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CCTVdirect specialises in the supply of top quality CCTV equipment and kits to customers based throughout the UK and across Europe.

We supply a wide range of security equipment featuring a core range of CCTV cameras, CCTV recorders, IP network cameras and recorder, PTZ cameras and HD CCTV and more.

We are pleased to have built great relationships with many leading manufacturers which enables us to supply the industry with high quality, reliable security solutions.

Our team follows strict quality control procedures and testing procedures to ensure all equipment is sent out and delivered to customers in tip top condition.

Our dedicated personal account-managers work closely with customers to ensure the most suitable and effective security equipment and systems are selected.

Please follow the link to our website to view our comprehensive selection of security equipment. All items can be ordered easily online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at CCTVdirect and we will be happy to help.


Here at CCTVdirect we have created four fantastic CCTV Kits to make the task of CCTV selection easy and straightforward. Our ranges feature our best-selling cameras and DVR’s along with all the accessories you may need to install your security system.

  • 2 Camera CCTV Kits: range features Samsung Camera CCTV Kit, Silver Defender 2 Camera Professional CCTV Kit, Silver Defender Vandal Dome 2 Camera Kit and Gold Defender 2 Camera Professional CCTV Kit.
  • 4 Camera CCTV Kits range includes Silver Enforcer 4 Internal Camera Professional CCTV Kit, Silver Enforcer 4 Camera Professional CCTV Kit, Silver Enforcer Vandal Dome 4 Camera Kit and Gold Enforcer 4 Camera Professional CCTV Kit.

We also supply various 8 and 16 Camera Kits and HD Kits. Please visit our website to view the range in full.


We also offer an excellent range of HD CCTV equipment that has been expertly designed to provide sharper CCTV imaging. The range includes:

  • HD Kits: these kits have been created to provide users with HD cameras, DVR’s and equipment all in one purchase.
  • HD-Cameras: features various High Definition Twilight HD Ultra Low Light Cameras and the Twilight Pro Nero Day and Night ICR Camera.
  • HD-DVR’s: features the Venom Alpha 4 – High Definition 1080P-HD-SDI DVR and the Venom Alpha 8 – High Definition 1080P HD-SDI DVR.
  • HD-Accessories: we also offer HD accessories including the HD-SDI 2 Megapixel Lens, HD-SDI Repeater/ Splite and the HD-SDI to HDMI Converter.

CCTV Recorders

Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) are necessary for recording CCTV footage. We offer a selection of 4 Channel DVR’s, 8 Channel DVR’s and 16 Channel DVR’s.

  • 4 Channel DVR’s: includes the Orion 4 Channel D1 CCTV DVR + Network + Mobile phone remote viewing and the XDH4 Compact DVR Real Time Internet and Mobile Ready.
  • 8 Channel DVR’s: includes the Orion 8 Channel D1 CCTV DVR, XDH8 Compact DVR, Venom Elite 8ch Full D1 RealTime DVR and the XDH8 Pro Realtime DVR.
  • 16 Channel DVR’s: includes the XDH Compact 16 Channel DVR Realtime Internet and Mobile Ready, XDH16 Pro Realtime 16ch DVR and Mobile View and Internet and Venom Elite 16 Channel DVR.

External Cameras

  • Dome Style Cameras: the range includes Twilight FLD – High Resolution 700TVL Vandal IR Domes, Twilight Pro 630TVL Ultra Low Light Dome, Twilight PRO 630 TVL – 2.8-12mm Lens – 30M IR and the Twilight Pro Neptune Low Light – 700TVL 2.8-12mm Auto Iris Lens – ICR Cut Filter.
  • IR Cameras: includes MFL High Res 540TVL Mini Camera, Twilight VFC Adjustable Ultra High Res 700TVL, KillerCam – True Day/Night IR Bullet, KillerCam2 Long Range 100m IR, Intelligent Licence Plate Recognition Camera and more.
  • Traditional Housings: the Haydon Metro Camera Housing is a fully cable managed CCTV camera housing with side opening for easy installation. Weatherproof to IP67.

Internal Cameras

We also offer a fantastic selection of Body Style Cameras and Dome Style Cameras that have been expertly designed and created to keep the inside of properties safe.

  • Body Style Cameras: this range features the Twilight Ultra Low Light Body Camera, Twilight Pro Corpus Body Camera ( lens – 600TVL), Twilight Pro 23xzoom Camera and the JVC Super LoLux Camera Day/Night 600TVL (24VAC/12VDC, TK-C9200EX).
  • Dome Style Cameras: this range features the Twilight Internal Fixed Lens Dome, Twilight Pro 600 TVL 3.6mm Wide Angle Internal Dome Camera, Twilight Pro 600 TVL – Ultra High Res – Vari-Focal 2.8-11mm Internal Pro Dome, Twilight Pro Internal 20m IR Camera with Vari-Focal Lens and the JVC Internal Super LoLux Mini Dome Camera 600TVL, TK-C2201EX.

