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Cube Desserts Ltd
- Bolton, Lancashire - etc) Fruit Powders Toppings (Black Pearls, Nata De-Coco, Konnyaku, Han Tian, etc) Cappucino Powder, Chocolate Green Tea Powder, Floral Tea Concentrat

Sous Ltd
- Watford, Hertfordshire - dried fruit powders add an intense hit of flavour and colour to chocolates, icings and macarons. Try pairing passion fruit powder with white chocolate...ssion Fruit Powder £6.50 Yuzu Powder £9.95 Freeze-Dried Raspberry Powder £6.50 Freeze-Dried Raspberries From £4.50 Freeze-Dried Strawberry Powder £6.5

- Edinburgh, Mid Lothian - act / Fruit Powder / Seed Extract / Seed Powder / & Seed Water [ INCI ; CAS RN 84929-28-2] a , are recognised cosmetic product ingredients variously p