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At Woodhouse we are able to consider all aspects of your urban design solution including signage, street furniture, landscaping and lighting. As we are part of the Marshall Group, we are able to help with all aspects of the project such as water management and integrated and accessible paving. We strive to always create public spaces that are truly unique and that will stand out, places that people enjoy visiting and spending time in. We consider the space as a whole and how it will look overall when completed and we use our exceptional attention to detail to make sure every aspect of your project is perfect. Not only do we carefully select the products that we supply to our customers from leading international brands, designers and architects, we also offer a bespoke design service.

We make pieces that are impeccably designed in addition to being practical, durable and useable on a daily basis. Woodhouse are proud to have been part of some of the most ground-breaking public space improvements of the last 25 years.

Woodhouse have all the tools, experience and expertise to make you visions come to life and we work closely with our clients starting with a blank piece of paper that we develop into a sketch or CAD design then right through he building stages to the completion and professional installation of your project.


Eclatec was founded in 1927 by Hubert Adam and over the years have established themselves as experts in the area of street lighting, with their research and design department concentrating on both technical and photometric developments. Eclatec work closely with architects, product designers, lighting designers and engineers and use urban furniture as a design reference in order to create their range of decorative lighting, which is both functional and beautiful. At Woodhouse we have selected four pieces from the Eclatec range for our UK customers.

The Utilitarian Eclatec Ixis

The Futuristic  Eclatec Zenda Led

The Versatile Eclatec Tilt Led

The Contemporary Eclatec Elyxe Led

Bespoke Street Furniture, Lighting & Signage

At Woodhouse only 25% of all the products we sell are off the shelf, the rest are sourced or made from scratch in line with our customers finished design requirements. We use our 25 years of experience to help create stunning public spaces and we enjoy being taken out of our comfort zone and finding new ways to deliver solutions and make the impossible, possible. We are experts and we use this knowledge and understanding of urban spaces to design and fabricate pieces that other companies wouldn’t even begin to think of and we always ensure our designs maximise your space, not waste it.


The lighting columns manufactured by Aubrilam are both stunning and environmentally friendly, helping you to reduce the effect your project has on the natural space around it. All Aubrilam’s street furniture and lighting columns are sourced from FSC timber and they are hardwearing, robust and easy to maintain, and are even able to withstand the harshest marine and coastal conditions. Aubrilam successfully manage to mix wood and metallic elements together to create unique and innovative urban furniture. Aubrilam’s columns can be used at great height in applications that are unsuitable for similar metallic installations.


MOTIS stands for (Modular Transport Infrastructure System), Woodhouse take the structural elements used for manufacturing structures, shelters and signs and use them in conjunction with complementing furniture and lighting. We use steel channels as the structural base of MOTIS and these can be finished in a paint colour of your choice, we also use other durable materials such as toughened glass, composite panels, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, and vitreous enamel to complete the look. We select materials that will ensure the longevity of the structure as well as being aesthetically pleasing and resistant to vandalism. This popular modular system can be used in a diverse range of applications including cantilevered and gull-wing shelters, waiting rooms, and retail, ticket or information kiosks. MOTIS was developed by Woodhouse to fill the void between providing consumers with a safe, informative and comfortable infrastructure in public transport areas that is also functional and practical.

Seats & Benches

Woodhouse stocks a huge range of seating that includes seats with back rests and benches. We stock both contemporary and traditional designs and we have some of the most unique ad innovative outdoor seating options available such as the award winning Escofet Lungo Mare, which is a cast stone seating design that works in both natural and artificial settings and is part of a new wave of street furniture design. Woodhouse stocks all the leading brands including Aubrilam, Escofet, Geo, Loci and our own MOTIS range. All of our seating and benches are hardwearing and designed to withstand the elements.


Bollards can often be boring and unimaginative pieces of street furniture but at Woodhouse we carry a range of bollards that are striking to look at as well as being practical. We have stunning architectural bollards from Escofet that are functional pieces of artwork. The Escofet bollard is a large spherical piece of cast stone that is available in either beige or granite and comes in different sizes. Escofet also have an incredibly unusual marker bollard the Luco Mojon that has been designed to resemble an old fashioned road mile stone and it is finished in a rusted varnish to give an aged, worn look.

