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Ascott Smallholding Supplies Ltd is a specialist supplier of agricultural and horticultural equipment for cattle, goat, sheep and poultry keepers, cheese and yogurt makers, and smallholders. Our catalogue includes a broad range of competitively priced products, including animal feeds, agricultural and poultry equipment, livestock accessories, dairy and milking equipment, electric fencing, vermin and pest control products, mills and shelling machines, and much more. We also offer farm house kitchen products such as glass jars, fruit presses, and even sausage making supplies! In fact, whatever you need, it’s likely we’ll have it. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s likely that we can get it – or know someone who can!

As a family run business, we make a point of offering top quality products at sensible prices, as well as providing a friendly, helpful service. We are always delighted to help our customers in any way we can. We’re only a phone call away, so if you have any questions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our products can be delivered almost anywhere in the UK, so when you’re in need of agricultural and horticultural supplies and have not the time to get out and fetch them, come directly to Ascott! All of our products can be purchased from our online store.

Garden and Estate Machinery

Ascott Smallholding Supplies Ltd offers a full range of top quality garden and estate machinery. Available from our online store are a selection of trollies, wheelbarrows and sack trucks, all of which are suitable for the farm, smallholding, equestrian yard or garden. We’ve also got 3.5hp tillers which work to a depth of 10”, hedge trimmers, garden rollers, sprayers and spreaders, chainsaw and logging equipment including log splitters, saw horses and safety equipment, and a range of wild bird nesting boxes. Produced from thick cut FSC, these boxes are robust, practical, and easy to refill and clean.

Poultry, Organic Animal Feeds and New Dog Foods

We supply a great range of poultry feeds, sheep feeds, goat feeds and dog feeds from leading brands. This includes GM free goat, sheep and poultry feeds from Allen and Page and The Organic Feed Company. For more information and recommended quantities, please follow the link to the Ascott Smallholding Supplies website. We also offer our very own label of dog feeds and supplements, as well as poultry grit and wood shavings for poultry and animal bedding.

Poultry Equipment, Housing, inc. Incubators

Ascott makes available a comprehensive range of poultry equipment, including housing, incubators, feeders, egg packaging supplies, lighting, and health products such as mite and lice powders. Our poultry arks, pens, and automatic pop hole door openers are suitable for all types of poultry, chicks, hens, geese, ducks, quail, and waterfowl. Solar panel systems are a practical, energy efficient method of lighting your poultry houses and sheds. Our poultry incubators, brooders, brooder bulbs and accessories are produced by market-leading brands such as Brinsea and Novital. Our egg packing supplies include egg boxes, egg trays, and egg sale labels, boards and banners. Other equipment includes pluckers from Novital and Bingham, leg rings, feed bins, scoops, egg washers, and poultry movement crates.

Vermin and Pest Control

We provide live traps and cage traps for controlling rats, mice, foxes, moles, rabbits and other vermin. Also available are rat and mouse electronic zapper killers, rat and mouse baits and bait boxes which are used by the largest professional pest control companies, mole smokes and mole traps, bird repellers and scarers, and fly, insect and wasp control products, including sprays, papers, and swatters.

Agricultural Equipment and Livestock Accessories

Featured in this category of livestock accessories are ear tags, pig slappers, and marker sprays and crayons for sheep, goats, cattle and pigs. We also supply floor standing and wall mountable water troughs and feed troughs from JFC, all of which are designed with modern farming practices in mind.
Our range of buckets and bucket holders are suitable for general use around your farm, smallholding, stable or garden, while we also have a selection of non-toxic rubber Kanguro Buckets and Tub Trugs in many shapes and sizes.

Other agricultural equipment available for purchase on the Ascott website includes feeding equipment for youngstock, shears and trimming knives, hayracks and hay bags, manure forks and bedding forks for use in the stable, heaters and stoves, wheelbarrows, shepherds supplies, and a
comprehensive range of handheld and electrical tools. To find out exactly what we have to offer, please follow the link to our website.

Horticultural Supplies and Equipment

If you’re a smallholder looking for horticultural equipment, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Ascott offers a broad range of equipment for smallholdings and large gardens, including watering cans, seeders, cutting and pruning tools, cropping and harvesting tools, cutting and reaping tools, and other specialist tools.

We also have a selection of traditionally styled planters for salads, vegetables, strawberries, peas and beans, as well as a range of horticultural sundries, including netting, tree guards, landscape fabric,
composts and more. To complete this excellent category, Ascott offers fruit punnets, vegetable sacks, potato sacks, and other horticultural packaging supplies.

Electric Fencing and Logging

When you need electric fencing for the protection of your animals, come directly to Ascott! We offer complete electric fencing kits, with everything you need to get started. These systems have been used by our customers for years, so you can rely on the excellent protection they
offer. If you just need parts for your electric fencing systems, then you’ll find everything you need on the Ascott website. We supply netting, posts, batteries, battery leads, testers, polywire, tape, screws,
earth stakes, digging bars, fencing pliers, as well as fencing energisers from Hotline Fencing, a reputable manufacturer of electric fence systems.

