agency. Micron filter socks are available in 100µm or 200µm versions. Visit us online or get in touch to find out more.



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  • Micron Filter Sock Micron Filter Socks are an easy and cheap way of separating silts and fines from water that would normally discharge into drains and water courses.
  • Road Ramp The Road Ramp™ and Pedestrian Ramp™ pipe ramps enables you to pump water across a road or pathway causing minimal disruption to the flow of traffic and maintain pedestrian access.

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