Illuminated Bollards

Woodhouse stock bollards that both mark out areas and provide lighting from Campus, Geo, MOTIS and Aubrilam. The Geo Marker Bollard features a gap which the LED can shine through and is ideal for marking out pathways after dark as well as being able to perfectly coordinate with other items in the range to provide an overall look of consistency. The Aubrilam range seamlessly combines wood and metal for an imposing modern look and the Aubrilam Alma features traditional styling with a modern twist.

Litter Bins

Litter bins are often overlooked when it comes to designing outside spaces; they are an afterthought as they are usually considered to be a more practical, essential item rather than an attractive one. At Woodhouse we are aiming to change this misconception by providing a range of litter bins that will fit in with the completed vision of your project unobtrusively. We can provide littler bins a range of styles and materials from classic to modern and in different sized capacities.


Beautifully placed, well cared for plants can make a huge difference to outside urban areas, particularly if there is no other greenery to be seen for miles around. At Woodhouse we have a selection of planters to add the finished touches to your projects, all sizes are catered for from the large format Escofet Niu that has a diameter of 230 cm and is manufactured in cast stone to the much smaller but Aubrilam Moshi Planter, made from natural wood which ensures it will complement the space around it.

Cycle Stands

With the cycling seeing an increase in popularity over recent years, urban areas are continually seeking innovative ways for the public to store their bikes whilst remaining discreetly out of the way. Woodhouse has a range of bike storage solutions that include the Geo PAS 68 Cycle Stand; a modern design featuring a bollard section that offers an added level of security against theft. We also carry the Loci Cycle Stand whose shape has been inspired by that of the bicycle seat. Made from fabricated steel, the Loci Cycle stand has an added design feature of being able to add your own colour, logo or branding into the insert strip.

Boundary Elements

Boundary elements are a necessary part of any urban design and Woodhouse can help make sure your boundary elements work within the overall vision that you have for your finished project. We stock a selection of boundary elements by leading brand Escofet that are architecturally stunning; from the granite cast stone Rol that looks as though car tires have been half submerged into the concrete to the modular granite grey cast stone, Límite Cilíndrico that clearly separates grassed areas from pedestrian ones.

Handrail & Balustrade

Woodhouse have a choice of two handrail and balustrade designs; the Aubrilam Moshi barrier that is made from natural wood and galvanised steel for a look that blends into its surroundings and perfectly complements other items in the Moshi range and the Geo handrail and balustrade that is made form 316 grade stainless steel and offers a selection of finishes ideal for resisting weather and heavy usage. The Geo handrail is fully customisable and will work in all areas including straight and level runs, ramps, curves, corners and staircases. There is even the option to have the handrail illuminated for added decoration and function.

Landscape Elements

At Woodhouse we are able to offer our customers a variety of landscaping elements to provide added areas of interest and design to their projects. Items such as our Escofet Murllum serve a dual purpose of being both a high modular screen that can be used to hide away unsightly items whilst also providing a long section of continuous seating. We also stock original tree surrounds, also from Escofet, that provide an interesting contrast between the pavement and the tree perimeter and give further credence to the finished look of the project by adding just a little bit of extra attention to detail.

PAS 68

The PAS 68 range for Geo is a collection of three items that have been designed to all match each other and offer consistency across the range. The PAS 68 bollard, litter bin and cycle stand are a contemporary range of street furniture and they have all been finished in the same high quality 316 bead blasted stainless steel. All three have been created to be long lasting and durable whilst also being able withstand vehicular attack without compromising the beauty of their design.


Woodhouse’s vast selection of benches from leading brands Escofet, Loci, Geo and Aubrilam are a testament to what can be achieved by combining good design with functionality. The Escofet Twig bridges the gap between interior and exterior seating. The bench is of a modular design in white polyethylene with a micro textured finish that resembles the Twig’s acid etched exterior and contains three LED strips that radiate a low energy, cool white light. For a more classic style we have the Loci bench that is a fusion of light coloured FSC certified Emeri timber and precision fabricated steel that can be painted to fit in with the existing landscape or colour scheme of your project.


