We offer a stunning range of designer products for todays modern bathrooms. From frameless shower screens to contemporary basins with complementary bottle traps and individual basin stands in a selection of styles and finishes

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Registered at Companies House:10 December, 2002 (21 years and 2 months ago)
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  • Aquaplus Solutions Ltd https://aquaplussolutions.com/
  • Bonomi Online - https://bonomi.online/ The history of Bonomi has been made through a century of “craft mania” and entrepreneurial spirit. Generation after generation, each leaving the ambition to improve by continuous, patient and transversal research, rigorous quality control, keeping pace with the evolution of technology, untiring daily efforts nurtured by sobriety. 1927 - The first years of the century are those of Bonomi giuseppe fu Vittorio Foundry and manufacturer of brass products. So many sacrifices, fatigue in every sense, journeys to discover far-off markets. Those markets repay the quality of the products and the tenacity of those that made them. In 1927 the company was awarded a diploma and gold medal at the Turin trade fair. “Production today is not only making things but making sure that quality in production corresponds with quality in service”. Bortolo Bonomi, production and services. And in the 30’s - Converts by producing components for water heating and sanitary systems. In those years a strategic and winning choice is made: Long-term continuous investment, In the most up-to-date machinery. Self-sufficiency in production and technology has not prevented Bonomi from generating important satellite industries, thus creating greater employment. Many sons of the craftsmen who worked freelance for Bonomi are now managers in successful companies. 1946 - Leaving behind them the hard times of the war, in the mid-40s, Bonomi expands and becomes a group: a forerunner of the times, the company becomes an enterprise-network showing its ability to look ahead. To achieve a competitive advantage the company stocks raw materials and thus reduces costs and promotes the creating of new enterprises for the production of accessories and semi-finished products. The group leader is the Idrosanitaria Bonomi, which becomes a reference point in the plumbing sector for the production of taps and fittings. Rationalisation of production and their sales organisation allow Bonomi to dedicate resources to what lies in their heart: quality intended in all its declinations, from materials, to the product, to services. 1960 - It’s the late 50s: a 17-year-old Giuseppe, now chairman of the group, starts his career, first in the workshop, then travelling with his father, Bortolo Bonomi, throughout Europe while brothers Evaristo and Firmo take care of production. They are all Young entrepreneurs who toil ceaselessly, with a strength that remains unchanged today. In 1968 Giuseppe takes his father’s place in managing the company with the unfailing support of his brothers. The entrepreneurial style inherited from his forebears is characterised by wise humbleness which drives him to a continuous comparison with more expert businessmen belonging to other production sectors. This way he learns from others and gains knowledge and experience. 1974 is the year in which Bonomi metalli is established with the mission of trading raw materials. In 1996, the acquisition of Insa, a company producing Bronze castings and now specialised in heating and sanitary components. The threshold of the third millennium sees the entry of a new group member, metalli Pressati Bonomi, a company operating since 1905 in the chrome plated fittings sector. The wish to “create”, Embodied in the wish to “produce” The new millennium could not but see Bonomi incarnate avant-garde design: c4 is the code name for the development project for a special range of taps and fittings. It is the wish to “create”, embodied in the wish to “produce”, the talent of craftsmen expressing the Italian instinct for style. The Bonomi signature and that of designer Sergio Mori appear on the birth certificate of Arco, for the first time proposing an innovative “flat spout” which has met with great success and nowadays is considered a paradigm in tap design. 8 November 2002 - Italian patents & brands office Registration certificate for design and model Nowadays Bonomi represents a consolidated Group and contemporary design brand for Italian taps and fittings. 3 production sites 22 thousand square metres 100 employees Bonomi is Italian - Bonomi has been an Italian family company for generations and all pieces carrying its signature have been manufactured and assembled in Italy. Bonomi is Italian instinct for style: It is design deriving from the wish to “create”, embodied in the wish to “produce”. Bonomi is Italian, cosmopolitan, distinguished by its own fingerprint of style and at the same time open to comparison and the contamination of international design. Bonomi is contemporary - It is the tract of Bonomi style, capable of pondering archetypes of the past, re-proposing them with an essential design that is contemporary because timeless. It is the tradition of craftsmanship fuelled by innovation and research: to offer what modern times ask by anticipating events. It is the interpretation of emotions and modern trends, going beyond fashion of the times. Bonomi guarantees detail ISO 9001 certification Production is controlled using special equipment capable of detecting Micro-leaks which would not show up with traditional means. Use of sophisticated callipers for measuring holes and threads. 