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CPL Ness Heatshrink is a specialist manufacturer of heat shrinkable plastic sleevings and mouldings. We're part of the CPL industries group, meaning we've got access to technology and testing facilities that few others can match. It's this backing that has enabled Heatshrink to develop the finest plastic sleevings and mouldings on the market.

It's our aim to provide the most comprehensive range of heat shrinkable sleevings and mouldings to cover a variety of applications – so whether you need plastic sleevings or mouldings for high temperature protection, electrical insulation, moisture protection, abrasion resistance, or even just for an aesthetic finish, we've got the materials to do the job. We make it a priority to deliver your sleevings and mouldings as soon as possible. In most cases, you can expect despatch of in-stock materials on the same day that we receive your order.

So if you need high quality heat shrinkable sleevings and mouldings that do the job, you're certainly in the right place. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful representatives. They'll provide you with all the information you need, and help to find the right solution for your individual requirements.

NBRE - Visit our website

Formulated to meet even the most exacting specifications, NBRE is a premium grade, thin wall polyolefin sleeving that offers exceptional flexibility and flame resistance. These sleevings are available in a wide range of sizes up to 102mm diameter, and have a shrink ratio of 2:1. A number of colour options are also available for coding and identification. NBRE is used in many applications both for protective and aesthetic purposes. It also offers good chemical and solvent resistance, as well as electrical performance. Tensile strength is 10.4N/mm.

NTRV - Visit our website

NTRV is an entry level PVC sleeving that represents excellent value for money. Its sensible price makes NTRV ideal for a range of general purpose applications. NTRV is self-extinguishing and benefits from good abrasion resistance, making it ideal for electrical insulation, especially bus bars. Operating temperature range is -30 degrees C to 105 degrees C, while shrinkage temperature exceeds 160 degrees C.  A range of colour options are available, including black, red, blue and yellow. This makes NTRV perfect for protective coverings, cosmetic finishes, as well as coding and identification.

NTTR - Visit our website

NTTR is made from Polyetraflouroethylene (PTFE), meaning this heat shrinkable sleeving can operate at extremely high continuous temperatures of up to 260 degrees C. This makes NTTR ideal for high temperature applications such as hydraulic hose fittings and coupling covers. It is also chemical resistant in even the most hostile environments and does not burn. NTTR has a shrink ratio of 4:1 and is available as a translucent sleeving in sizes up to approximately 32mm diameter. Because it exhibits a low coefficient of friction, NTTR is well suited for applications such as bearing shafts. To find out more about the physical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties of NTTR, all you need to do is follow the link to the Heatshrink website.

NDR - Visit our website

NDR is a cross-linked elastomeric sleeving which is resistant to diesel. This makes it the ideal abrasion resistant insulation for vehicle cables and harnesses. It also benefits from long term heat resistance and high temperature fluid resistance. These semi-flexible black sleevings are available in a range of sizes up to 76mm diameter, with a shrink ratio of 2:1. Operating temperature ranges from -75 degrees C to 130 degrees C. Tensile strength is 10.4N/mm, while dielectric strength is 12KV/mm.

NMW - Visit our website

This medium wall, semi-rigid polyolefin sleeving is available in 1.2 metre unlined lengths, and in a range of sizes of up to 230mm diameter. It is also available with a hot melt adhesive lining NMWA or a mastic sealant NMWA(S), combining the attributes of unlined materials with the benefits of the lining – this is the ideal solution for cable jointing and repairs both above and below ground, as it protects against moisture, salt water and chlorine. NMW's wall thickness is ideal in applications where mechanical strength and wear resistance is important. NMW has a typical shrink ratio of 3:1, and an operating temperature of between -55 degrees C and 80 degrees C. Tensile strength is 14.0N/mm, while dielectric strength is 20KV/mm.

NEC - Visit our website

These are our range of semi-rigid, heat shrinkable polyolefin end caps which are coated with a hot melt adhesive lining on the internal wall. NEC end caps are a quick and extremely effective way of protecting most types of communication and electrical cables from the ingress of moisture. They are also highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion and mechanical damage. Operating temperature is between -55 degrees C and 105 degrees C, while shrinkage temperature exceeds 135 degrees C, with a ratio of 2:1. Tensile strength is 14.0N/mm, while dielectric strength is 11KV/mm. To find out more about the physical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties of NEC caps, please follow the link to the Heatshrink website.