Mills and Shellling Machines

Ascott offers a choice of mills and shelling machines from Novital, a market-leading manufacturer of agricultural and horticultural supplies. In our online store you’ll find mills for flour making, shelling corn and crushing cereals. All of the mills we supply conform to relevant CE standards and come fitted with safety cut-off devices. We also provide all associated spares for Novital grain mills, including blades. To find out more about our mills and shelling machines, simply follow the link to the Ascott website or give us a call!

Animal Health

For all your animal health supplies, come to Ascott! We’ve got everything you need all under one roof, including louse and fly powders, sprays and wipes, disinfectants, ragwort control products, and a whole host of veterinary supplies including syringes, thermometers, eye balms, gloves, pig oil, liquid paraffin, surgical spirit, antiseptics, and more. Also in our range of animal health products are a broad selection of dietary supplements, including glucose, probiotics, garlic powder, colbalt, and ketosis drench. Lambing and kidding supplies are also available, including lambing gloves, obstetric gel, petroleum jelly, Colostrum feeders, and lambing rope.

Feed Supplements and Mineral Licks

To ensure you’re livestock remains healthy, Ascott offers a broad selection of supplements and mineral licks. We provide limestone flour, cider vinegar, molasses, garlic power, and our own herbal grass seed. We also supply a seaweed supplement called Seaquim, a high quality natural mineral supplement made from ascophyllum nodosum, offering improved fertility and quality of milk in all breeds. Salt licks for goats, sheep, cattle, deer and horses are also available.

Control and Grooming

Ascott supplies a complete range of control and grooming products. In this category you’ll find a selection of animal and insecticidal shampoos, animal brushes, combs, trimmers and scrappers, teathering stakes and chains, leather and nylon collars, halters, and leads, and quality British made goat coats. To find out more about our livestock control and grooming products, simply follow the link to our website or give us a call. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you find the right product.


If you’re a champion of fresh farm produce, we’ve got all the supplies you need. We offer our own food grade self-adhesive labels which are refrigerator proof right down to -20 degrees C. These can be personalised with your very own logos, pictures, inscriptions, contact details and product information. Whatever you want printed, we can do it all in-house. Our large size labels (101 x 63mm) are ideal for egg boxes, jam jars, pickles, fruit punnets, wine and cider bottles. Medium size labels (50 x 60mm) are recommended for all of the above, as well as cheese and cream. Both rectangular and circular shaped labels are available.

Fruit Presses and Home Brew

Ascott supplies a range of fruit presses for home and semi-commercial use. So turn your surplus apples and pears from your garden or orchard into a nutritious natural juice, or use our special cider yeast to create a fine alcoholic beverage. Also available are a number of fruit crushers, from simple beginner’s models to mains powered apple and fruit mills. Complete home brew kits can also be purchased on our website, so if you’re looking for equipment to produce your very own beer, cider or wine, look no further than Ascott!

Dairy, Milking and Cheese Supplies

For all your milking and equipment and sundries, come directly to Ascott. We’ve got everything from udder wipes, to cream separators, milking filters, bags, sealers, bottles, cartons, pasteurisers and milking stands. We also offer a selection of cheese making kits and equipment, yoghurt making equipment, and butter making equipment, including churns, scotch hands and annatto food colour. To find out more about our dairy supplies, all you need to do is follow the link to the Ascott smallholding Supplies website.

Farm House Kitchen

We’ve got an incredible range of products in our Farm House Kitchen section, including everything you need for your country kitchen. This includes jam making products, herb choppers, potato ricers, bean slicers, food driers, pasta machines, waffle irons, and much more. If you’re a jam and preservatives enthusiast, we’ve also got a full range of glass jars and bottles, all supplied with lids and corks. Ascott also offers equipment for making your own sausages, bacon and beefburgers, as well as home smoking equipment!

Gifts & Crafts

In addition to a full range of agricultural and horticultural equipment and supplies, Ascott is pleased to offer a selection of gifts and crafts. On our website you’ll find egg timers, egg baskets and eggcups, door mats, boot scrapers, Swiss cowbells, weaving equipment, Peg Looms, weathervanes, wind chimes, key rings and much more! Don’t forget, our full range of products can be viewed by following the link to the Ascott website.



Registration Number: 04505585
VAT Number: GB666 7779 63
Registered at Companies House:7 August, 2002 (21 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor

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Brand & Trade Names

  • Allen and Page Organic Feeds
  • Ascott Fruit Presses and Crushers
  • AXT Automatic pop hole openers for poultry housing
  • Bradley Food smokers
  • Brinsea Poultry incubators, self build kits and brooders
  • Clair Dairy Equiment - Cream separators and butter machines
  • Ecostat Poultry incubators, self build kits and brooders
  • Eradirat Rat Killer
  • Forsham Cottage Arks Poultry Houses
  • Goat Nutrition Goat feed supplements
  • Littleacre Poultry Houses
  • Neosorexa Bait blocks
  • Novital Poultry incubators, self build kits and brooders. Mills and shelling machines
  • Rockies Mineral Licks
  • Seaquim Seaweed feed supplement
  • Verm-X Pellets Internal parasite control

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