Regardless of the nature of your seating requirement, Woodhouse has a solution. Our seating options will provide practical, comfortable areas in which to relax whilst remaining true to the design of the landscape. The Escofet Naguisa is one such piece of street furniture, a striking seating area made from  cast stone bench, it is both inviting to sit in as well as being interesting to look at. For areas that aren’t quite able to accommodate such large seating groups, we also offer a choice of single seating options such as the College Single Seat, the Loci single seat and the Escofet Nomo

Shelters & Structures

Our MOTIS Structures are modular systems that provide an inexhaustible range of possibilities and offer the style and utility of bespoke designs at a fraction of the cost.  MOTIS can be used to create shelters and other structures that perfectly match your chosen pieces of street furniture and lighting. Integrated lighting and both digital and traditional signage can be incorporated into the structure adding to its ease of use for travellers. MOTIS can be left in its neutral state or finished to complement its surroundings. Additionally the structure can be clad in aluminium profiles in order to provide a completely modern look.


We have two very different, distinct style of table for you to choose from at Woodhouse, both by design led brand Escofet. The first is the Canal bench, table and stool, embedded into the ground, the Canal is shaped to resemble a taut bow and is made from striking white, polished cast stone. The second table choice is the Mesa Tramet, which offers neutral simplicity and has been designed in a modular way so that it can be added to form long, tables and benches. The treated pine wood looks perfect in a natural setting.

Tree Surrounds

Escofet tree surrounds are the perfect way to make a feature of single, equally spaced trees. Escofet have five designs to choose from and the designs can be adapted to suit their environments. All of the tree surrounds enable the plant to receive adequate water and ventilation, even those that are more enclosed such as the Cerda, which has special perforations for watering and also prevents the soil from compacting. Other solutions such as the Ramla or the Yarg are more open and allow rain water to run in and exit more freely and enables easy cleaning around the tree area.

Signage Monoliths

Woodhouse stock four monolith signs from our Escofet, Geo, Loci and bespoke ranges. The monolith signs are hugely adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways. Our Campus sign is from our own bespoke range and can be used for pedestrian, highway or information signage. The Escofet Monolito consists of four brightly coloured signs set to a concrete base and is a useful piece of street furniture for guiding visitors and it does not require anchoring to the pavement. Our Loci Monolith is a flexible board that can easily incorporate the colour of your business, logo or blend into its surroundings. The Geo Monolith board can also be fully customised and using our expertise the signage can be tailored work in a variety of areas.


The sheer choice of street lighting on offer at Woodhouse is outstanding, using leading names in the lighting industry including Coda, Ecalatec, Geo and our own MOTIS and bespoke ranges there is a lighting solution for every project. The lighting ranges we supply our designed to be energy efficient and long lasting. The Coda Luminaire uses a pioneering heat sink design that allows the heat from the LED module to be relocated into the air around it. Or for a more discreet lighting option, the Campus Direct Luminaire is small yet powerful and offers the customer a selection of versatile mounting options.


Spotlights can be used a variety of ways and Woodhouse has several different design options on offer from leading brand LEC. Luminy 4 is a façade spotlight that can be used to great effect in highlighting either architectural of other important features, such as sculptures or art installations. Another hugely popular product is the LEC Ligny which is a light bar that can be used in multiples on drab public buildings to make them more decorative and interesting and provide increased lighting in public areas at night.

Marker Lights

LED ground protruding lighting markers tend to be mainly seen as functional items that are essential for safely marking out car park areas, tunnels or pedestrian walk ways. However they also have many other uses and can be cleverly and strategically placed on walls, in garden areas or in waterways to provide pretty, decorative lighting and that is both subtle and effective. For example, the LEC Leman light has been used with great effect to highlight arches and other architectural areas.

Recessed Marker Lights

Ground recessed marker lights can also be used as spotlights and they fit flush into the ground. Our selection by LEC offers our clients the opportunity to use ground recessed lighting to illuminate the necessary areas such as roads, walkways and cycle paths, but also in more decorative ways to provide light around trees, in water or around buildings or pieces of art work or sculpture. We are proud to stock the LEC Brunei, their flagship light bar which can be embedded into fixtures and used in limitless ways to create colourful, soft muted lighting.

