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Apex Optical Services
- Cambridge, Cambridgeshire - s are dielectrically coated blocking the infrared and ultraviolet regions but giving excellent transmission in the visible region 400 / 700nm. UV Bloc...lters Dielectrically coated filter blocking undesirable UV light radiation giving excellent transmission in the visible. MINUS Violet Filters Minus Vi

Medway Optics Ltd
- Gillingham, Kent - layer dielectric coatings, single layer and multi-layer metallic coatings. Facebook Twitter Copyright Medway Optics Limited 2021 Infrared & Far-Infrar...ate), dielectric coated plates, Brewster angle plates or stretched polymer thin films. Important information such as crystal structure, material type

Comar Optics
- Cambridge, Cambridgeshire - lver. Dielectric coatings are normally more costly but offer better performance and durability. V-AR coatings are designed for narrow band use. R type

Bbar Ltd
- Winchester, Hampshire - ction dielectric coatings. Metal coatings: Al (aluminium), Au (gold), Ag (silver), Cr (chromium). Polarization coatings: thin film polarizers, polariz...ction dielectric coatings. Metal coatings: Al (aluminium), Au (gold), Ag (silver), Cr (chromium). Protective coatings. Coatings according to customers

Pvd Solutions Ltd
- Wigan, Lancashire - s and dielectric coating coatings which are insulating non-conducting materials that can acquire a charge. It is most often used with Reactive Sputter...ommon dielectric coating materials used in the semiconductor industry include Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Oxide and Tantalum Oxide. Read more... What is E

ADI American Distributors Ltd
- Henlow, Beds - blies Dielectric coating such as cores, coils, magnets Barrier layers for example filters, membranes, valves Microwave components, electrical engineer

Knight Optical UK Ltd
- Maidstone, Kent - >98% dielectric coated mirrors for laser use in visible & NIR applications Filters Our optical filters can be used to control the spectral content of... film dielectric coatings on glass and exhibit Lenses Lenses are used primarily to focus or diverge light, either as a single part Laser Mirrors These

Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd
- Telford, Shropshire - tive, dielectric coating enables lower profile cans to be utilised safely. Total Control Over Quality & Delivery Very quick delivery from agreed desig

Envin Scientific Ltd
- Chester, Cheshire - layer Dielectric Coatings onto Glass, Semiconductor or Organic substrates. These substrates can add to the functionality of the filter as a result of