100% inspection test on all pieces. Seal tests under pressure. Duration tests on all products. Control of cleaning with selection of pieces treated 100%. Strength tests on metals and components Bonomi is simple to install Simple to mount: working with plumbers, we have perfected a simple installation system. We have invented an exclusive system for the extraction of embedded sink and tub fittings. Bonomi is a complete system Versatile: Bonomi is made of essential elements. Designed to create free combinations making all furnishings unique. A vast range, unique in its kind, with the possibility of interchanging spouts and levers, plates and roses without having to change the mixing groups. With a few embedding systems many variants can be mounted (in the case of the sink, up to 20). The system is completed with a range of accessories which freely “contaminate” the home with style and versatility, from the bathroom to the lounge to the bedroom. The Bonomi Designers Massimiliano Abati Massimiliano Abati was born in Civita Castellana (Vt) in 1975. He studied architecture at the Sapienza di Roma, (Sapienza University in Rome). As visual communication consultant for primary schools, he collaborated at the Portoghesi architect studio from 1998. In 2003, he collaborated with some fashion and performing arts agencies, in the areas of scenography and location. He has designed some concept baths for GSG Ceramic Design. In 2010, he presented the Albero “experience” shower for Flaminia. At present, he oversees the design supervision for several companies, working in design, interiors and communication. Sergio Mori Sergio Mori was born in 1972. He attended the European Institute of Design, joining architect Michele Capuani in the Crystal & Glass workshop. In 1998, he won the 18th Compasso d’Oro (Youth Section), with Piaggio. With architect Paolo De Lucchi, he coordinated the project for Vermoda-Dismero. In 2002, he designed Libera for AV Mazzega. In 2003, he designed c4 for Bonomi and One for Ceramica Flaminia. In 2004, he installed the “percorso divino” at the Salone del Mobile and coordinated “Fluid” with architect Mauro Martinuz. In 2005, he won the International Award Grandesign. In 2009, he collaborated with NAPKIN, HOREKA, HOTECH and finally, with GEELLI. He teaches Interior Design at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia. PLATING TRATMENT Processing performed according: UNI EN ISO 1456:2009 Metallic coating - Electrodeposited coating of nickel plus chromium Corrosion resistance tested according: UNI EN ISO 9227:2012 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - Salt spray tests RAW MATERIAL Certified in conformity with UNI EN 12165-CW617N (Brass bar for forging) UNI EN 12164-CW614N (Brass bar for machining) UNI EN 1982:2008- CB753S (Brass for casting)
  • Deca Bathrooms Online - https://decabathrooms.online/ Deca is a Brazilian company that is part of the Duratex Group, a constituent of the parent company Itausa SA and one of the largest and most successful businesses in South America. Since 1947, the company has occupied a prominent position in the development and production of high quality bathroom ceramics and brassware fittings for both the Brazilian and international export markets. Today Deca’s portfolio includes more than 1,200 lines of ceramics including WC’s, bidets and basins and over 5,000 lines of brassware and accessories With its head office in São Paulo, production is concentrated in state of the art manufacturing facilities in nine cities across Brazil and annual production now exceeds 18 million in metal fittings and 8 million in Vitreous China and Fireclay, ranking Deca as one of the top five manufacturers in the world in terms of volume. With ISO 9001/2000 certification and approximately 6,000 employees, Deca exports to more than 35 countries, including in South Africa, Portugal, the UK, Middle East and the USA. The focus on design lead the company to receive international awards for its products including the iF Design Awards in Hannover, Germany for four consecutive years. Deca has a great concern for the environment and together with other business; they founded the ONG GreenBuilding Council Brazil (GBC Brazil) in 2007 and GreenBuilding Council Paraguay (GBC Paraguay), to assist in the development of products, processes and standards related to sustainable construction. Deca was the only company in its industry to take this initiative. They also have recycling programs for re-use of water, especially in relation to the ceramic production where they achieve 50% water re-use. The alignment of the practices of Deca’s manufacturing facilities to principles and standards spread widely throughout the world is a reflection of the commitment of Deca to environmental advances. Since 2008, the company is a signatory of the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations (UN) which aims to encourage the business sector to adopt corporate socially responsible practices that promote a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Thus, Deca governs their activities based on the ten principles that characterise the treaty for the defense of human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. For Deca to be a great brand it not only has to create innovative products with great quality, it also has to be aware of the impact of each activity on the environment and society as a whole and to have as a major goal, the aim to build a better future. That is why they focus their efforts on actions for sustainability and invest in research to improve their production processes and productivity using natural resources ensuring a low environmental impact. Deca started its operations in the UK in 2002 through its exclusive relationship with Aquaplus Solutions and their products have been installed in some of the UK’s most prestigious residential, hotel and office schemes and is widely respected for offering high quality, beautifully designed products and a huge array of sizes, styles and finishes.
  • GSG Bathrooms Online - https://gsgbathrooms.online/ GSG Ceramic Design, a manufacturing company specialising in the production of high quality sanitary ware, was established in 1968, by Antonio Giovannini, in Civita Castellana, the most important ceramic region of Italy. GSG Ceramic Design exports to 56 different countries across the globe and its products are specified by leading architects and interior designers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The evolution of GSG Ceramic Design has led from the production of neoclassical models to the current offer of an expanding portfolio of beautiful bathroom products with a unique, modern design. In every moment of its history, colour has always been a part of the company’s DNA and for many years, GSG Ceramic Design has been the reference for coloured ceramic; from red to orange, pink to blue, brown to black and now a pallet of 16 contemporary colours in both gloss and matt finish. From its inception through to the current day, with each technical and commercial evolution, GSG Ceramic Design has and will remain true to some important principles on which customers can always rely: High Quality Production Strong, Unique Design Technological Advances Constant Evolution of Product Portfolio Choosing a GSG Ceramic Design product will always mean choosing value beyond a function.
  • Moab80 Online - https://moab80.online/ https://moab80.online/

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