PTZ Cameras

Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras feature remote directional and zoom control. They allow users to adjust the angle of the camera and focus to a specific area or subject. Users can zoom in easily and alter the view point. We offer an excellent range of top quality PTZ cameras including: Twilight Pro 10X Compact Internal High Speed PTZ Camera, Twilight Pro 12x Compact External High Speed PTZ Camera and the Twlight Pro 33X High Speed External PTZ Camera. We also supply various PTZ Controllers and PTZ detection equipment. Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are ideal for users who wish to record surveillance footage in secret. These compact cameras can be easily disguised or concealed for recording in all kinds of environments and situations. We supply an excellent range of covert cameras including: HD Spy Watch + IR Illumination – 4GB, Twight Hidden PIR Cam 650TVL Wide Angle Lens, Ultra High Resolution Twilight Pro Covert Pinhole Hidden Camera and the Ultra High Resolution Twilight Pro Mini Covert Camera. Please see full product descriptions online, including images and prices. All items can be ordered quickly and easily for our online checkout system.

Vehicle CCTV

We also supply the excellent VCam complete vehicle CCTV with GPS Mapping, Two Cameras and Impact Sensors. The VCam is designed for filming footage within vehicles and features a dual camera to enable internal and external filming at the same time. The VCam records high quality video images of the road in front of the vehicle as well as video recordings of the interior of the vehicle (including audio). Its state of the art GPS system enables users to monitor vehicle position and speed. To install the VCam, users simply clip it into a windscreen mounted bracket, usually positioned near the rear view mirror. It is powered from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Please follow the link to our website to view video footage of the VCam in action.

CCTV Lenses

CCTVdirect supplies a fine selection of lenses to suit all cameras in our range. The range of lenses includes Lens 8mm, Lens 3.5-8mm, Tamron Lens 1/3inch DC Iris 3.0-8mm, IR day/night for use with JVC body cameras, Tamron Lens 1/3inch DC Iris 5.0-55mm, IR day/night, for use with JVC body cameras and Tamron Megapixel Lens 1/3inch DC Iris 3.0-8mm for use with JVC body cameras. Please see full product descriptions online.

CCTV Accessories

We also supply all the accessories you may need to install your security systems. We supply various brackets, CCTV warning signs and other essential accessories such as square weatherproof joint/ junction boxes, RG59+2 cable clips, 4GB USB memory stick, large weatherproof joint/ junction box, extra large weatherproof joint/ junction box, Balun King coaxial ground loop isolator, covert audio microphone, small security cage, infrared remote extender, BNC to VGA converter, digital RF modulator and Haydon Metro camera housing. Please visit the CCTVdirect website for all of your security equipment and accessories. All items are supplied at competitive prices.

Wiring & Power

CCTVdirect also supplies all wiring and power equipment needed to get your security system up and running. Our range of equipment includes:

  • Power Supplies: range includes Power Splitter 4 Way, 1 Amp Power Supply for Cameras, 5 Amp Inline Power Supply for Cameras, various Haydon and Dantech Power Supplies.
  • Pre Made Leads: includes various BNC to BNC leads of different lengths, cable with BNC to BNC and Power, 3m HDMI to HDMI Lead, 5m VGA-VGA Lead and many more.
  • Professional Cable: includes RG59+2 Cable Clips, 6 Core and 8 Core Alarm Cable, RG59 Coaxial Cable 100m Drum, External Grade CAT5E Cable and more.

Please visit our website to view the complete range.


CCTVdirect supplies a wide selection of high quality Video Baluns and CCTV Connectors:

  • Video Baluns: range includes Mini CAT5 Video Balun, Mini CAT5 Video Balun with pigtail, Power and Video CAT5 Video Balun, PTZ Video CAT5 Balun, Easy Power and Video Balun, Balun King Coaxial Ground Loop Isolator, 4 Way Video Balun, Balun King Balun Humbug Balun, 8 Way Video Balun and 16 Way Video Balun.
  • CCTV Connectors: DC Power Jack Connector – Male, Female DC Power Jack Connector, BNC Inline Connector, BNC T Piece. 1 Female 2 Male, Male BNC Plug to Phono, Phono to Female BNC, 10 x RG59 Boot, RJ45 – Connector for CAT5 and many more.


Please visit our website to take a look at our excellent range of top quality monitors. The range features monitors in different sizes to suit specific customer requirements. Examples of the range include: 2.5inch CCTV Test Monitor, 8inch LCD CCTV Monitor, iiyama 17inch E1706 VGA monitor, Twilight Pro CCTV Tester, 22inch LED Backlit Full HD Monitor HDMI/VGA, iiyama C1911S-B3 19inch LED Security Monitor with BNC and VGA Input, JVC 17inch LCD Monitor, JVC 19inch LCD Monitor, JVC 19inch Monitor, LED Backlit, 16:9 Widescreen and JVC 23inch LCD Monitor, LED Backlit, 16:9inch Widescreen.

Alarm Products

Alongside our extensive range of top quality CCTV equipment, we also supply various alarm products and accessories. The range includes: Alarm Accessories, Alarm Batteries, Alarm Panels, PIR’s and Wireless Alarms. Please see all items in the range on our website. Full product descriptions, including images and prices are available. All items can be ordered securely online. FREE delivery is available on orders over £200 and next day despatch is available on orders received before 5pm.


Lighting is widely used in security systems to act as a deterrent and to secure properties. We supply the 400W PIR Security Light, Ganz IR40i Illuminator and the Ganz 100 IR Illuminator. All items are tough and robust for long term use in all kinds of weather. Please follow the link to our website to read our product descriptions and view our product ratings.



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