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Boxx Tv are providers of revolutionary microwave broadcast equipment for live-to-air broadcasts, ENG operations, portable field monitoring, video-assist applications and more. Previously, only high end production companies and large outside broadcast firms have been able to use digital microwave links to deliver perfect picture through walls and floors, but our radical technology provides the same reliability at a fraction of the cost.

Our team of technical and industry professionals have years of experience in the broadcast and television production industry, and have designed our innovative digital microwave solutions to have maximum functionality and ease of use. We take pride in our place at the forefront of innovations in the industry, and 2005 saw us win an Emmy for Engineering Excellence.

With our broadcast systems being utilised worldwide, Boxx Tv are well-versed in the demands of the global market. As well as providing our product sales and rentals, we have a consulting division who can help customers in tailoring a service that suits their specific requirements.


If you need high quality, uncompressed, zero delay HD and SD live transmission with incredibly low latency, then the Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is for you. The Meridian system is suitable for applications such as large screen presentations, live broadcast events and award ceremonies, using licence exempt channels and offering secure encrypted transmissions.

The Meridian offers a range of features, including high quality uncompressed video, zero frame latency, 5GHz licence exempt band, simultaneous HD down converter/scaler, and the option to switch between multiple cameras.

New Meridian Model

Boxx TV has developed an addition to its popular Meridian module.  A new SDI (Serial Digital Interface) Loop enhancement, supporting two monitors was demonstrated at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in 2014.  The enhancement allows the Meridian to send a live image to the camera operator’s monitor, plus a live feed to the monitor of the Director of Productions.  The already versatile Meridian benefits from dual SDI in and SDI out and composite connections.  You can read more on our web site about this improvement to the Meridian, which was prompted by customer requests and is sure to prove very popular.


When wireless ENG and HD live productions necessitate signal reliability and range, the Zenith wireless system is the solution. The Zenith system has a unique network capability, deploying inexpensive receiver nodes to provide a near infinite shooting area. Another strength is its “wide-bandwidth mode”, which allows it to navigate around interference, providing a robust and incredibly stable link.

The Zenith system can be fully configured through a web interface and monitoring of statistics can be done on portable devices such as smart phones. Other features of the Zenith system include 90 millisecond latency, adjustable bandwidth between 5 and 40 MHz, a point-to-point range of up to 20km, 2 to 14Mb encoding bitrate, and secure encrypted transmission.

New Zenith Model

Also featured at the NAB 2014 event were Boxx’s new feature options for the Zenith long range transmitter.  These updates have resulted in a reduction of latency from four frames to two.  Additionally, communications and control features have been added, which are a boon to camera operators during live broadcasts.  An SDI (Serial Digital Interface) loop feature enables an additional monitor (eg a monitor for a Steadicam) to show the same image that is being sent to the director’s monitor.  The update includes a Return Audio feature, which can function as IFB (Interruptible Foldback).  Also featured is a remote control for the Iris and Tally light, which operates on a licence-exempt frequency.  Visit our website to find out more about these new features.

Camera Control

At Boxx, we can provide a range of camera telemetry solutions, whatever your budget.

Our cost-efficient Tallis systems control just Iris and Tally and are compatible with any camera through the lens' 12 pin cable. These systems use the camera manufacturer's original RCP and are available as tally only or both iris and tally. Other key features of our Tallis systems include bi-directional data that shows full feedback display, robust frequency-hopping/DTS, iris control for any lens that has a 12-pin Hirose connector, zero configuration set up, and tally light for outdoor visibility.


The robust and unique Cobalt SD wireless microwave system provides a live-to-air microwave link for any camera, with no ghosting, interference or break-up. It is only a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, which is why it has become a worldwide alternative to COFDM systems in a range of broadcasting applications.

The Cobalt's bi-directional transmission system involves each data packet being acknowledged by the receiver, which allows lost data to be re-sent and a robust link to be maintained. Other features of the Cobalt system include an automatic dynamic data rate, secure encrypted transmission, automatic channel selection, licence exempt with up to 11 channels, manual configuration via RS-232 port, and a diversity antenna transmission and receiving system.

Tailoring a Solution to Meet your Individual Needs

We understand that different situations and environments come with different challenges, so we work with our clients to provide solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Whatever your environment or filming conditions, we have a range of accessories that we can use to optimise the performance of our solutions to suit your application.

News and Testimonials

You can see excellent evidence of the quality and diversity of Boxx TVs products in the News and Testimonials section of our website.  We share information about many recent projects and successes, with comments from clients.  A wide range of projects are highlighted, including use of the Zenith at the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Toronto, Boxx Wireless used on the set of Black Sails and Meridian Broadcast Receiver now installed in a 56,000 seater multi-purpose outdoor stadium in Edmonton, Canada.  There is an article outlining  how Boxx Meridian went to Bollywood, where it is now widely used, and many more.


At Boxx TV, we understand how important it is for our customers to have access to full information and technical details about our products.  Included on our website are a number of downloads.  Here you will find comprehensive information on the Meridian Broadcast System and the Meridian Portable System, along with a Quick Start guide and User Manual.  There is also detailed information about the Cobalt Broadcast Receiver System and set up, as well as downloads pertaining to the Zenith Wireless HD system and guides for Camera Control.  Of course, we are always pleased to hear from you and offer advice and information as needed.


Our extensive selection of videos, available on our website, highlights the variety and scope of Boxx systems.  You can see our products being set up and in use at high profile events such as the Royal Wedding, the Martin Luther King Parade, the Bournemouth Air show and many well-known television programmes, such as the X-Factor, Law and Order, Red Dwarf and many many more.  You will be impressed by the vast variety of applications and the successes of Boxx TV systems.


We have included on our website a comprehensive selection of frequently asked questions, dealing with Boxx Systems, Camera Control as well as Support.  If you have a query, take a look at the web page, because the answer may well be there.  But if you can’t find what you are looking for and would simply prefer to deal with us more directly, go the Contact page to easily get in touch.  We are always pleased to hear from you and happy to offer advice, information and support.



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