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BSRIA is an independent, member-based organisation that provides specialist consultancy, testing, research and instrument distribution services for clients within the construction, building services and facilities management industries. Our aim is to promote energy and water efficiency, best practice in construction and effective operation of buildings by providing expert support and advice based on over 50 years of experience. 

As a non-profit, member-based association, BSRIA is able to provide independent, impartial advice based on product testing and market research. Any profits made by the organisation are reinvested in our ongoing research programme, producing industry-recognised best practice guidance. 

Founded in 1955, BSRIA (The Building Services Research and Information Association) is one of the most established organisations of its kind. In 2011-12, the company had a turnover of £11.7 million. We currently employ 180 people at our head office in Bracknell and at offices in Germany, France, Spain, China, Malaysia and North America. 

We offer a range of services designed to help companies improve the design, build and operation of buildings. You can find details of these in the sections below. If you would like any further information about BSRIA and the services we offer, please get in touch on 01344 465600.


BSRIA provides an accredited nationwide airtightness testing service for all types of building. Whether it’s a single dwelling or a large commercial development, we can help you achieve compliance with the Building Regulations. We have engineers on hand throughout England, Wales and Scotland, and can also offer airtightness testing in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland through our partnership with Anderson Mechanical Services. 

BSRIA has been carrying out airtightness assessments for over 30 years, in which time we have completed some 5,000 tests. Our aim is to ensure your building passes first time, but if it doesn’t, we’ll provide practical, cost-effective remedies on-site to ensure it’s ready next time around. 

For more information on our airtightness testing services, head over to BSRIA online or get in touch with our customer services department on 01344 465600.

BSRIA Bookshop

The BSRIA Bookshop is where you can browse through all of our technical publications or search our database for a title of particular interest. Our publications are authoritative, independent, and cover a range of topics relating to building services and construction. Most titles are available as hard copies or can be downloaded in PDF format for immediate reading. Employees of member companies can purchase hard copies at discounted prices and download PDF copies free of charge. If you need any help or advice finding or purchasing a book from the BSRIA Bookshop, please contact our sales department on 01344 465529.

Building Compliance

We offer a range of services to help constructors and designers comply with the Building Regulations and to ensure that their buildings are completed to the agreed design requirements. 

With the number and complexity of Building Regulations always increasing, more and more contractors and designers are looking to organisations like the BSRIA to prove their compliance and to guide them through the regulations so that they pass first time. 

At BSRIA, we don’t just help you comply with the regulations: we help you to deliver the best possible building for your clients. Our services cover:

  • Stress-free compliance to Building Regulations.
  • Building control recognised certificates and reports.
  • Support services and consultancy to improve buildings beyond the requirements of the regulations.  

We also offer an Introduction to Building Regulations training course for anyone requiring an overview of the current legislation. 

Business and Strategy

Contractors and design consultancies are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their operations without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. We help them to do this by offering practical, no-nonsense consultancy services designed to streamline business processes, improve service levels and simplify business decision-making. The result is reduced costs, loyal customers and more business. Find out more about our business and strategy services by visiting BSRIA online.

Construction Support

As well as helping construction companies comply with Building Regulations, we provide a number of specialist consultancy services to help them improve their business operations. We provide practical, no-nonsense advice on maximising efficiencies whilst retaining customer loyalty and maintaining quality standards.  Head over to the BSRIA website to find out more.

Design Support

To guarantee good building performance, energy efficiency and occupant comfort you need to ensure that the right decisions are made at the design stage. Making changes later on could prove extremely costly. That’s why many companies look to BSRIA to provide design support and compliance before the build. We offer a one-stop-shop for building design issues, environmental and energy assessment and Part L compliance, whilst also providing advice for improvement. If you would like to benefit from BSRIA’s experience, give us a call on 01344 465600.

Facilities Management

BSRIA offers a variety of strategic consultancy and testing services to help facilities managers operate and maintain their building more efficiently and effectively. We do this by recommending strategies and providing site services to make plant and equipment more reliable, and operations more efficient. Our aim is to make buildings more resilient to risk, more cost-effective to maintain and run, more efficient in terms of energy and other resources, and more comfortable in which to live and work.

Information Services

Our Information Services are based on over 50 years of experience in the construction and buildings management industries. We’re able to offer our members access to a wealth of information and resources. 

