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Established all the way back in 1946, DNH is a family run company specialising in loudspeakers for industrial and commercial applications. There are numerous applications that require loudspeakers, all with their own unique environments and considerations. Over many years, we have developed high quality, reliable products which provide cutting edge solutions. Maybe you’re looking for a loudspeaker that can excel in a clean room environment, in extreme weather conditions or even underwater, we can help.

Although we are based in Norway, up to 90% of our products are exported worldwide. This is a testament to the respect and trust we have nurtured, across a variety of industries. If you’d like to find out more about the business itself or anything that we have to offer, you can visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact our fantastic customer service team and they will do everything they can to help.


Horn Loudspeakers - Visit our website

We supply a selection of quality miniature loudspeakers to suit different industries and environments. Our loudspeakers are manufactured from various plastics or metals and are manufactured to high grade rates. Items within the range include but are not limited to:

  • HP-6 - A 6W plastic miniature loudspeaker that is suitable for inside or outside installation.
  • HPS-6 - A 6W plastic miniature loudspeaker that has a square front for recessed surface mounting and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • HP-8(T) - An 8W plastic miniature loudspeaker that can be mounted on its plastic brackets or recess surface mounted via three hidden screw holes.
  • A-45 - A 6W miniature loudspeaker suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Please visit our website to view the complete range or contact us for further information.

Explosion Proof Loudspeakers - Visit our website

At DNH we supply the industry with a wide range of EX Loudspeakers. The range features various ATEX Zone 1 plastic EX Antistatic Polyamid speakers, Ex Aluminium Horns, Ex Driver Units (features one of the smallest flares in the range as well as the powerful 40W, ATEX approved driver unit), Ex Cabinets, Ex Ceiling speakers designed for flush mounting, as well as the HS-15EExIIN (T) aluminium model and the HP-20EExIIN (T) antistatic polyamide speaker suitable for Zone 2. Our complete range is available to view on our website.

Projector Loudspeakers - Visit our website

We supply two ranges of projector loudspeakers that are manufactured from either aluminium or plastic. Our aluminium models are elegantly designed and feature excellent bi-directional sound quality. Our larger range of plastic models varies to suit different demands and environments such as for railways or airports, indoor or outdoor use. They are all manufactured to high industry standards and meet industry regulations.

Cabinet Loudspeakers - Visit our website

We supply a large selection of cabinet loudspeakers suitable for various applications and environments.

Items include the B-406(T) model which is a 6W plastic low profile cabinet speaker that is suitable for use in speech and background music applications, the ProSound-300(T) which is a 30W co-axial plastic cabinet projector that enables a combination of high quality music reproduction and clear public address, the SAFE-m6(T) which is a 6W metal vandal-proof cabinet speaker that is IP56 rated and particularly suitable for public areas where precautions are needed against destructive treatment, and the TRIC 6 which is a 6W low profile plastic cabinet speaker of a unique design and shape and suitable for areas that deamnd high quality speech or background music.

For details of the complete range, please visit our website.

Ceiling Loudspeakers - Visit our website

Our ceiling loudspeakers are largely manufactured from aluminium and plastic. A selection of four aluminium models can be used for speech, alarm and music due to their wide frequency range as well as for public address announcements. Our slightly larger selection of plastic models features different properties for use in a range of settings. All with new and improved mounting systems, the range is quick and easy to install and come with changeable hooks to set upside down allowing up to 55mm on the ceiling thickness. We also supply a selection of high power ceiling loudspeakers in either 30W or 60W models. These feature excellent frequency properties and transmit a clear sound.

Clean Room Loudspeakers - Visit our website

Our clean room loudspeakers include:

  • BLC-550 CR(T) - this cabinet speaker is designed to meet the demands of strictly clean areas such as production facilities, micro-electronics, or for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • CR-6(T) - This completely waterproof clean room speaker is suitable for areas where cleanliness is critical or in conditions of high humidity.
  • BP - 560CR(T) - This flexible 5inch ceiling speaker is versatile for fixing to various surfaces.
  • CAP-15WCR(T) - This model is specifically designed for clean room applications. It is manufactured to IP55 grade and features a PA back lid.
  • BK-560 CR(T) - Another 5inch ceiling speaker designed for clean room applications. This versatile model can be installed in most environments.

Column Loudspeakers - Visit our website

We supply three main models of high quality column loudspeakers. These include CAS-6(T), CAS-15(T) and CAS-30(T). These models are designed for indoor and outdoor nstallation and are suitable for a range of applications such as for public places, airports, churches, conference rooms, sport arenas, and more. They are all of a sleek design and are simple and easy to install. These models have a prominent and clear sound.

Music Masters Loudspeakers - Visit our website

We supply a range of five high quality, stylish music masters loudspeakers. Models within the range include:

  • MD-40(T) - This model meets IP44 grade for external mounting.
  • MD-120(T) and MD-200(T) and MD-300(T) - These models have been designed and
    manufactured for indoor and outdoor installation for high quality sound. MD loudspeakers are widely used in areas such as sports arenas, fitness centres, shopping centres, parks, or entertainment where the quality of the sound is imperative.

Beacon - Visit our website

We offer a variety of flashing loudspeaker Beacons, including the BS-21 ExeN and BS-21. DNH Beacons are the ideal solution for customers who are looking for compact, lightweight devices, with high intensity operation. The products themselves are manufactured using an anodized aluminium alloy and feature a powder coating, ensuring quality and durability. Our beacons can also work across a wide temperature range, from -50°C to 58°C. For full technical information on these products, don't hesitate to visit the website. 


EN 54 - 24 - Visit our website

When speakers are used for fire and emergency announcements they must be manufactured to comply with EN54-24 standards. At DNH we supply four speakers that are tested and certified to EN54-24 standards. These models are manufactured from high quality materials and are designed to be tough and reliable. Please see the range in full on the DNH website.

Junction Boxes - Visit our website

Junction boxes provide a simple but extremely important function of both protecting electrical wires from the environment and protecting people from potential shocks. Our range of junction boxes come with multiple possible entries and are delivered with blind plugs and cable glands. Customers can visit our website for further information on these products or you can contact us directly. 

Underwater - Visit our website

The Aqua-30 loudspeaker has been designed specifically for the unique conditions found underwater. The device itself is completely sealed and manufactured from PA materials. There are many underwater applications in which the Aqua-30 would be the ideal solution, including synchronised swimming, leisure parks and diving courses, just to name a few. It's worth noting that we also offer a shock absorber, specifically made for the Aqua-30 loudspeaker. More information on our underwater products can be found online. 




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