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Aalberts  are experts in the application of protective, hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings to lenses, panels and visors. Our range of protective coatings provide enhanced appearance and durability for thermoplastic products, be they mouldings, extrusions or formed sheet, and centre around hard, hydrophobic coating, anti-fog, anti-reflective and abrasion resistant coatings. These coatings are nano coatings, which are only a few microns in thickness and are bonded permanently to substrates at temperatures above 100 degrees centigrade.

Our aim is to use coating technology to provide a range of benefits for our customers. These benefits include increased abrasion resistance, prevention of misting, glare reduction and prevention of grime build-up. Common applications for our coatings include goggles, safety glasses, cover plates, mobile phone windows, traffic light senses, sports visors and more.

Whatever your project, we would be pleased to provide our services, along with our range of contacts in optical design, injection moulding, coating techniques and lens tooling.

Hard & Abrasion Resistant

Our abrasion resistant coatings can greatly reduce the deterioration of polycarbonate, while maintaining its impact resistance and toughness. These coatings are incredibly flexible and durable, meaning that they can be applied to items with low flexural strength with no risk of crazing.

They are also extremely smooth, which means that they can improve light transmission by up to 10%, prevent dirt build-up and reduce light scatter. In addition, these coatings are tolerant of a range of chemicals, particularly solvents and fuels which can cause serious polycarbonate degradation and are commonly used in industry and homes.

Anti-Fog & Non-Mist

In applications that involve temperature differences or high humidity, anti-fog and non-mist coatings provide clear plastic products with the obvious advantage of clear vision, which is essential for safety and functionality.

Our non-mist coating are hydrophobic, allowing them to repel water. They are not susceptible to saturation, so they can be used in adverse environments that involve excessive exposure to vapour. These coatings are also long lasting and will not wipe off or soften in use. While they were originally developed for application in the eye protection market, these coatings are now being used in the domestic appliances, electronics and automotive sectors.

Dual Anti-Fog/Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Combining the advantages of our non-mist and abrasion resistant coatings is our “dual coat” lacquer system. This coating provides excellent performance and an incredibly high optical standard for applications such as safety goggle lenses and visors.

The process involves a thorough cleaning of the substrate, application of the coatings via an original dip coating technology, and stoving to produce a hard, fog-free finish.

Tinted Triacetate

This coating is made to provide excellent optical assistance in applications that involve high radiant heat and glare levels that can impair vision.

Triacetate can endure surface temperatures of 100 degrees centigrade, and resists the majority of polycarbonate-degrading solvents, plasticisers and fuels that are commonly used in industry and homes.

Coated Sheet

We are the exclusive UK and Ireland stockholder and distributor of KRD coated sheet. This sheet is available in a range of thicknesses from 1mm – 20mm and is also available in a range of colours. All sheets can be coated, if required, with an optically clear abrasion resistant coating, an anti-static coating and/or a non-glare finish (all coatings are abrasion resistant and chemical resistant). Full size sheets are 3m x 2m in size or can be fabricated to meet specific customer requirements. Please head over to our website to find out more about our coated sheets. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Optical Coating Technologies to discuss your requirements.

Vacuum Deposition

We also provides a vacuum deposition coating service where solid metal is evaporated on to the component before it is coated. This process is carried out under vacuum for better control and to lower the process temperature thus allowing the plastics to be coated. Thin, flexible coatings of gold, silver, copper or aluminium can be applied with a purity of 99.99% with coating thicknesses in nanometers. The consistency of deposited layers is incredibly high and 100% reflectivity can be achieved if required. Our vacuum deposition coating services are widely used in a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical, and for applications such as firearms, mirrors, optics, watches and more. 



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