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Applied Rubber Linings Ltd (ARL) is a UK based professional plant rubber lining specialist with over thirty years of industry experience. Over the last three decades, we have been manufacturing and supplying protective rubber lining for all kinds of industrial equipment and plant machinery used in a wide variety of applications. With an excellent track record in the production, supply and installation of rubber linings, it's no surprise that ARL has become one of the leaders in the field. Back in 1974, ARL started out as a specialist supplier of rubber linings for water treatment plant (pipework and vessels), electroplating tanks and chemical storage tanks. Since then we have expanded our product and service portfolio to include protective linings and coatings for plant and equipment used in virtually all industrial sectors, including quarrying, mining, metal finishing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and brewing, water treatment, oil and gas supply, and power generation. We maintain stringent quality procedures to ensure all of our linings are of the very highest standard. So if you need competitively-priced rubber linings that are uncompromising in quality and performance, look no further than ARL. For further information and enquiries, head to our website or give us a call.

Rubber Linings and Coatings - Visit our website

ARL manufactures protective elastomer linings and coatings for all types of process plant, including pipework, vessels, tanks, valves, mixers, flowmeters, agitators and pumps. These offer outstanding resistance to aggressive materials such as acidic and alkaline chemicals, abrasive slurries, sea water, sewage, effluents and electroplating solutions. Several rubber materials are available depending on your application needs, including soft natural rubber, hard ebonite rubber, butyl, hypalon and EPDM, as well as food quality materials and WRAS listed linings for potable water.

Rubber Lining -Applications and Materials - Visit our website

The process of rubber lining sees the application of unvulcanised rubber sheet to prepared metal services. From there, the lined items are vulcanised in a steam autoclave where the rubber is fully bonded to the metal surface. This process creates a durable and resilient protective rubber coating. These rubber coatings can be from 2mm through to 50mm thick to suit the applications and can be bonded to mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium. Please take a look at our website where you can see a table of industry applications alongside suitable materials.

Applications - Visit our website

Rubber linings and coatings are used in all kinds of plant and equipment across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. In the mining, quarrying and aggregates industry, abrasion resistant linings are needed to protect chutes, hoppers, cyclones, pipework, sand washing plant etc. When it comes to chemical and pharmaceutical processing, all storage tanks, vessels, pipework, valves, pumps, filters and other such equipment needs protecting from the aggressive materials they are handling. The same applies for the electro-plating and metal finishing industry, though linings used in vibratory finishing machines, shot blast cabinets and cyclones must also be extremely wear resistant.

The food and brewing industry demands linings that will not contaminate the process material, while water treatment plant requires coatings that are highly corrosion resistant. The same is true for equipment used in the marine industry, such as fume scrubbers and cooling pipework, while linings used in dredging pipework and cable pulleys must be both corrosion resistant and wear resistant.

In the material handling, power generation and civil engineering industries, soft natural rubber linings are mostly used for enhanced wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and abrasion-resistance in all kinds of plant and machinery. Applied Rubber Linings has the right material for every application!

Other Services - Visit our website

Over the years, we've learnt a lot about the industries we have served, so much so that we're now able to provide a range of other valuable services. So as well as providing rubber linings, we also produce alternative coatings, rubber sheeting and gaskets, flexible gaiters and expansion bellows. We even offer fabrication services, spray painting of rubber lined plant, rubber moulding, and shot blasting, as well as on-site inspection, repair and relining. Give us a call to discuss your requirements!

High Performance Materials - Visit our website

Even in the most aggressive or extreme service conditions, rubber linings provide outstanding levels of resistance. They are even able to perform when exposed to harsh materials such as acidic and alkaline chemicals, abrasive slurries, sea water, sewage and effluents, and electroplating solutions. Depending on your particular service conditions, Applied Rubber Linings can provide soft natural rubber, butyl, epdm, hypalon and hard ebonite rubber, as well as lining materials suitable for food quality standards and linings that are WRAS listed for use with potable water.

Benefits of Rubber Linings - Visit our website

In the harsh and demanding environments found in many industries, rubber linings provide superb levels of resistance to corrosion and abrasion which helps to increase the life of any plant. Rubber linings also aid with a reduction in noise, product protection and electrical insulation. Durable, versatile, easily available and cost effective, rubber lined mild steel process plant is a fantastic choice when compared with other types of materials used for lining and coating.

Quality Procedures - Visit our website

Applied Rubber Linings carries out all quality procedures in line with the requirements of BS 6374: Part 5:1985 and ISO 9003. If required, we are also able to issue quality plans and certificates of conformance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our quality procedures or to request plans and certificates relating to your order.

Technical Support - Visit our website

Available to all of our customers is a huge amount of experience and knowledge of process plant protection that Applied Rubber Linings has gathered over the years. We are fully equipped to lend our expertise to a number of different areas including the selection of materials and their suitability for various applications, the configuration of pipework, maintenance issues and inspection practices as well as many more. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any technical issue relating to process plant linings that you may have.

Customer Care - Visit our website

Applied Rubber Linings place a huge emphasis on providing the very highest levels of customer service possible. We always aim to complete our orders within the specified time frame and budget and to your exact specifications. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority throughout the entire process from the very first enquiry, all the way through the life of the contract to the final delivery of the finished work.



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