BSRIA Library:

  • All major industry journals
  • Over 3000 standards, including BS, BS EN & ISO.
  • Heritage and archive material dating back to 1877.
  • Study area, café and free wifi. 
  • Bi-monthly newsletters.

Technical Enquiries:

  • Engineers and information professionals offering comprehensive technical information and advice. 

BSRIA Bookshop:

  • Technical guides
  • Market reports
  • Free e-downloaded
  • Discounts for members

BSRIA Networks:

Collaborate with professionals with similar interests to you by joining one of our clubs or networks for members and non-members:

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • O&M Benchmarking

Instrument Solutions

Whatever instrument you need, for however long you need it, BSRIA can provide a practical, cost-effective solution. We offer a range of market-leading devices from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Customers can choose to purchase or hire, depending on their requirements. Our range covers a variety of testing and measuring tasks, including:

  • Airflow measurement
  • Sound and vibration analysis
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • Electrical measurement
  • Duct leakage
  • Thermal imaging
  • Building performance evaluation
  • And much more

All instruments are tested and supplied with Certificates of Conformity, as well as operating instructions. 

BSRIA can also arrange instrument calibration within UKAS accredited laboratories. 

Low Carbon Engineering

At BSRIA, our aim is to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and cut their energy costs. Whether your building is in its design stages or has been occupied for many years, we’ll provide the advice and guidance you need to fulfil your low-carbon objectives. We offer a range of services across design, construction and operation.

Worldwide Market Intelligence

BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence (WMI) division is a globally recognised source of strategic market intelligence and provides information and advice to some of the biggest names in the building services industry. The research carried out at WMI helps clients make more informed business decisions.

We provide strategic, market-based solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. We help you to meet customer demands, track competitor activity, identify market opportunities, evaluate new markets, and develop sales, marketing and distribution strategies.

Find out more about our Worldwide Market Intelligence services by visiting BSRIA online. 

BSRIA Membership

BSRIA membership is open to any company with an interest in building services and construction. That includes designers, contractors, building owners/operators, manufacturers and suppliers, clients and architects. Members have full access to our information services and can benefit from expert advice and guidance on all matters relating to construction and building management.

By becoming a member of BSRIA, your company benefits as a whole: staff at all levels have access to valuable industry information that could have a bearing on the future success of your business. 

For more on the benefits of BSRIA membership, please head over to our website or contact us directly on 01344 465600.


At the heart of BSRIA is our ongoing research programme. We’re always looking for ways to make improvements to building services and construction, whether that means breaking new ground with innovative ideas or researching the best way to apply new technologies, techniques and processes. 

We have a strong track record of delivering results and disseminating practical information through published guidance, seminars and press articles. Our research currently supports over 600 member companies, helping them to improve techniques and processes, examine the viability of new technologies, apply existing technologies from different sectors, monitor performance of products, energy and water use, and make decisions on business strategy. 

Test and certification

BSRIA run an independent, UKAS accredited laboratory in which we’re able to test, validate and verify HVAC systems and products in accordance with recognised industry standards. We offer a variety of standard and bespoke services for global market approvals. 

Our fast turnaround ensures speedy product compliance, CE approval, fitness for purpose and time-to-market while also improving your competitive advantage. 

We offer:

  • Standard testing to BS EN, ASHRAE ISO, for CE approval and local incentive schemes
  • Product research and development
  • Bespoke and mock-up testing for projects
  • On-site and witness testing

Training, conferences, seminars and workshops

We offer a variety of training courses, conferences, seminars and workshops all delivered by our dedicated BSRIA Training division. Our courses have been developed over a number of years and are based on knowledge and experience gained from leading edge research and first hand industry insight. Download our 2013 training brochure at BSRIA online.


Few organisations can offer the same level of support as BSRIA can. We provide a range of troubleshooting services for buildings in operation as well as for those yet to be handed over. From simple performance checks completed in a day to in-depth investigations into building problems and plant failure, we can provide a troubleshooting solution for all requirements. We use a variety of specialist tools, instruments and equipment to identify and resolve problems relating to:

  • Thermal comfort
  • Humidity and ventilation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Light and noise levels
  • Power quality and electromagnetic fields. 

As an independent company, we’re able to provide expert, impartial advice and guidance and will always suggest the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. 



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