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Dexion is one the UK’s leading storage solution providers. We offer an extensive range of versatile, space-saving storage systems for archives, offices, warehouses, industrial units and manufacturing companies. Whether you need pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine floors or even automated storage equipment, Dexion can provide a high quality, cost-effective solution. 
We’re part of the Constructor Group, a company with offices and manufacturing facilities throughout Europe. Being part of this group means our customers can benefit from comprehensive technical support provided by industry experts with years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of storage systems.
So, as well as high quality products, you can also rely on us for a high quality service. We’re on hand to lend our expertise whenever you need it, providing advice and guidance both before and after you have made your purchase. Our services also include design consultation, warehouse and distribution centre planning, and periodic equipment maintenance. Much more than just a supplier, Dexion aims to cater for all your storage requirements with comprehensive service solutions.
To find out more about our space-saving storage equipment and services, please visit Dexion online. If you would like to discuss your requirements with the Dexion team, please contact us directly on 0870 2240 220.

Pallet Racking Solutions

Make the most of your warehouse storage with Dexion’s range of space-saving pallet racking systems. Whether you need P90 standard wide-aisle racking, drive-in racking, mobile racking or a FIFO (first in, first out) pallet flow system, we can provide a functional, logical solution for optimal warehouse efficiency. Our storage systems are manufactured to the very highest standard to guarantee reliability, durability and performance even under intense use in demanding industrial environments. Find out more about our pallet racking systems at Dexion online.

Shelving Systems and Small Parts Handling

If you need intelligent shelving solutions for small part storage, organisation and identification, look no further than Dexion. We offer a range of shelving systems and options for any storage or picking area, including multi-tier shelving, mobile shelving, carton flow systems and sign and marking systems. Combining performance, economy and security, our shelving solutions are unrivalled anywhere in the industry.
  • Hi280 Standard, Narrow Isle, Mobile, Multitier and Longspan Shelving
  • Carton Flow Shelving
  • Plastic Bins and Containers
  • Slotted Angle Shelving
  • Budget Shelving
  • Sysco® Office Shelving

Long Goods Handling

Dexion offers a number of storage solutions for extra length goods, including heavy and light duty cantilever racking systems, longspan shelving and Rollrack. All of them are designed for safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads such as steel bars, pipes, tubes, timber and even furniture. Many of our long goods storage systems can also accommodate boards, sheet metal, crates and white goods.
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Rollrack
  • Light Duty Cantilever Racking
  • Longspan Shelving

Discover more by visiting Dexion online.

Storage and Work Areas

Whether you need more space in the warehouse, or just want to maximise that which you already have, Dexion can provide a high quality, cost-effective solution. We have a number of systems designed to optimise your storage and work area space, including mezzanine floors and wall partitioning products, anti-collapse mesh to protect your workforce, and a range of lockers and cabinets for secure storage of valuable items and/or personal possessions.
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Pre-Manufactured Partition Walls
  • Anti-Collapse Mesh
  • Sign and Marking Systems
  • Wiremesh Shelving and Decking
  • Lockers and Cabinets

Storage Machines and WMS

Improve productivity within your warehouse or distribution centre with a high quality automated storage machine from Dexion. These computer controlled storage and transfer systems have the power to significantly improve storage and picking efficiency, helping you to drive down costs, widen profit margins and save valuable space within your warehouse. They are available in vertical and horizontal configurations, and can easily be integrated within an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). Automatic storage systems are known to reduce picking errors by up to 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine floors are an extremely effective way of creating extra floor space within an existing building. An extra-strength construction means loads of up to 1000kg per square meter can be supported, and a high quality stairway ensures safe, easy access. Dexion mezzanine floors are made with extremely strong perimeter railing and can include three different kinds of pallet gate. They are free-standing (no extra load on existing building supports), very easy to build, and can be quickly dismantled for relocation and reuse. Find out more by visiting Dexion online.

Drive-in Racking

Deepstor is a drive-in pallet racking system ideal for warehouses and distribution centres in which large quantities of same type goods are stored (i.e, where a First-In, Last-Out storage principle is applied). Your space can be used up to 90% more effectively with Deepstor than with conventional pallet storage systems – in fact, Dexion Deepstor drive-in pallet racking systems store more pallets per cubic meter than any other storage system.To find out more, please head over to the Dexion website. 



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  • Dexion since the introduction of Slotted Angle some 60 years ago Dexion is sinoumous with adjustable storage systems. Now supplying pallet racking and shelving systems Nationawide we can help you store just about anything.

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