Recessed Spotlights

Very similar in application and use to ground recessed marker lights, ground recessed spotlights also sit flush into the ground but can provide multi directional lighting. During the day spotlights are inconspicuous and remain unnoticed but when lit up they can create soft lighting around areas of interest as well as offering more traditional safety lighting to guide and direct drivers, cyclists and pedestrians after dark. LED recessed lighting can be inserted into a variety of services and areas which makes it one of the most versatile and useful forms of lighting, in addition LED lighting is more costs effective that other traditional forms and has a longer life span.

LED Handrail Lights

Handrail lights are an excellent way to provide added illumination in an unobtrusive manner. They can be easily fitted to walk ways, bridges, and buildings to light the path in a much more aesthetically pleasing way than traditional column lighting. Woodhouse can provide lights that are fitted into the handrail like the extremely popular and versatile LEC School-Light or actual handrail lights such as the Bonneville. Handrail lights can be configured by Woodhouse to meet the exact requirements of project and we are able to advise you on the best product to suit the demands of your job.

LED Immersible Lights

Many of Woodhouse’s LED lights can be submersed into waterfalls or other water features to provide a stunning, eye catching effect. Depending on the look of the finished water feature we offer options of revolving directional beams as seen on the Luminy façade spotlights or perpendicular and inclined beams as with our immersible fixtures such as the Cornas, the Chateauneuf, the Havre and the Evian. We also offer other options such as Brunei light bar, which provide various colour lighting options, the Bordeaux that adds a parallel beam option and the Ceramic 2 which comprises of 3 superwatt LED’s.

LED Lightbars

LED lightbars are an incredibly flexible lighting solution. Lightbars can be fitted to almost any structure without running the overall look of it, which makes them a popular choice for lighting up artwork and sculptures. As they cast new and interesting shadows they offer a buildings, artwork, and historical monuments a completely new look after dark. They are also an excellent alternative to column lighting and provide added safety in areas that have proved difficult to light in a more traditional way as LED lightbars can be installed much more easily.

LED Luminaires

LED Luminaires offer a modern alternative to standard forms of street lighting. All of our LED lights are designed to seamlessly blend into their urban landscape by day and provide strong, high quality lighting at night. If your are hoping to keep a classic style in your project then the Eclatec Elyxe LED is a modern take on the timeless lantern post-top. Alternatively we have Eclatec Aloa that has been crafted to resemble a tropical plant by combining wood and metal into one unusual, unique design. Additionally we offer a range of simple, elegant and contemporary lights that mix state of the art technology with the best in up to date design.

LED Mast Lights

Mast lights can be used as ornamental items or in more practical applications. Mast lights are normally set on top of a column or embedded into it to make a feature of them; alternatively they can also be rooted into bollards to provide guiding lights for pedestrians. Our standard mast lights from the LEC range are the Boulogne, Brive and Epernon but other items from their collection that are multipurpose such as the LEC Brunei, Matosinhos or the Bordeaux can also be used as mast lights.

LED Wall Lights

Our LED lighting range offers the user many options and many of our LED lights can be set into the ground, submersed in water and inserted into the wall. The LEC Bordeaux, Chateauneuf and Cornas can be used for all three purposes. Woodhouse also have the LEC Lioran or Vulcano whose sole purpose is to provide wall marker lighting and can be used in a number of settings. Other items that have dual functions are the Leman, Stone 10, Savoie and the Matosinhos which can be embedded into walls or floors.


Woodhouse stock two easily customisable fingerposts, the Campus and the Geo. The Campus is made from an aluminium column and each side can accommodate five fingers that can be finished in either extruded powder coated or anodised aluminium and feature die-cut vinyl or engraved graphics written to your specifications. The Geo fingerpost offers exactly the same benefits but the column is made from stainless steel. Both boards can be lit so they can be used for floor distribution or marker orientation and each board has fittings that are carefully hidden in order to preserve it from acts of vandalism.



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