NHT - Visit our website

This is a cross-linked polyolefin tape that is coated on one side with a hot melt sealant. NHT can be used in a wide range of applications, providing a flexible and durable environmental seal. It's useful as a cost-effective temporary repair to PVE or polyolefin covered cables. NHT tape is 1.05mm thick and has an adhesion peel strength of 2.2kg/cm (to galvanised steel). All physical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties can be found by following the link.

NTRK - Visit our website

Offering outstanding tensile strength, NTRK is an ideal choice of sleeving for wires and components which require a greater level of protection. Manufactured from cross-linked Kynar, it benefits from fire-retardant properties and chemical, fuel and solvent resistant characteristics. Operating temperature range is -55°C to + 175°C, while shrinkage temperature is less than 175°C. NTRK is fully compliant with MIL-1-23053/8, UL224 VW 1, CSA and Def Stan 59-97 type 3. T. For full details and specifications, please visit our website.

NAC - Visit our website

NAC heat shrinkable anode caps are made from a semi-rigid polyolefin that is internally coated with a highly protective mastic lining. They are made to withstand some of the most aggressive environmental conditions, and will resist chlorine and moisture attack. Operating temperature range is between -55°C and + 70°C, while shrinkage temperature is less than 135°C. Like many of our materials, NAC caps benefit from a good storage stability and a high tensile strength. You can find full details on the physical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties of our NAC caps by visiting our website.

NCPM - Visit our website

NCPM is a range of expandable braid cable jackets manufactured from monofilament polyester. They are used to add mechanical protection to cable groups, and are easily fitted by simply pushing back the jacket over the bundles. The jacket expands over the bundles and retracts to hold the cables in place. Monofilament polyester is highly resistant to solvent attack, has an operating temperature range up to 150°C, and benefits from self-extinguishing properties.

NVTN - Visit our website

Our VITON heat shrinkable sleeving is manufactured from a cross-linked flouroelastomer. It operates at high, continuous temperatures of up to 200°C and is resistant to chemical attack. It is self-extinguishing and is tough and robust withstanding impact and mechanical abuse. This black sleeving is available in a range of sizes up to 51mm diameter and complies with DEF STAN 59-97 type 4A approval. VITON is a trademark of Du Pont. Please visit our website to view full technical specifications.

NDW - Visit our website

NDW semi-flexible, dual wall heat shrinkable sleeving is available in a range of colours. As the sleeving shrinks, its inner adhesive lining melts and flows to encapsulate the contained components in order to provide a permanent moisture barrier. It is widely used for the protection of cable jackets, wire splices and electrical components. This product is enhanced by its 3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratio making it versatile and suitable for use with a range of diameter applications. It is supplied in 1.2 meter lengths or continuous reels in certain sizes. Please see full technical details on our website.

NMA - Visit our website

NMA is a hot melt adhesive liner that has been expertly designed and created to encapsulate and bond a substrate to a covering sleeve. It features an operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C and a softening temperature 95 +/- 5°C. It is designed to suit most heat shrink sleevings.

Application of NMA is straight forward. Once the substrate has been gently heated, the tape should be applied immediately under slight tension with just a small overlap of the edges. The sleeving is then placed over the tape and shrunk.

Cutting & Printing - Visit our website

Here at CPL Ness, we provide first class cutting and printing services to save you time and money. We cut heatshrink sleeving to suit specific customer requirements and can print the sleeving with company artwork. Cut sleeves are widely used as a permanent method of identifying wires, cable and components as well as providing vital information or instructions. Please call our friendly team at CPL Ness with your requirements and/or to find out more about our services.

Company Profile - Visit our website

CPL Ness Heatshrink is a well-established UK company based in Cwm Coking Works in Mid Glamorgan. We can be contacted by telephone, fax and email, details of which are available at our website. We have also included an online enquiry form at our website and once we have assessed your details we will contact you as soon as possible. Our experienced advisors will be happy to help with your product purchased or will answer any questions you may have regarding any of our products.

Contact CPL Ness Heatshrink - Visit our website

CPL Ness Heatshrink offers a range of high quality heat guns featuring brushless motors and 1500 watt motors. Our heat guns come with built in temperature sensors allowing for fine reduction nozzles to be used for precise heat spot orientation applications as well as for soldering and other precision work. Heat gun operating temperatures range from 300 to 525 degrees Celsius. Please visit the CPL Ness Heatshrink website for more specifications of our heat guns or contact one of our experienced advisors for details.



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