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With over 20 years in the industry, Acoustic Associates is an independent consultancy service that has considerable experience in providing solutions to noise and vibration problems. Its team of qualified consultants are based in eight locations across the nation (Devon, Humberside, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Peterborough, Sussex, Wessex and Worcester) offering a range of services to various businesses, organisations and projects. With a wealth of experience and practical knowledge within the industry the team at Acoustic Associates can solve all of your noise and vibration related problems. We provide cost effective solutions for all projects and use state of the art technology for accuracy and efficiency.

Sound Insulation Testing

Under building regulations introduced in 2003, it is a necessary requirement for organisations to demonstrate their competence to carry out sound insulation testing. As such, we are registered under The Association of Noise Consultants Scheme as a testing organisation. There are various rules and restrictions when it comes to sound testing properties - testing is mandatory for conversions and for most newly–built houses and flats, hostels, hotels, student accommodation etc. If, however, new-build houses or flats use types of construction known as Robust Details and are registered with Robust Details Ltd testing isn’t required. If you are unsure of the regulations that apply to your development, call your nearest branch advisor for further details.

Electro-Acoustic and System Design

Here at Acoustic Services, we excel in our acoustic and system design services. It is one thing to have a top of the range sound system but unless it is set up in a good aural environment the acoustic system will not be heard to its full potential. We therefore create a balance where the sound system is set up in an appropriately designed aural environment. In regards to concerns about costs, we advise clients to create a balance between the cost paid out for a sound system and the cost for developing an appropriate aural environment. We undertake sound system design projects for a variety of small or large venues including theatres, schools, churches, concert halls and more.

IMMI Noise-Mapping and Prediction

Noise mapping is an essential technique used to estimate the likely impact of noise on a particular site or area. At Acoustic Associates, we use IMMI modelling software to generate noise maps which trace the propagation of multiple noise sources simultaneously throughout the site. From this, we can provide an accurate representation of the noise impact and offer noise modelling solutions and controls when needed to comply with national regulations.

Noise maps are often used to assess the following:

Residential planning under Planning Policy Guidance 24: Planning & Noise (PPG24)

Assessment of noise from industrial/commercial plant on residential properties under

BS4142: Rating Industrial Noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas and other projects

For more detailed information contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Environmental Vibration

Vibration in buildings can result from a variety of causes - some of them natural such as earthquakes, or others that are the effects of manmade sources, applications or industry operations such as piling operations, road traffic, railways, blasting, rotating machinery and drop forging. Vibration may cause structural damage to buildings, therefore it is essential to measure and assess building vibration for the safety of those who use and are nearby to the structure.

At Acoustic Associations we offer the following services and solutions for various vibration problems: 

Measurement of ground-borne vibration

Assessment of building vibration

Assessment of human exposure to vibration

Recommending solutions to vibration problems



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